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  1. We're in a Penthouse Junior Suite next month - can you give me an idea on turnaround for laundry/dry cleaning if we turn it in by, say, 9am in the morning? Same day? Next day by ...? Thanks!
  2. I've read several reviews of the Rotterdam this year that mention that the ship is not in great condition. Broken windows, rust in the bathrooms, etc., generally an old, worn ship. True? Does anyone know when she is due for a refurbish? Thanks!
  3. Are there any dance floors on the Viking Ocean ships and are they used? Not looking for Cunard type dancing just traditional foxtrot / rhumba / waltz... Thanks!
  4. In the main dining room, are tables for two first come, first serve, or able to be reserved? Is there a charge to use the sauna and or snowflake Grotto? Thanks!
  5. Can you help me with roughly how many tables there are in each of these restaurants and about how many people can be seated at one time?
  6. Trying to figure out where the break-even point is on cost of individual drinks in a bar aboard a Viking Ocean ship vs. the beverage package. How much is a typical premium spirits drink (say a Tanqueray martini, or a Cutty Sark on the rocks, or Absolut and tonic, as examples)? Also, if you are in a Penthouse Junior Suite, I understand you get liquor supplied in your minibar. How much liquor (presume this is those tiny bottles?) per day and do you get to choose what you want supplied? Name brands? Thanks so much!
  7. 1) When sailing from Moscow to St. Petersburg, is there a preferred side of the ship (for sightsseing or other) for a balcony cabin? 2) Is there any issue with water levels in May? 3) On the UniWorld ship, are there any "Deluxe Balcony" cabins to be avoided for noise/vibration/etc.? Thanks! Ted
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