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  1. In addition, they often have HP sauce, which is similar and popular in the UK.
  2. Rapidly changing tastes, fads, and trends can quickly affect the restaurant business. Cruise lines are pretty good at adjusting to these changes.
  3. Long time members will remember it better than I do. The cruise line in question was said to be providing favors to a group of members to speak favorably on CC about the line. It was a large issue at the time. It happened before I joined, but I saw it mentioned in threads. As you might expect, it was quite a controversy at the time.
  4. There was a period where a certain competitor of NCL had "ambassadors" on CC.
  5. Moderate winds can create safety issues for tendering. Royal built a pier with their revenue generating enhancements at Coco Cay. I suspect that NCL is carefully watching Royal's Coco Cay experience.
  6. IMHO - That is a pretty fair assessment. (I can't speak for dinner buffets though).
  7. Throw in Golden Corral and you have a comparison of NCL, Carnival, and Royal. The point here is that they are very similar.
  8. I used that perk and a shore excursion credit. It also had internet minutes.
  9. On departure. Manhattan - port side NJ and Statue of Liberty - starboard side
  10. You do not need reservations, but I recommend them, particularly for a larger group. You can do this before sailing on My NCL.
  11. I would add that I prefer NCL nightime entertainment. The production shows are far superior to the Playlist Productions shows on Carnival. They also have headline performers on nights without production shows. It is best to get reservations for them and the comedy shows to insure a seat.
  12. Does the NCL essentials insurance cover visits to the ship doctor (if necessary)?
  13. Thanks. We're flying from EWR (also "free") and don't have our info yet for June cruise.
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