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  1. How did you get to Limerz beach? Thanks
  2. I have a quick question as I can't remember from last time, How do you find out that the credit has been applied? Thanks
  3. I have emailed you back (You only need one coupon for the credit, )
  4. Hi Bruce, I have a coupon, please email me at a1linz at comcast dot net
  5. Is the main dining room open for lunch on embarkation day? Or what are the alternatives? Thank you
  6. Hi, I am looking for suggestions for a hotel for 1 night pre-cruise and transportation from airport to hotel and then hotel to Port. Any recommendations please?
  7. I've still got a coupon for anyone that needs one. Email me at a1linz at Comcast dot net
  8. Yes I have 2 coupons (one now filled in, so Seabourn are sending me another one) and 2 cruises booked. Please email me...... a1linz at Comcast dot net Thank you 😁
  9. I have filled out the details on a coupon for someone who now says he doesn't want the coupon. Can I 'white out' his info and put someone else's? Or do I need to ask Seabourn for a new coupon? Thank you
  10. I looked this up, a couple of cruise travel sites have this..... It seems to be a balcony guarantee rate. But don't take my word for it ! 🙂
  11. I still have a coupon. Please email me a1linz at comcast dot net
  12. Does anyone know who the CD will be on Odyssey in December please?
  13. Freshly squeezed oj?
  14. I have 2 referral coupons, is anyone sailing that is close to final payment and needs a coupon?
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