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  1. Okay. Thanks, everyone. I'm feeling better about it and won't stress anymore. I think we're all just trying for a really fun and stress-free time as a family, and so are trying to take care of all the little details ahead of time so we don't have to worry about them then. As I said, we all booked direct through RC and the agent told me she had linked the reservations, but apparently she didn't which is I guess what is causing all the confusion now. I just went into the planner and linked the other two reservations to mine, so we should be all set now.
  2. When you say "link" the reservations, what do you mean? Do you mean in the cruise planner online? I thought that when we all booked the cruise last spring the agent told me she HAD linked them, but from the confusion of agents when we called recently it appears that didn't happen.
  3. We weren't asking to choose the restaurant, day or time. We were simply asking that we be given a table for 6.
  4. So please understand that I came to Royal Caribbean used to Norwegian's freestyle system. But what the heck?!! We have a cruise planned with family next month, on the Allure. Six of us, three separate reservations that we made last spring sometime. My brother-in-law reserved first and signed up for 8 pm dining so the rest of us did too. Okay, I hate to be told what time and where I have to eat, but I can deal with it. We all booked within hours of each other, sharing our reservation #s with the agent who helped with booking so they knew we were together. Well, last mon
  5. We’re arriving in Barcelona a day before our cruise (a few weeks from now) and staying at a hotel in the Gothic Quarter. We always use Uber when we travel but just read they outlawed Uber there earlier this year. What will be the best way to get to our hotel? Will there be lots of taxis outside the airport or should we arrange something ahead of time? Any advice? Two of us, two suitcases, and two carry ons.
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