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  1. I wasn't referring to politics in Cuba. Sure would be nice to get back, again, to the topic at hand.
  2. Very nice review !
  3. The "serial poster's" on the Oceania CC have ruined it. Hardly worth looking at. We cruise often and like Princess CC, HAL CC, and love Windstar CC. None of those are as caustic as Oceania CC. We are looking for information here because we are actually going to Cuba. It seems there are people on Oceania CC interested in cruising and sharing information and those just addicted to posting on anything and everything. Save your politics for another place.
  4. You do know this entire thread is about "My new Pet Peeve on Oceania"? The definition of a pet peeve is ; A pet peeve, pet aversion, or pet hate is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly irritating to them, to a greater degree than would be expected based on the experience of others. The phrase analogizes that feeling of annoyance as a pet animal that one does not wish to give up, despite its objective lack of importance. If look at the entire thread, you will see humor throughout. I agree and don't consider a 'code red" funny, nor do I consider it a pet peeve.
  5. These answers are very entertaining.
  6. I think I struck a nerve. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Encouraging passengers to take rule interpretation issues with other passengers into their own hands is wrong and very dangerous. Some of the regulars should realize this is a public forum. If you don't like what I have to say, block me. Wasn't it you who said "I trust that O regulars will set (someone) straight." ? That is a slippery slope. Use a little common sense.
  7. This is the third time (and I am sure there are many more) you want passengers to police or try to enforce the Oceania rules. One should mind their business and let the ship enforce its rules, not the guests. At most you could complain to an employee. If someone did that with me, they will get an earful and a swift verbal boot in the rear. It is like me stopping you at the gangway and tell you that only 6 bottles of alcohol is allowed. Or how about if I stop you and ask if that glass of wine you have in your hand is from the bar, the ship store, or from what you brought on board (someone here is calling that a safety issue). Or what I disagree with your choice of dress at dinner and come to your table and tell you so? It is not my concern and none of my business. You should mind yours as well. Let people enjoy their vacation. Let the ship enforce what they should.
  8. Not my job to "accomplish something" as a passenger. My "job" is to pay, abide by Oceania"s very simple rules (that 6-7 people here seem to want to dominate and complicate), and enjoy my cruise and hope people can mind their own business. Your statement is one of the dumbest things I have seen on the Oceania Board and there are some doozies here !
  9. Well look who showed up for the party. No one said they didn't understand. Did you have a B2B affected by this mess? I had two. As a business they need to do better. As a consumer, I can criticize all I want. They failed at a simple task. There is no way to offset the poor way they handled this. You can argue and defend them all you want, they blew it. Now it is fixed. Move on.
  10. Well, that was a bit of a ramble, was all over the bard, and made no sense. Name tags ? E cigarettes ? The post was about B2B web site problems.
  11. Kudos? Are you kidding? This has been handled poorly for months. For months it has been poor coordination, no communication, misinformation, frustrated TA’s, dozens of phone calls for everything from dining reservations, shore excursions, etc... and not one notification or update. Even their own employees didn’t know what was going on and gave conflicting information. No kudos from us. Nothing from Oceania except dozens of brochures. I can get those several times a week but not one update about this.
  12. pauon

    Private Hire

    We start in Southhampton, Liverpool, Belfast, then Dublin. Are you on the same?
  13. Everything was sent in over a week ago. DD214 and copy of my discharge. Thanks all for the help !
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