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  1. At least they are docked, most are just at sea anchored
  2. Sounds like a lot of fun for your husband 😏
  3. Inside for 3 is fine IF you dont plan to spend a lot of time there. Showers and sleep, nothing else !
  4. Not all masks are born the same. Cloth masks, which are the most popular are pretty useless. Have everyone with n95 or higher and yes, then ud get some safety...
  5. Actually, the huge impact it has had is due to the lockdown measures. Its nothing special, % wise the deaths are very low and the contagion rate isnt huge either. Either we keep on lockdown forever or let the virus run its course, which is gonna happen anyway. Going to ban ALL activities forever? not talking about just cruises here
  6. The virus will be around forever, even if a vaccine happens. If thats the case the CDC might as well close cruising forever
  7. I have a Mediterranean cruise in November as well, wondering if its gonna happen or not ...
  8. If NCL cancelled, then they should give you an extension on the vouchers thats for sure
  9. Look nice, hope to use it someday!
  10. Dang, what about the final payment I'll have to do? that's not refundable either? Yes the Star, both Europe and the transatlantic
  11. I had my cruise in April cancelled, I chose FCC and then booked for November and December cruises, if these are cancelled can I request a refund?
  12. Haven prices are dependent on cruiser bids, to see really if the price of a cruise has gone up or not use balconys or lower as reference.
  13. I mentioned it to our NCL guy in one of our calls and he told me its expected, not a big deal for them.
  14. The FCC worked out great for me, managed to switch a 12 day cruise with an inside for 2 b2b cruises (32 days!) with a window and having to pay a bit extra. Also later they upgraded my rooms from small with small windows to larger with panoramic windows so atm its working fine for me!
  15. Yup, got points from my cancelled cruise too.
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