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  1. I had 3 cruised cancelled last year. First one I still hold the points, the other 2 I didnt get em
  2. No unfortunately that cruise was cancelled as well, right now I have the fcc just sitting there. Need to see what ill book, aiming for the end of this year
  3. Mine were doing a Europe cruise then a transatlantic from Portugal to Argentina
  4. True, but that doesnt matter. If I book another cruise, make all sort of reservations, ask for the time off and prepare our schedule for a vacation AND ncl then decides to cancel expecting a extra 25% is totally reasonable, moreover if I dont even have the option for a refund now.
  5. Probably a lot of people ... like me... paid for these cruises with FCC already. I was expecting the extra 25% bonus, freaking cheap ncl ...
  6. Just send em an email, they'll most likely extend them. I do agree however that they should already just mass update the close to expire ones to have at least an added year...
  7. Dang well this is bad news...
  8. I used FCC to reserve it anyway, might as well let em cancel for me and get 25% extra
  9. I have 2 cruises coming up. a 11 day one in europe next November and a Transatlantic in December. So far NCL tells me they are a go. I had em push the final payment as back as possible, I dont want to give more money to ncl to end up unable to use it ... again. So atm playing the waiting game...
  10. This is absolutely true too. FCC should go 100% to the payor account, they way they handle is is ****.
  11. The whole point of the muster is to go to where you have to go so you know...
  12. I still got my extra points, it'd be a shame if they remove them 🤔 Got to gold with em and ill get to plat if my next Nov cruises are cancelled ....
  13. Well this sucks, I guess we all just have to get the virus eventually ...
  14. Ok so I had a cruise in April and it got cancelled. Got FCC and with the extra 20% reserved a cruise for November. If the November cruise gets cancelled too do I at least get a extra 25% bonus or nothing. Guess getting a refund now is out of the question....
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