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  1. We will be a little late leaving Montevideo today. They are still loading provisions which they have been doing all day which should mean the next cruise will be in great shape. They have been loading palettes all day. They also appeared to be doing some work on the generator so I am guessing that situation will be resolved for the next cruise too. Very sad that we are getting kicked off the ship tomorrow. To those boarding - if you enjoy it even half as much as we did, you are in for a once in a lifetime experience. Have fun!
  2. Sorry but I missed Crissy- I tried to find out for you. @CTGirl went and should be able to tell you as she qualified.
  3. Sandye! Hope you are well. That was a wonderful cruise and I have thought often about it during this cruise. No trivia for us this time - it would be hard to beat the team we had that trip with our varied knowledge of different topics. And funny but I was thinking about our sailaway party from Montevideo this morning right after I woke up. We cruised roundtrip from Singapore last January and roundtrip from Sydney last October. Love both! Hope you have a fantastic cruise.
  4. Sad news to report. Heard some passengers talking about this on the tender but did not want to say anything until confirmed. Four passengers are not continuing on with us as they were involved in a car accident. The Captain said that their injuries were not life threatening thankfully but they need to remain in Stanley. Also they are disembarking an ill crew member here. With all of the joy there are reminders to appreciate every day as things can change in an instant.
  5. It's been amazing. Even though we lost two days in Antarctica and Punta Arenas I can't imagine having a better cruise experience than what we've already had.
  6. Have not seen Zumba for this sailing but a lot has been different. For example, the usual South America itinerary would have tango dancers and other entertainment from the region. Antarctica has been the main attraction on this cruise and lectures have replaced some of the normal things. So you may have additional entertainment options on your cruise. Bar soap is still at the sinks on the Coral. If you absolutely need it, bring it along as no one knows how long they will disappear from all the ships. MTP was above 400, not sure exactly what the threshold was but we know someone in the mid-400's and they made it. The Hotel General Manager did something different this cruise and had an MTP-like cocktail party for everyone sailing in a full suite. It was a nice event and although no one from the bridge team made it (they were busy as we were approaching Elephant Island at the time), the rest of the Senior Officers and managers were very well represented. Don't know about anyone celebrating 500 days but will ask Crissy the Captain's Circle Hostess the next time I see her.
  7. We were able to make the port stop in Stanley and have had a wonderful day here. The rain and winds held off for most of the day but both are kicking up now. We visited Bluff Cove for the second time today and it did not disappoint. The difference now is that only 10 minutes jostling in a 4 wheel drive vehicle now vs. the half hour-ish amount of time it took us 8 years ago. That's because the road goes a little further now and by next year the road will go all the way there eliminating the need for the 4 wheel part of the journey. There are now over 2 dozen Kings among the hundreds of Gentoos. They were very entertaining! The beach was a mess as the winds that at times gusted to as much as 90 MPH here in the last couple of days really churned up stuff from the sea and tossed it everywhere. The penguin youngsters were quite tired out by the whole experience and most were laying down exhausted. We heard that we were the first ship to make it to Stanley in days and the locals were glad to see us (and our $$) come ashore. Truly a memorable day!
  8. Captain told us this morning it was in diesel generator 3 which remains down but does not impact our voyage. He said it will be fixed ashore, BA or Montevideo.
  9. They only said engine #3. A crew member I spoke to this morning said this one had them a little scared given weather conditions and our location. Crew all had to stop what they were doing and go to their assigned locations. Elevators were stopped until the all clear was sounded. Kind of makes me feel safer given how they handled this situation. And when it was over the Captain did say we were heading for Stanley as planned and that we expect to arrive as scheduled on Friday, no doubt to quash speculation.
  10. Agree! Captain McBain kept us well informed too. After the all clear we went to the casino and the deck six hallway was very smoky but they cleared that quickly.
  11. Elephant Island last night. Our final Antarctic attraction. It was 28 but the windchill made it feel like it was in the low teens.
  12. These were from the night before last after we left Charlotte Bay. My husband saw the sun hitting the iceberg off our balcony and I raced to the aft deck on Caribe to catch the sunset.
  13. Yes we do! And Ms. Poipu is no doubt cursing us out since we are leaving her at the birdie spa for quite a long time this trip!
  14. They did but not all the way in to Ho Chi Minh City or Bangkok. The shuttles seemed to go to places that are closer in, for example to Pattaya instead of Bangkok.
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