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  1. pauon

    Has anyone used this tour company?

    Has anyone used this tour company in Havana; "Your Days in Cuba" ? The web site is http://yourdaysincuba.simplesite.com/441215150 and it is run by Leonel Pinet
  2. pauon

    Marina restaurant dress code

    + 1
  3. It looks there are at least two HoHo bus companies. One looks like it has only one long route (Green buses) and the other has the two routes you speak of (Red Buses). We are thinking of taking the Green busses only because of that long route. We hope someone who has been there has some input as well.
  4. What an amazing thread ! You have done a great job and it has been fun to read as well. Your resources here have made looking for private tours in Cuba fun. Thank you for all the time you have spent on this.
  5. pauon

    Buyer Beware on B2B Bookings

    See error message in my original post. It refers to it as a B2B or combo reservation. Thanks for you input.
  6. pauon

    Buyer Beware on B2B Bookings

    I am not working on the June trip yet. Our first B2B sailing is on the Marina in March thru April. The second part of this B2B is a transatlantic.
  7. pauon

    Buyer Beware on B2B Bookings

    That was very helpful, thank you. Now you have the latest update as well.
  8. pauon

    Buyer Beware on B2B Bookings

    After multiple phones calls and being on hold, everything is now booked. I hope this helps someone who has been frustrated with the error message.
  9. pauon

    Buyer Beware on B2B Bookings

    How was this a "known IT issue"? We booked this almost a year ago and the only way we knew was from error messages on the website. Our TA is almost as frustrated as we are and she is a TA listed with Oceania. If it was talked about on CC, please let me know where, I have looked. Like I said above "Sad and unacceptable". By the way; onebooking number and paid in full.
  10. pauon

    Buyer Beware on B2B Bookings

    Also, you don't get the 25% discount for excursions on the second cruise, even though you booked enough of them to qualify for it on the first leg. They are truly separate cruises to Oceania, well except for being able to access it under "My Account" or under "My Reservation".
  11. pauon

    Buyer Beware on B2B Bookings

    That is what we have been doing.
  12. For several months we have been trying to access our booking, make dinner reservations and update our travel information for our upcoming B2B 30 day cruise on the Oceania website. All it says is :"Error..... Back to Back or combo reservations cannot be managed online while we upgrade our online system. Please contact your travel agent or Oceania Cruises for assistance. We apologize for any inconvenience". After contacting customer service, our TA, and their website service requests for answers this is the answer we we got: Thank you for contacting the Special Services desk at Oceania Cruises. Kindly be advised that due to your Combo Bookings updating can only be done with our Reservations Department. Our website is unable to handle these types of bookings. Please contact our Call Center at 1-800-531-5658 and any Cruise Specialist will be able to assist you. Thank you for choosing Oceania Cruises and we look forward to welcoming you onboard. Sad and unacceptable.
  13. pauon

    Is the trip to Trinidad, Cuba worth it?

    Great perspectives !
  14. We have a limited stop in Cienfuegos, Cuba and the cruise line offers a trip to Trinidad. Is it worth going to see or is staying in Cienfegos just as interesting? This isn't the only stop in Cuba, will have stopped at two other ports. Thanks in advance for your opinions.
  15. Gidgetwidget was looking for a pictures of ilsun cabin, not Bob Browns. I think that Bob Brown is in a different category of cabin. Many of us want to see the A/B closets.