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  1. Preparing for the Monaco Grand Prix takeover perhaps?
  2. Really enjoying your reports SLSD. Keep it up! Seems like you’ve covered a lot of Kyoto in a short space of time, so full marks to your tour company. We were advised by our hotel to visit Fushimi Inari shrine pre breakfast. As I am a keen photographer and it was the sticky height of summer, we caught one of the first trains of the day. The hour had a 5 in it!!
  3. Can’t wait to hear how you like Kyoto. I’m sure you’ll love it.
  4. Me too. I wonder if this is something seabourn has ever considered branching out into.
  5. Thanks machotspur. That’s really helpful
  6. Are these on the website? I can’t see them yet.
  7. That’s really interesting. Thanks for the update. Glad the South Georgia cruises won’t just be restricted to Christmas as they are now. Do you know where the cruise sails from/to?
  8. We did this in 2018. The only effort to get local beer on board was in Scotland where we had a special display of mcewan’s lager in tins! This is certainly not boutique!!
  9. Unfortunately that is the exception. We too have experienced this but not before or since.
  10. As long as you take no 1 towards st Mark’s you’ll be fine. There are digital route boards at the stops and the end station will be on the side of the vaporetti. We were last there for a week in jan. the no 2 also does the same route but stops less and is quicker.
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