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  1. Other than the cabins, the rest of the ship is cleaned at night. Just follow the Edge model for the cabins, drop your stuff off after you board and then come back after 1.
  2. Maybe the answer to avoid lines at embarkation is to start embarkation early. Maybe everyone must to be off the ship by 8:00 am and the new guests can start boarding by 8:30 am.
  3. As I read the CDC notices all international travel and specifically cruise ship travel are under Level 3 travel advisories, Avoid Unnecessary Travel. Since we still haven't opened up the entire US, I'm not sure that I see international travel restrictions eased anytime in the near future. Most medical coverage does not seem to cover travel under these level 3 restrictions. Would you still sail without medical insurance coverage?
  4. I guess I hadn't really considered the medical insurance aspect of Covid until I saw this thread. Although I'd be wiling to cruise as soon as the cruise lines think they have a plan, I wouldn't cruise without medical insurance. I would wear a mask in public areas and practice social distancing. The Level 3 travel advisory seems to be threshold for ending the insurance coverage. As I read the CDC guidelines, all international travel is under a Level 3 warning and cruise line travel is also viewed as unnecessary. It appears to me that both of these restrictions would need to be lifted in order to have coverage on a cruise. I'm not sure that I see that happening soon for my November 2020 cruise or even my February 2021 cruises. I had viewed my return to cruising as my decision, but the lack of insurance coverage takes that decision out of my hands. There had been some discussion about changing the policy language in other threads, by if I remember correctly Steve D. indicated that might be difficult because each state would need to have the insurance commissioners approve the language changes an that takes a long time. I purchased 3rd party travel insurance for my November 2020 cruise before the pandemic, so that may still provide some coverage but I was really viewing the medical coverage as secondary because I was counting on my GeoBlue to provide the medical coverage. I don't think we are going to find any coverage as long as the Level 3 waring is in effect. For me the next deadline will be the end of July when final payment is due.
  5. There's no way Celebrity will have the cash to Revolutionize the Constellation for 2021. If these are your only choices go with your second choice.
  6. You may have identified the next Revolution. People may more interested in sailing on ships that have had "Revolution 2.0"
  7. The Silhouette replaced the grass areas by the Sunset bar with additional seating areas, a nice additions. Looking at some of the pictures from the Equinox, it appears the Equinox still has the grass areas by the Sunset Bar.
  8. Since no one is flying, I hope they can use the time to speed up the update and modifications of the Delta Terminal at FLL.
  9. Wow, that was good for a laugh. My 2021 cruises are a lot more expensive and my 2022 are a little more expensive. I really can't see many new bookings at these rates.
  10. Maybe we live in a different wold now. If you get sick on the ship and then you tell the truth, perhap's you'll be responsible for costs and may be liable if others get infected from you.
  11. What's the cabin number and type of cabin? This looks very nice.
  12. We are Elite and I really miss the nightly meetings in the Sky Lounge. I love seeing where the ship is going, having a few glasses of wine and meeting some new friends. What do you miss?
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