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  1. Ok, what is the best way to get the discount applied to an internet upgrade?
  2. After reading through you list, I sense you left off #15 which is probably the most important reason. 15. My GF insisted we fly in the day of the cruise. Now I understand and support your logic. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. Enjoy your cruise. Please send some trip reports if you get a chance.
  4. I would think so. Here's the requirement: "This test may be taken as either a PCR test or an Antigen test, conducted within 72 hours of embarkation. "
  5. The CDC has already indicated that people who have a mixture of AZ and Pfizer or Moderna can be given a third dose of either Pfizer or Moderna and then those people will be considered fully vaccinated. I glad that some parts of Canada seem to be recognizing the problem for international travel and are working to solve the problem.
  6. Have the affected people been evacuated from the ship?
  7. That may be, people who arrive early don't comprehend that they are the problem. Hopefully they can maintain a couple of lines. One for people who are on time and a stand-by line for people who arrive early.
  8. Please stop confusing people with the facts. Some people just believe they can do what they want with no consequences and it must be someone else's fault. Sure the suites are told they can arrive when they want but the fact is that there is a limited amount of staff available to handle them when they arrive. It is interesting when people arrive before their arrival time and then complain because other people got to the port even earlier. In all of the complaints about waiting in line, I've never seen anyone ask if everyone in line was supposed to be there because of an earlier boarding time. Everyone that arrives early could be slowing down the process for people that arrive on time. Assigned boarding times are an improvement, it will probably take a while before some people will learn.
  9. Haven't you seen all of the pictures in Celebrity's advertisements? There aren't any older or heavier people in the pictures. No need for steps. 😉
  10. I hope it works for you. But please remember, Hope is not a plan.
  11. Celebrity Sales VP confirmed during a TA webinar this afternoon that mixtures of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are the only acceptable combinations in the US.
  12. Thanks. My question wasn't about finding a cheaper ride but trying to avoid a very expensive ride. I'm always a bit nervous when the driver doesn't want to use the meter. I can't find anything on the Taxi websites about a fixed price to or from the airport.
  13. Was this an official fixed price or were the Taxi drivers just not using the meter?
  14. Arriving outside of your assigned boarding time will only slow the process for you and others. The port does not have the staff to handle people arriving when ever they want without the possibility of a long wait. If there are lines when you arrive, please check to confirm you are in the proper line for your boarding time. Other CC members have been shocked to find that they had to wait in lines when they arrived before their boarding time. They described the situation as terrible when they found lines were caused by people arriving before boarding even started.
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