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  1. Several cruises ago we decided to skip formal nights. Our last few cruises have been in suites and we've simply ordered from the MDR menu on formal night. It's great to be totally relaxed eating nice food on our balcony. We don't mind that the food is lukewarm, it's still a very nice way to enjoy all that your suite has to offer!
  2. Interesting upgrade to Alfredo's. Wonder why they need the computers? Hope they aren't setting it up for cover charges in the future. 😕
  3. It really depends on the airline. I also book flights from Phoenix and usually stick to United. They tend to have high fares when they are released and then they have always come down in time. Anything can happen obviously but I have never paid fares as high as they are when initially released.
  4. I have never had a problem refaring with my TA and keeping my airline reservation. But then I haven't had a cruise that was booked under a promo that included airfare discounts. Could that be the case with your reservation? I think that all promos are different and a knowledgeable TA can advise what will happen if you refare. As for air costs, mine have come down with United for every cruise that I've booked. It could be a fluke with United as they always start out very high when they are first released then come down in time.
  5. We boarded the Majestic at OPT a little over two weeks ago with Priority Boarding. We arrived at the terminal just after 11 and after dropping our luggage were directed to the left most line. From there we went right to check in and through security, boarding the ship immediately thereafter. We got a slip that many cabins wouldn't be available until 1 PM but our suite was clean and ready for us. We enjoyed being some of the first on the ship since it was our first time on the Majestic.
  6. We docked at Circular Quay and the ship was docked by 6 AM. First Princess transfer bus was scheduled to leave at 6:40 AM. Our's was scheduled for 7:45 AM but our group was called 10 minutes early surprisingly.
  7. We just got back from Sydney two days ago and made the mistake of taking a taxi from the airport to our hotel near Circular Quay during rush hour. I had read that it should be about $40 to $50 AUD and considering the convenience of that to the $19ish AUD per person for the train after a long flight made sense. What I didn't factor in was that traffic would be miserable at the time we arrived (rush hour!) and it took us almost an hour to get to the hotel, so our taxi fare was close to $140 AUD! In hindsight we would have taken the train had we even thought about traffic. We did take the Princess shuttle from the ship to the airport. We got it onboard for $24 AUD per person, not much more than the train which we were prepared to take. I don't know the cost of other shuttles but we saw several both at the port and at the airport. Hoping someone can come up with a name of a reliable company for you.
  8. Just last week the Captain's Circle Hostess on the Majestic Princess was able to add the extra credit for our suite upsell. So either it is a VERY new policy or there's just inconsistency of how this is handled depending on who you talk to.
  9. The Captain's Circle Host/ess on board should be able to add the extra credit for you too. We will be doing that ourselves in a couple of days 🙂 . Enjoy!
  10. The upsell offer that I received a little over two weeks ago still required a phone call to confirm. This was an offer to upgrade from a mini suite to a full suite. I hadn't checked emails much the day I got the offer so I called a bit late and missed out which was fine as we are happy with what we have, but it's hard to pass up a heavily discounted suite upgrade. This offer by the way came before the final payment date which I mentioned was unusual. I was told that this was something new they were trying. And maybe using the email approach for upsells to the other categories is something new as well?
  11. We usually don't care one way or another who the Cruise Director is. That totally changed when we cruised with Matt O on the Royal this summer, He's hilarious, energetic, friendly, and I could go on. Sad that he's going to a smaller ship!
  12. Keep checking. I've rebooked our flights to Berlin for our Baltic cruise three times this week alone and our price wasn't that bad to begin with. If you have the time, it's always worthwhile to check.
  13. Thank you Sandra! I saw the Travel Agent desk and thought that may be the case but thanks for confirming.
  14. We will be on the Majestic Princess this month and I noticed that the location of the Captain's Circle and Future Cruise areas aren't shown on the deck plans. I know that this ship was geared to the Chinese market and is different than other Royal class ships, but I've also read that they change the purpose of some of the venues when she is sailing from Australia. I will need to make a visit to both on this cruise and was just curious where these desks may be.
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