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  1. The ship has been in drydock for over a month and is undergoing sea trials according to the bridge cam. Sure wonder what was done for her to stay in drydock for so long.
  2. I've tried Chrome, Firefox and Edge and have never seen a chat button. I do see it on my iPhone but have never had that feature on my laptop.
  3. Our's is also on the Diamond. It was a "free" casino cruise that we paid a fee to upgrade from the cabin offered. We also paid in full for EZair, PVP, and an excursion. So we have quite a lot coming back, more than the current balance of our credit card!
  4. Some folks posted some great pictures on FB of the northern lights from the ship last month. As I recall the forecast was "active" and they lucked out with clear skies and of course the will to stay awake in the middle of the night to see them. Looks like the forecast is moderate tonight and active tomorrow night according to https://www.gi.alaska.edu/monitors/aurora-forecast
  5. If you try to look for a cruise on the Sapphire Princess, there are none for sale until October (Australia on the 25th). This is what it looks like which is why I'm wondering what they are going to do with the Sapphire in the meantime.
  6. They definitely react quicker when a guest cancels. If they cancel, they tend not to process the refunds until after the date by which you need to tell them the option you've chosen. For us that will be in a little over a week. I was hoping they changed their procedures as the cruise Princess cancelled disappeared from the Personalizer and Medallion app late last week and that's usually a sign that they have completed processing the option selected (refund in our case). But nothing yet.
  7. Not quite sure how Princess' explanation for these cancellations fits with the Sapphire situation. They already pulled the Sapphire from Alaska and substituted the Royal Princess. Now the Sapphire isn't scheduled to cruise until October 25, 2022 and that isn't a North American itinerary - it's in Australia. So where will the Sapphire end up?
  8. When will it stop! Soon I hope. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/pause-extension-in-australia-through-mid-january-2022.html
  9. Edited above but this picture of the side of the balcony I think shows that the M107 balcony extends into that "white space", so a stairwell to the bridge may fit. But still it wasn't noisy at all!
  10. Of course now it's getting me curious. I looked back at my pictures and the only one I have of the balcony next door is from a video my DH took. Here's a screenshot with the balcony next door pictured. The divider in front of it is the edge of our M107 balcony. But looking at it again, it could be a stairway and our balcony extended in front of it. Can't tell... you are right we may never know.
  11. We sure didn't hear that door open and close. I wonder if it's a crew cabin? As I said, there was definitely an adjoining balcony next door but that could have extended from the cabin on the other side of the balcony. If it's a stairwell we sure didn't see or hear anyone using it.
  12. We were in M107 on the Majestic last month. It's odd that the deck plan for the Majestic Princess shows the same white space next to cabin M107 that the Sky Princess deck plan does. But there was definitely a cabin next door as I saw folks on the balcony where that white space would be. The divider between the balconies could also be opened (although we didn't do that as we didn't know our neighbors). And I don't recall an unmarked door there. So it's either a mistake on the deck plans or it was so unobtrusive that we didn't notice it. As for using the balcony, yes it can be quite windy but no, you aren't restricted from using it when at sea. We were headed into very strong winds and had quite a bit of rain during our cruise. We could wander around when the deck when the conditions were better and did also go out during strong winds when we stuck to the side of the balcony rather than the front. The sliding glass door to the balcony is on the side of the ship so you can go out at night. We did keep the bedroom curtains closed at night as that faced forward and light pollution may have caused issues for the bridge. And we actually have booked this same cabin for our cruise on the Regal early next year. Love the cabin and of course that balcony. Below is the notice that was on the wall of the cabin.
  13. Here's more info on the LNG operations at Port Canaveral. It's done from the new terminal 3 which is very close to the jetty and the open ocean. The other terminals are further away. We heard a bit about the infrastructure required earlier this year while taking a catamaran from Port Canaveral. Quite interesting and I would not be surprised if they didn't move a sphere ship here too at some point. https://www.portcanaveral.com/About/Recent-News/Port-Canaveral-Gets-Underway-as-North-America’s-Fi
  14. It has been providing LNG to the Mardi Gras since her inaugural voyage at the end of July. Would love to have a Princess ship in Port Canaveral. The LNG terminal is within walking distance of our friend's condo. Would be awesome to walk to a cruise!
  15. Like others have said, it's no big deal to us. I also had a problem early on in the cruise remembering my mask but would catch myself when I was just a couple steps away from the cabin door. My brain was in cruise mode which never required a mask before so I slipped momentarily a couple times. But everything was fine. It didn't change our enjoyment of the cruise one bit.
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