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  1. It doesn't matter...Big Ben is out for the season 😥
  2. Perhaps the OP's wife can convince Celebrity to bring back the waffle cones.
  3. This is excellent news if you watch movies, I wonder what Celebrity will cut to pay for the movies. The movies aren't free to Celebrity.
  4. Marseilles isn't my favorite port but you guys certainly made the best of it. Gritty is probably a good description. It looks like a very interesting day, hopefully you're feeling better soon.
  5. The chart indicated it was updated on May 6 and the Silhouette is shown to be complete for the January 31 2020 sailing. Later in May they cancelled the January 31 sailing because the drydock was moved to Spain. I am keenly aware of the schedule change because I was on the cancelled January 31 sailing. You can check the schedule and see there isn't a January 31 sailing. Updated info on the website showing the Feb 2020 date for the Silhouette
  6. Where did you get this info? Yes Freeport may be operational after the hurricane but I haven't seen any information that suggests that the dry dock damaged during the accident with Oasis has been repaired. The Silhouette was moved to Spain earlier this year.
  7. Can you book the Yacht Club on-line? I've been looking in the Caribbean and every MSC cruise I check doesn't have any YC availability. Any suggestions?
  8. Rates seem high to me. It looks like at least $1544 with 2 perks for the 6 night cruise for the themed cruise vs $1223 from Celebrity for 3 perks assuming an obstructed balcony cabin for both. For $300 pp, I'll pass on meeting Capt Lee.
  9. In general I've found the internet to acceptable for surfing the net as well as FaceTime calls , cell phone service using WIFI but usually not good enough for streaming. You will always be at the mercy of the satellite coverage to support the internet. We use the Elite discount to purchase service for one device that we share. For us it's a fair deal.
  10. Glad you enjoyed the showed, has Celebrity announced any additional cruises with the ABT beyond the current schedule?
  11. I'll see your two cents and raise you a nickel. I never thought about it like that, but I think you're 100% correct. The fond memories are far more valuable than a few dollars. Thanks for the review and enjoy your cruise.
  12. Two words: Infinite Veranda The IV balconies on the Edge are too small to accommodate the standard balcony furniture that many of us enjoy so Celebrity made the switch to the doll-house like furniture on the Edge. There is no room for larger tables, footstools or even a comfortable chair on the IV balconies. So when Celebrity started to revolutionize the rest of the fleet, they thought we'd be thrilled to get similar furniture to that used on the Edge. Hopefully Celebrity has recognized this error. I'll be on the Silhouette on the first cruise after the dry dock.
  13. For me the secret is to book something that does the drift snorkel at Klein Bonaire, my ship's excursion didn't go there. It was advertised as going to some sort of protected national area but then I found out that included most of the island. From a safety perspective I think they need to keep the drift snorkeling groups small so the guide can keep track of the entire group. I'm sure the OP will have a great time on the Sea Cow.
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