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  1. Margbem. Do you know whether the chef is staying on for much longer? I hope so
  2. I think the poster may be referring to the galley market lunch in the dining room?
  3. Don’t bother. Just a little wallet for my cruise card and my phone separate. Put them on the table.
  4. Nice touch. Better than the response I got on Odyssey last year. More or less like it or lump it not international taste. I see they didn’t really grasp that you preferred fever tree looking at that table though! Let’s hope I get the same treatment on Odyssey in a few weeks in the Caribbean 😁. Will screenshot this in case they need a reminder.
  5. But an absolute bargain compared to the outrageous prices of most Seabourn trips nowadays
  6. Thanks for posting Margbem. Looking forward to more reports.
  7. Most likely a hotel with lunch no day room. You would be at the airport 3 hrs before your flight.
  8. I would take the 300mm prime. I’m an amateur photographer that also sells work. A wide angle was invaluable, as was a mid range zoom but I took a lot of photos from the ship with a 100-400mm at all hours of the day that have sold well.
  9. Anyone else notice a gap in the aurora itineraries at the start of December. The Norway cruise on 19 November will be 12 nights. The December cruise is on 17, so there’s about 16 days missing. It seems a bit too soon after the last one for an overhaul.
  10. Scorching when we did it at that time of year
  11. Sorry without scrolling through many pages, are the itineraries and prices on the P&O website? I understand that you can preregister with a travel agent etc
  12. Port side - sunny mid ship - less sway
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