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  1. At the moment that I responded to the OP all of the cabins under the Solarium were sold and most other cabins were available. To me, I think the Solarium would be less likely to generate noise than the general pool deck area. Since I responded to the OP, some of these rooms became available. Perhaps a group grabbed all of the rooms and then released those rooms. To me that seems like a veteran selection. Perhaps others have more detailed knowledge and can suggest carpeted areas that may attenuate some noise. I would still take rooms under the Solarium as my first choice in A2. Perhaps groups held and then released rooms on your cruise. My best advice to you is just to look at the area above your potential cabin and make your own determination about noise. I would still probably take the A1 cabins if the price difference was reasonable or if the upgrade was free for Captain's Club members.
  2. If you don't mind tying up your deposit, the real pro tip is to book a cruise on-board for sometime in the distant future with a refundable deposit on your next cruise. It really doesn't matter if you want to take the cruise but this locks in your on-board booking benefits and you can transfer it to your TA of choice for additional incentives. Then when you see a new itinerary, there's a good promotion or just decide you want to go on a cruise, you call your TA and transfer this booking to your desired cruise. The key here is to transfer the booking and not cancel the cruise. You can also change it at some point to a non-refundable deposit if that appeals to you. If something happens that you no-longer want to cruise Celebrity, just cancel the cruise at any time and have your deposit refunded.
  3. I'm also booked on the westbound TA. From my perspective, I always book the starboard side to avoid any smoke from the smoking areas on the promenade deck. I'm hoping for at least a little warm weather to have some time in the pool.
  4. Maybe is probably the best answer. Sometimes I've been able to check by going to the port website and check the arrival/departure times and see if they agree with the times on my itinerary. The time listed on the itinerary is the ship's time.
  5. Given this mess, I'm glad that I forgot to make any reservations for Valentines Day. I'm just going to blame Celebrity for this special menu.
  6. Just take a taxi, it's about $20 for the cab and you avoid waiting for the shuttle to fill up before leaving. You can see the airport from the port. It's much easier just to take a taxi.
  7. Probably. That would be expected for any cabin under the pool deck. I would switch cabins if that's possible.
  8. Thanks for relaying your experience from last month. Maybe I'm new to the party but I'm seeing new entries like Bud Light seltzers and I suspect that might be offered at a lower price point and might have more availability. Thanks for your help
  9. Thanks for the tip, but nothing in that thread answered my question. Any recent experience?
  10. So to be clear, are you a member of the Captain's Club?
  11. Does anyone know if hard seltzers are included in Classic Beverage Package? I've seen plenty of lists from past cruises, but I was wondering if they have updated their list to uinclude these beverages.
  12. Apparently there weren't enough people with similar interests wiling to pay enough money to continue sailing in Dubai/India.
  13. Because they can make more money in the Caribbean.
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