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  1. 100% in agreement. See my post above. Those breakfasts are sooooo much better. Edited - oh hello brother 😁
  2. Yes we did this on seabourn Quest in Iceland last July, as did quite a few other passengers. We were on full day independent tours away from any villages or towns and so had to take a lunch. We also did this in Orkney and Shetland
  3. We were on the odyssey in the hurricane force winds that hit Italy late October. We cancelled several ports and I’ve never known a storm like it. Had we lost power then the situation would have been the same.
  4. This is a totally unedited photo (not had time just travelling back from Italy) and was taken from the moving ship. The purple and green were swirling around us for two hours.
  5. A fabulous itinerary and one seabourn should do. Had a brilliant 12 night cruise up to the far north a couple of weeks ago. Huskies, igloo hotel, reindeer, blizzards, fun in the snow.
  6. It is walkable along the seafront but it is very hot and we got a taxi back.
  7. Not even listed for our Feb 2019 trip. We would have been interested. Probably because it’s a private museum and the visit has to be coordinated with the owner who I understand isn’t in Alta all the time.
  8. This was adopted by Seabourn in the last year (same group). It isn’t a roaring success.
  9. Alta private husky firms aren’t interested for our late Feb trip. They are all contracted to P&O.
  10. milicano purchased and ready!
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