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  1. Loving the Iceland Greenland! What ship? looking at Norway as well for summer 22 gracelyn
  2. Suspended Sailings – Refund Request This form can only be used if you are requesting a refund for all individuals on a reservation. Partial refunds are not allowed. Please note that by completing this form, you relinquish the following: Future Cruise Credits equal to the amount paid applied to your reservation Bonus Future Cruise Credits How do I interpret the indented points ? I haven’t applied for our cruise that we cancelled in March but think I better. Presently they have given me FCC but when we cancelled it was “full refund” not FCC but they say that’s all w
  3. I cancelled mine under Peace of mind on March 11. Sailing on the 20. O option but FCC. hoping to sale in October.
  4. I just called NCL as I cancelled my cruise leaving March20 a day before they cancelled. Couldn’t find my FCC but the very nice woman for NCL. Told me that I will find it under my latitude section. Not there yet. Cancelled a week ago! good luck
  5. I cancelled on the 11th due to the virus. NCL hasn’t sent my TA any info yet regarding any changes in my refund. I was not offered cash. But I sure wish I was. Same with United Airlines. They gave us future credit for air but I can cash it out with a 300$ pp penalty.
  6. How do you know how many cabins are left? I can’t find out?
  7. I’m a bit confused. If we cancel and get our FCC, but we don’t cancel the prepaid gratuities , does it mean the next cruise we book we have to pay gratuities again? Or do they keep the gratuities already paid and apply it to the new cruise gratuities?
  8. We had our category open up yesterday for March sailing. NCL gave us 35$ OBC for a balcony. Our TA count get them to budge. My sister upgraded from OV to balcony. She received all the perks. 200$ OBC but included 500 mins wifi. Not the 250 usual. She booked same time. Same TA.
  9. How do you tell how many cabins are open on a cruise?
  10. Oh, thanks that would make things faster. Are you usually assigned a time to get off?
  11. Do all cruises have a sail away party? gracelyn
  12. Thank you finest 14 that’s exactly what my brother in law requires. How is the snorkelling?
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