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  1. Dog, do you have more information about the flight to Antarctica? Did you do it? If not, do you know if it was through Princess? Thanks !
  2. Looking for input on "Must Do" Antarctica excursions. We will be on the 16 day "Antarctica and Cape Horn" trip and sailing on the Sapphire Princess. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and happy sailing!
  3. Disputed this on my credit card right away ago. Got all my money back on my AE card right away and dispute was settled weeks ago. All done with this company. They will have to do something pretty amazing to get me to come back. Bad business. My money is my money. Shame on you. Ya'll gotta do something to help yourself and stop being sheep.
  4. Hoping against hope that this thread will stay with the OP's simple question; "Are people getting the refund money in their credit card accounts?".
  5. Seems like "crickets" from ANYONE that received a refund. Zero communication from Seabourne. Disappointing to say the least from a higher end cruise line. "Bueller?" "Bueller?"
  6. "Houston (Princess)...we have a problem."
  7. We will be leaving on the Panama Canal Cruise in mid-December from Ft. Lauderdale on the Emerald in a full family Suite. I have searched the forum and there is lots of advice and conflicting info on this topic. Can anyone provide better incite for this specific port, cruise, ship? We want to get there as early as possible for family reasons, I am not interested in what time the cabin will be ready, only in what time we can board the ship. The information provided in our cruise packet for boarding is far later than the CC information I have found here. Here is what it says: "Priority check-in will be available to guests with Priority Boarding within the allocated check-in times. Boarding will commence shortly after check-in. Please do not arrive prior to the start of cruise check-in as your cabin will not be ready.12:30 PM - Aloha and Lido Decks - Cabins on these decks begin with A & L 1:00 PM - Dolphin and Emerald Decks - Cabins on these decks begin with D & E 1:30 PM - Caribe Deck - Cabins on this deck begin with C 2:00 PM - Plaza and Riviera Decks - Cabins on these decks begin with P & R 2:30 PM - Baja Deck - Cabins on this decks begin with B" Thanks on advance.
  8. Thanks ! Just sent it, let me know if it does not get there.
  9. We booked a suite on the Emerald Princess. We will have a little one with us and I was wondering if the DVD players were reliable and does the ship have a decent amount of children's DVD's for check out? Thanks in advance.
  10. We sail Dec of 2021. Is it too soon to request someone send me a coupon code?
  11. If it is not to much trouble, could you send me the information? If that violates anything here, I can give you my email address. I would also love to hear how it went after you return as well. You must be getting very excited ! Thanks and have a great trip !
  12. We will be on the Emerald Princess and were wondering what milk alternatives are available and in what venues? Thanks in advance and happy sailing!
  13. Hi John and Ellie. That sounds like what we are looking for. I am looking at the March 15th trip, right? I can see all the excursions, but not the pre or post trips. Is it possible to cut and paste it here (or email me) the description from Seabourne?
  14. Does anyone know if Seabourne does a pre or post cruise option to Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires?
  15. Thank you for the advice. We will be looking for a TA familiar with Seaborne when we get on the ship. Have fun in Antarctica and we look forward to hearing from you about the trip.
  16. Best advice yet. Here is what I did: We used the web site that someone told us about above. Our TA could not match the internet best offer. We took it to a local large TA. She matched the lowest price and matched the substantial OBC. The result was about 13% off the Seaborne sale price for first time Seaborne passengers. I have travel insurance in case something goes wrong. Simple process and thousands of dollars saved for more fun ! Happy sailing !
  17. That is good to hear, thank you. We have done over 35 cruises, many with this TA and were curious if the 10% would be "normal" with Seabourne.
  18. Thanks for the reply, Dave. Our TA has given us amazing rebates in the thousands of dollars with Oceania. Discounts, modest rebates, and OBC galore with the others. All she will do on this one is discount the fare $1,000 per person, nothing else. Has that been your experience ?
  19. We have one, she does not seem to know much about Seaborn at all.
  20. We are avid cruisers and have sailed many times on Windstar, Oceania, Princess, and Holland. We are looking at a cruise on Seaborn to Antarctica for 2021. Does anyone have some tips on getting the best pricing on Seaborn?
  21. I should have mentioned that our cruise is not until Dec/ 2021.
  22. First time sailing as well! cherylfricker at rocketmail dot com Does anyone have a coupon?
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