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  1. Congratulations! We've taken advantage of huge drops in EZAir fares too over the years. Feels great, doesn't it?
  2. On the Sapphire in January, Princess secured visas for everyone automatically. You could opt out but if you didn't, they got it for you. $56 for each visa was charged to the on board account. You should see something about this on the Travel Summary for your cruise. I've copied a screen shot from the Travel Summary for our cruise below.
  3. I noticed yesterday that all of the brochures went to download only. Today several have the "mail to me" option activated again. Unfortunately the 2020 / 2021 Destination Collection (aka cruise atlas) still shows as download only. I hope they add the mail option on this one soon!
  4. This was just posted by a passenger who returned this morning from the delayed cruise on the Island - here's hoping the fix goes well! "Island Princess Update: The captain advised us that the propulsion system on Island Princess is now operating at 70%. They have new parts in San Francisco ready to go and it will be repaired to operate at 100% once she reaches San Francisco this Thursday."
  5. Years ago we were on the Star Princess cruising from Valparaiso Chile to Rio. We joined with 4 others we met through our Cruise Critic roll call and had a diverse enough team that we only missed an answer or two at every trivia session. But we repeatedly came in second to a team that kept getting all of the answers right. We learned that their team included a single older woman who had been on B2B2B. They repeated the exact same questions on the same days of every cruise. That woman disembarked the cruise at Buenos Aires and after that the previously winning team couldn't even get half of the questions right. I did mention on the post cruise survey that for the enjoyment of all cruisers they should mix up the questions a little to give everyone a fair shot at winning. We haven't been regulars at trivia since then as we continued to hear similar stories - it's not fun when others cheat.
  6. I see it now! Just hoping that they will also add an option to have one mailed. We get the one that is automatically sent but I like to order a second copy too.
  7. According to a passenger on board they left at 3:20 AM. This is the letter they received.
  8. Interesting. The passenger on board just posted this: "Due to a mechanical issue onboard we are now scheduled to leave at Midnight and our itinerary will now take us to Ketchikan and Prince Rupert." Hope they truly do leave at midnight - it's only a 5 day cruise.
  9. Depending on the cruise, you might have booked the obstructed cabin initially for more than $250 under what you paid for your OV so that's not a good deal at all.
  10. The only thing I read was what I posted which was from someone on board. He also said they were told that there may be changes to the itinerary - they were supposed to go to Ketchikan and Juneau.
  11. I just checked the Princess website to see if the full atlas was there now and the entire thing is gone now. Maybe they realized they made a mistake putting it out there and are adding the rest of the cruises to it?
  12. Saw a post on FB that it has propulsion problems. The person said they were supposed to go to Alaska and they were hoping to still make it. I just looked and it's still there.
  13. How close to the cruise terminal is the bus drop off point in Warnemunde?
  14. Got the announcement about this today along with the itineraries for Canada / New England. PE9MD080_CanadaNewEngland_RefFlyer.pdf
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