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  1. We might be doing the same thing. Do you recall how far or the cost to go back to the airport to get the shuttle? Princess wants $1,000 for Sheraton Convention Center for one night for 2 adults and a 3 year old granddaughter! Web site wants $169 for the same night and includes breakfast.
  2. Following; been waiting for several weeks for a $7,000 refund.
  3. Pablo, thankyou ! It does not get any easier than that !
  4. I looked mostly at decks 9 and 10.
  5. I looked carefully at the deck plans for the Coral Princess from their web site. I went to the tab that said "On Board Our Ships", then to "Coral Princess" and then to "Deck Plans". I was not able to find anything like you described or anything that indicated fire doors (at least I think I looked carefully). Is there another place to see the deck plans?
  6. We are booking on the Coral Princess to Antarctica. We have adjoining cabins with my daughter and her family. Has anyone been able to have the exterior door between the connecting balconies locked open for their cruise to make one large balcony? Has anyone asked to have it locked open and been refused. Does the cabin steward have the key, if not who did you ask? Thanks in advance !
  7. Thank you all for your great answers and help.
  8. If you book a Club Class Mini-suite, do you get club class dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Thanks in advance !
  9. You can buy me a martini.
  10. "I am not at all interested in saving money...", Wripoo; that is a totally different kind of stupid. Please troll elsewhere. Now back to the OP and what CC is supposed to be about; sharing information and helping others. I went to the web site that has TA's give you bids on different trips. I stayed with only Seabourne trips and kept them all in the $22,000 range. Each "bid" I got emailed were ALL $2,000 to $2,100 off the listed low fare and included all taxes and port fees. Two also included OBC of $200 or $400. So, although you got a good price from your TA, it was very
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