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  1. A friend of a friend returned home to Arizona from the Coral Princess yesterday. She was flown on a Gulfstream 6500 to Arizona and then a limo home. It would seem to me that a lot more pilots and attendants on these private planes will be exposed this way but there really aren't good alternatives with the virus everywhere. I'm just hoping this whole mess will be over soon.
  2. Just curious... I haven't seen any posts from @YWW, the originator of this thread for a couple of weeks. If you're still following, please drop by and let us all know how you are doing. Hopefully you are home and well!
  3. I don't doubt that but it is odd that the refund of onboard items was stopped as well. Those were automatic - you cancel them and within two days they appear on your credit card statement. I cancelled my onboard items purchased for my May 9th cruise on March 8th, two days before I cancelled the cruise (which Princess then cancelled two days later). The credits did in fact appear on my credit card on March 10th. I do think that Princess had to do something to stop the refunds for everything on or soon after the date they announced the pause. Perhaps they continued to manually process the refunds / FCD according to the requested option, but they didn't go anywhere due to lack of funds. If that is the case then it might mean that we all see the missing amounts very quickly when they are ready to pay. I didn't think that for a while but the recent news reports and infusion of cash convinces me that was the case. We shall see!
  4. Very happy to hear you have made it home. Hoping everyone else will soon be on their way as well. Stay safe and healthy!
  5. For the last week or so, I've noticed the "pricing not available" text where the prices should be for my saved cruises. I'm using Chrome and when I refresh the screen the prices appear. I probably need to clear my cache but as long as the refresh button continues to work I'll just take that extra step.
  6. Such a sad end to what should have been a wonderful, relaxing cruise. Prayers for all on board and to the families of those who have passed away.
  7. Here's the 8k for CCL and the uncertainty about future cruising is clear: https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/3b413b03-e345-4779-9e3f-143a9241eee8?fbclid=IwAR1bw5Xhf6zKqIgUbuPT2MlXfnpVNzhheuMnpC-ppbQ6Ap5ndHrUOPhOv40
  8. I still find this so odd since the same person who cancelled your cruise cancelled mine later than your's. No doubt she did the exact same thing to cancel cruises for both of us. I contacted her to cancel mine on March 10th and that is the date of the refund (approx $6600) on my credit card statement that appeared a couple days later. Of course we are still patiently waiting to see if the remaining $1800 appears as air credit and FCD, but I am just baffled by how Princess has handled this.
  9. But no one has boarded the ship recently, and the passengers haven't been ashore or some time. So this is puzzling to me as well.
  10. Oh no. I am so sorry. Hoping you stay healthy.
  11. Oh no! Not what any of you needed. Sending good thoughts to you and everyone on board.
  12. The only chart I recall is the one that was in this original PDF file from March 12th which has since been updated. Not sure if this is what you are looking for but I thought I'd post it in case it is useful. voluntary-60-day-pause-of-global-ship-operations.pdf
  13. Checking in from Arizona. Although we are not ordered to stay home we've been sheltering in place for almost two weeks now making visits to the grocery store or walking around the neighborhood for a change of pace. I had been volunteering two days a week at our local library but that was suspended for at least 8 weeks. Our libraries are closed as are schools, gyms, eat-in restaurants, etc. very similar to what's happening around the USA. As I make my grocery store "runs", I also shop for my 93 YO MIL and find joy when I can get everything on the list by only going to one or two stores in a day. Yesterday I found flour for the first time in two weeks and that was a source of great happiness. Who would have thought a couple of weeks ago that I would be so happy to find something that was always available? Other than that I've been reading, cooking more, and keeping in touch with friends. I also would have been visiting friends in Florida right now but cancelled that a couple days before I was supposed to leave. And our May cruise to the Baltic was axed by Princess but we cancelled two days before that. There will be better times to travel and we definitely will travel when it is safe to do so. Stay safe and healthy Cruise Critic Community!
  14. May 9th and we were 60 days out so we were right in the deposit cancellation fee period for our cruise length (11 days).
  15. I completely agree. You would think that they were taking care of refunds in the order received. Did you fill out the form for cancellation option B? I did that two days after cancelling and am not sure if that had anything to do with my getting the refund since I cancelled before they put the 60 day pause into effect. If you haven't done that already, you should probably do so.
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