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  1. Absolutely no problem.
  2. No we did not get any lunch in the walled city. We stopped at Juan Valdez to buy a bag of coffee to go. We honestly grabbed a taxi after we ate breakfast on the ship. And found that we didn’t need to spend that much time in the walled city as we originally thought. Number one because we were hounded so much about buying anything and everything and I mean hounded. ( and our Spanish is pretty good so it definitely wasn’t lack of communication )So we were back on the ship and had lunch. We did bring water and a few little package snacks with us but we didn’t need them on our walk.
  3. I’m sure it’s possible to walk but yes it is hot and humid and I didn’t see anybody walking. But that’s not to say you cannot. We were not interested in any other tours either that’s why we did it on our own with a taxi. But once you get to the walled city doesn’t matter if you’re with a tour group or on your own -the locals hound you over and over -so just be prepared. But we found by taking a taxi and telling them no tour just drop us off in the walled city was the way to go for us but they wouldn’t take no for an answer about the tour. They did drop us off in the walled city but the tour guide that hopped in the car with the driver expected a tip and we did not give any of them a tip. I thought $20 for two people that speak fairly good Spanish and telling them no tour at the beginning was enough. We enjoyed our free time in the walled city . I just thought it would take us a lot longer to walk around the walled city but we saw enough in a couple hours that we were done and ready to go back to the ship. The buildings are beautiful and the only place that we didn’t get hounded to buy something from the locals was in one of the churches with the fan blowing on us so we sat and “prayed. “ By the way cabs at the port and near and in walled city are in abundance. And they also want to wait for you but we told them no we didn’t want to have to rush but I can see how some people would say sure wait for us to meet back at the spot but we didn’t want to do any of that . Obviously great if that works out for you but I just wanted to do it on our own on our own time and it worked out .just wanted to warn others about our experience. May not be your experience when you go but…
  4. I bought Juan Valdez balanced that’s not suppose to be bold- but I have not tried it yet. i also bought sello rojo in vanilla and canela ( cinnamon) which is the only one I’ve tried so far. I am happy. I bought coffee in every port almost. i purchased the Juan Valdez in the old city at a coffee shop,they grounded the whole bean for me. The sello rojo I bought at the port shop. Can purchase a cup of coffee to try at JV.
  5. We just did the train via Princess,so Tours still out there. We enjoyed our tour. Tour guide made it fabulous . we went Colon to Panama City.
  6. Reporting back- our partial transit we took small US dollars and were absolutely fine in every port.
  7. Just returned and yes the highway (32)is under construction for several more years. We really liked our tour. Our tour guide (Denis)made the bus portion not seem like too long as he was very good and full of information. Somewhere I have the exact time of the portion on the bus I kept great notes. Our tour - Princess-we did the tram, lunch , and nature walk and we loved it all. It was at Rainforest Adventure Park. My phone photos say it’s Braulio Park,it abuts it. We only had 20 people on our tour- it was great. At about 7:25 AM we were on the bus and it had a restroom and by 9:55 AM we were at rainforest adventures. We left rainforest adventures at 1:20 PM and we arrived at the pier at 3:45 PM .
  8. I’m reporting back. We ended up not going to Ft. Amador for the view of Panama City as our train needed to push another train and we were delayed back to the station. We even got credit to our shipboard accounts and didn’t know until we looked at our Account only a couple days before the cruise was ending. That was a very nice surprise . We had a great train tour/bus tour to the new locks overlook Aqua Clara which overlooked our ship that had just come through the old locks .pretty much we went from the Atlantic side to the Pacific side on the train really can’t see a lot per say on the train but going that direction we sat on the right side which is a booth with a table for four people & on the other side is 2 chairs And a table. It was raining most of the train trip so there is a covered outside portion which was nice to take photos because the windows did not make great photos in the rain. Our tour guide was excellent. Only thing we didn’t get to do was to see the movie at the new locks there just didn’t seem to be enough time and too many people lined up for it. So don’t know what that was really all about maybe the making of the new lock? We did not find the tour to be too long. We received snack boxes on the train and could buy very inexpensive sodas which was very nice they did not price gouge at all. And you could sample some local coffee complementary. Once we got off the train and on the bus for the ride back to the port we were given a Subway sandwich and a bottle of water.
  9. Not close enough to walk. About $20 uSD for up to 4 people,try to bargain and that’s one way.
  10. Yes, there is one large port store and surrounding it is a animal area. Take a photo & pet a lemur. Aviary with little monkeys and birds. A few anteaters,parrots,,peacocks etc. it’s nice because you are so close to them.
  11. we totally did it on our own,had plenty of time. We do have a little Spanish speaking skills,but wow they are very pushy in English and Spanish. We told them right at the port -taxi only no tour- but in hopped a driver and tour guide . It’s apparently approximately US$20 per taxi to go to the walled city and if you divide that by four people it’s five dollars each, but we only had two of us and honestly I don’t know how you would’ve fit four people into one of the taxis especially three adults in the backseat .I’m sure doable but I wouldn’t want to do it. So we paid the $20 to the driver and of course he wanted a tip we told him no because we told him several times no tour just drop us off. Once we got to the wall city there are people everywhere trying to sell you something whether it be a Tour,whether it be a taxi right back ,whether it be products .they were in your face all the time. It was very difficult to look at the historic buildings and once you were able to do that another wave would come along. We talked to people that were on a ship tour & the same thing happened -so it really didn’t matter. We bargained for $15. US dollars Cab ride back to ship so a few dollars tip to him because he did as we asked no hassle. I’m glad we saw the city but just be aware they’re very pushy people - in Cartagena.
  12. Hopefully before 2021 you will know about your D506 room. I am pretty sure your balcony is wide open And no cover from the sun.
  13. No the cruise Director is Benny- good but very animated. He has 3 ( Tom very good, Elle- way too silly and laughs as oppose to talks through most conversations, and William- good)assistant CD’s apparently that is a new “ thing”? The Entertainment Director is Mark Young.
  14. Live from Island Princess- October 17,2019 We just returned from On the Bayou production show,very nice show. Lots of very cold venues around the ship so bring some “ sleeves”. Apparently there is now on Princess an Entertainment Director, CD, and can be up to 3 assistant CD’s. Use to be a CD and jr. deputy. then recently an Entertainment Director ,CD and assistant. Just a change I observed. I’m not ready to disembark tomorrow,but I did not book a B2B, so I guess .... It was a very nice itinerary,staff, and ship. just an FYI we used small USD bills in all the ports.
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