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  1. It is open for lunch on sea days. You will need a reservation for lunch. It fills up quickly.
  2. True, but the lack of transparency on the part of NCL make it appear random. A reasonable person will accept a reasonable explanation for a change to a posted itinerary. Storms and political situations, and anything potentially affecting passenger safety come to mind. However, changing itineraries after booking for monetary reasons is bad business.
  3. In the past few years, I find that the food included in the cruise fare on NCL is better than the food included on RCI in every way. There are more venues, more offerings, better hours, and better quality.
  4. Good to hear that you enjoyed HC. Get well soon and do whatever the physical therapist says to do.
  5. Our three are LeBistro, Teppanyaki, and LaCucina. We will try Moderno at some time. We tried Cagneys twice and were disappointed each time.
  6. Sailed BA three times recently. Have not seen a Mexican restaurant.
  7. San Diego is considered to be a challenging approach and landing by pilots.
  8. BA does not have any show like the Quest. If you haven't seen Rock of Ages and like '80s rock. it is probably worth the trip. However, not everyone loves it.
  9. You are more into your beer than I am. I avoid beers that come in 16oz aluminum bottles. In my part of PA, the go to beer is Yuengling Lager, which is (IMO) the nectar of the gods. I try others if they are not too unusual. Yuengling is not offered on cruise ships, but I am still hopeful. On my Breakaway cruises, I pick a beer of the day. I took a 14 day cruise and ran out of beers that I would drink. With the beverage package, I could see me taking a European tour in the Caribbean.
  10. Disembark early. Things tend to shut down a bit earlier on Saturday in Bermuda.
  11. Thanks. I was ok. I was on a private island and the woman was not paying attention while driving her scooter. She was driving with one hand. The other had some kind of island concoction in a large souvinier sippy cup.
  12. Never been on Escape. I am now curious about their beer menu and what beers would be over $15, even at inflated cruise prices.
  13. We flew United Newark to Miami 6:45 departure. Return was on American 1:30 departure.
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