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  1. My experience tells me that very few people get off the ship and have breakfast. About four hours off the ship sounds about right for the average excursion. It sounds to me like you are basing your opinion on the locals. I'm sure they don't think anyone spends enough money in port. However, I admit I don't know how all of the shops and taxis around the ports make money. Most shops look empty and they always have looked empty.
  2. I also not disputing what you are saying but it really doesn't correlate to my experiences. Every time I stay on the ship, nothing is very crowded and I watch a lot of people getting off the ship.
  3. Was this sometime recently? I would have thought that they would have put all of the food waste through some sort of large garbage disposer.
  4. I think everyone sure hopes you're correct, but I've never seen any evidence that you're correct. I've never seen them actually thrown the bread away or put it with other food that is being disposed.
  5. When you don't finish the bread basket in the MDR, do you really think they throw the partial basket of bread away? I'll bet they just refill and put it out for the next guy. I'm sorry they did away with the assistant waiter delivering the rolls from a tray.
  6. Now if there was enough room on an IV to accommodate bigger furniture, then the Edge would be attractive.
  7. I think I'd gather up all of the items and give them to the pool attendant and tell him I just "found" these "lost" items.
  8. Perhaps the rest of the passengers would rather not see you use your own utensils to serve yourself. The rest of us don't know if you have contaminated your makeshift serving devise.
  9. What's your technique for moving your chair back to the table?
  10. I think you're correct, if people didn't see it, it didn't happen. I wonder if everyone that is complaining about sanitation washes their hands before they go for seconds, Somehow I doubt it.
  11. But on the positive side, everyone can now join the balcony club.
  12. It may be rude to eat while in line, but it's really no less sanitary than eating at the table and going for seconds.
  13. Always good to get advice from someone new to CC. Perhaps your items of interest belong in your roll call
  14. I don't follow the Princess ships very closely, but there must be some sort of significant issue to require a long service period in the shipyard. It looks to me that the Caribbean Princess will be out of service for month.
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