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  1. No, this is too strict and not fair. This is an absolute show stopper for me. We need to find a way to sail without this restriction.
  2. Cancel and take the refund. No one knows how this will turn out, take your money now and rebook when you know how things will happen.
  3. Bye. I doubt will ever build a ship of this size again. 😞
  4. Lots of people like the aft cabins but not worth the bet for me. I hate the vibrations from the engines/ propellers or whatever, but it always seems to happen in the rear 3rd of the ship. I won't book any cabin in the rear third of any ship. Perhaps you should also consider that if you are sensitive to vibrations.
  5. I don't think it will happen. I doubt there will be enough vaccine available to supply to cruise lines to vaccinate all of the crew.
  6. Now if we could just make the Edge disappear, then we would have something. Maybe they want the Edge in Turkey or India.
  7. Maybe a lot of us would go back to Disney if there weren't any kids. 😉
  8. I think the bigger problem preventing the resumption of cruising will be vaccinating the crew. As long as countries are still working to vaccinate their populations, I don't see the vaccine being made available to private companies. I'm not sure I see that happening until late in 2021 at the earliest.
  9. But let's be clear. Wearing the mask and social distancing really doesn't provide YOU or anyone else more protection. You must continue to wear the mask because the rest of society still must wear masks and social distance. By having you continue to follow the procedures it keeps pressure on the unvaccinated to wear their mask and social distance.
  10. Sounds like Florida made a better decision for the long term care facilities. Michigan chose the Federal program and that is failing. I can't imagine how bad this would be if we depended on the Feds to vaccinate everyone.
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