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  1. WOW I was looking at Iceland cruises on the Summit in August 2021 and the prices are sky high. I'm not booking at these prices.
  2. Ok, thanks for telling me I've made a mistake. Whenever I sail on a cruise I always hoped that the most qualified cruise was in charge of the ship. Thanks for telling me that's not the point.
  3. That's just great. Is this the most qualified team to lead the ship?
  4. Never. It sounds like you do not have a very motivated TA. Call the TA and tell him/her to try again.
  5. Have your TA contact Celebrity. The discount is $50/cabin for shorter cruises and $100 for longer cruises. I think the cut-off is 9 days. Should not be an issue. Enjoy your cruises
  6. From my experience in the Med, the Baltic, British Isle cruses and the Caribbean this is about average. I've never found that it varies significantly between regions. I think that's because the same clientele in all regions. Some may not like it, but leave the dressy clothes at home unless you enjoy the dressing up.
  7. You must be very good. Two kids in car seats and still able to do an express walk off with all the luggage..
  8. There must be a better way than paying $17/day at the port. Do any of the hotels have a tsay and park option?
  9. Exactly. They even arrange alternate transportation in unmarked cars to transport you around any demonstrations and they will even arrange alternate hotels in safer areas.
  10. So what's the worker doing with the tree if it's dead?
  11. Perhaps they had a lot of turnover with the crew after the TA. Still not an excuse.
  12. I would arrange for a car to pick me up instead of relying on a shuttle.
  13. Thanks for the update, this sounds like a trip back to the mainland for repairs. It doesn't sound good for sailing anytime soon.🙁
  14. Deb, Just out of curiosity, when did they start boarding? Sometimes there are delays after the TA even when they make previous stops in the US.
  15. Maybe you've never seen some good tree guys work. I'm sure there are some attachment points some where in the area. The good tree guys can suspend them themselves in a harness and tie ropes to the branches they are going to cut. They support the branches as they are cut and then slowly lower them to the ground or in this case almost any deck. I really wasn't suggesting that someone goes in there with a saw and yells "Timber" 😉
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