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  1. I found (google) that sunset on our date is around 6:15. If things like the fort and museum are not interesting, it probably allows time for a beach trip.
  2. My flight arrives in FLL at 8:55AM. Taking into account luggage pick up, we should arrive at the pier around 9:30. I know we will have to wait to board. Is this a going to be a problem.
  3. They are about 50% larger than the tiny standard balconies.
  4. Irie tours is in the port area. They take you around on an colorful open air school bus. The tour is $25. You can have a stop at the beach, or return to town. At the end, they will drop you off by the bridge so you can cross the bridge into town.
  5. Does anyone have information to a link or map of a self guided walking tour of the places of interest in town? Our ship docks at 1 PM so we will only have around 4 hours of daylight.
  6. davy jones


    Thanks for the information.
  7. davy jones


    We are docking there for 6 hours (3 to 9 PM), presumably for passengers to return from excursions from the partial canal transit. What is the port like? Is it safe? Is there anything to do or should we stay on board?
  8. 17 day cruises on any cruise line will attract an older, more relaxed passenger load. Young couples and families generally have less vacation time and free time for sailings of that length. If Royal or Carnival have cruises of that length, they will typically be on smaller ships with less of the play area amenities. Repositioning cruises for the larger ships would be the most likely exception.
  9. An irresponsible woman driving a scooter once ran into me. She had consumed several drinks and was drinking one while driving the scooter with one hand. She was also paying attention to her friend and not where she was going. I was not hurt. I do not blame the scooters or those who need them. I blame the one irresponsible drunk who ran into me. It's the same principle as blaming the drunk driver, and not cars or all drivers.
  10. You would get more responses in the Costa Maya forum.
  11. We are sailing HAL soon. We are "moving up" from the three mass market lines to see if they are for us. Our last HAL cruise was during the '80s. It will be significantly different than 1986 and we expect it to be. Truthfully, we would not want the level of formality that cruising was back then. We do expect a higher level of quality and service than the lines who serve different market segments. We will have a good time. If you go through these boards, you will find similar threads about cutbacks on the larger ship lines. Some are making cuts, or adding fees, that have a much greater impact than eliminating the yum yum man. Companies have a fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders that own them. Profits and the anticipation of future profits drive stock prices and shareholder value. You can attract more customers, increase prices, or reduce costs. It sounds simple, but it is not rapidly changing political, economic, and market environments. Each has its own risks and potential rewards. Consumers vote with their purchases. If they are unhappy, they will try something else. It could be a competitor or land based vacation. I'm not being snarky, it is reality and it is why we are trying HAL. The lines we sailed were simultaneously increasing prices, overcrowding ships, and lowering the quality of the product. I understand how these people feel that their loyalty has been betrayed, but loyalty is a two way street. It's OK with me for people to vent here and hope for change. But the trend will continue until it impacts the bottom line.
  12. I have not seen a separate haven line. However, the computer could move haven passengers to the front of the line.
  13. We are not haven travelers, but luxury lines may not be good choices for families with kids and teens.
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