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  1. If your hotel is in FLL, use SAS or a similar service to MIA pier.
  2. I recently made final payment for July 12. I am trying to be optimistic. Here is my logic. 1. If NJ/NY is not out of their corona mess, the cruise will be cancelled. If the cruise is cancelled, we will get our money back or 125% FCC. If I am uncomfortable about the situation, I can cancel with 100% FCC. 2. We live 90 minutes from the port. Air is not an issue for 4 of us. One member of our party is flying in. We have insurance, but I don't know how the trip interuption/cancellation kicks in if the cruise is cancelled, or what the airline might do. At worse, we lose one person's airfare. 3. When cruises resume, ships will be among the cleanest places on earth. (Actually, they are already cleaner than most places that we frequent). I expect that there will be more stringent enforcing of hand washing guidelines and buffet food served by crew members. 4. I expect that there will be a number of cancellations. I don't know if they will be able to fill the ship with last minute discounts. If they can not, there will be extra space for social distancing. 5. We will eventually have to come back out and can not live the rest of our lives in sanitizer infused bubble wrap. When the all clear is issued, people will be all in.
  3. I can not see Bermuda being any hotter (or more crowded) than Disney World in July.
  4. We are booked for July and final payment is approaching. I am being an optimist and assuming that normal life and cruises will resume by then. Our reservation includes the 4 perks. Is Celebrity making cash (or credit card) refunds if a cruise is cancelled, or is it only FCC? I assume that any rebookings will be at the price and perks being offered at the time of booking. Is this correct?
  5. Based on his shows, I would not have expected to see him on a cruise.
  6. I am already booked with a premium beverage package, unlimited wifi, prepaid gratuities, and OBC that I don't know how to spend. I don't need trinkets and shirts from the ship stores. A cabin upgrade would be nice though. The July cruise seems to be selling very well, so only a mass exodus at final payment will make the possibility revelant.
  7. Since most price drops are inside of the final payment window, it would be difficult to tell the price drop is due to corona virus cancellations or just to fill unsold cabins.
  8. Had a midship cove balcony on the Breeze. Loved it. Shady and more private.
  9. I agree with many of your feelings. (see the comments above in red) NCL does seem to be the champion of fine print, upcharges, and inflated "prices" for "free" stuff to inflate the gratuities. In fact, gratuities are included for "free" beverage packages on many other lines. You do need to know the ever changing rules of the game before booking and check them again before boarding. It becomes quite tiring. It's up to you if it is enough for you to move on. It hasn't made me leave completely, but it has made us look more closely at other lines.
  10. It depends on whether school is in session. Two weeks sounds like a long school break in March, at least here in PA. I would be surprised if there are a lot of kids on the sailing, but there will be some.
  11. We are sailing to Newport and plan to visit the Breakers. I can't see the tour taking all day and we are looking for recommendations of other things to do.
  12. I will have both the $300 nonrefundable OBC perk and OBC from a TA, which I am told is generally refundable. Which will Celebrity deduct first for purchases?
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