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  1. Yes, he is dropped off 5 days a week for a few hours a day. He doesnt have issue being away from us.
  2. Thanks so much. I will try to Google that. I have a hard time with searches. Everything under the sun comes up except what i am looking for.
  3. I have tried to search but cant find the answers so hoping someone can help me. We are basing our next cruise on having child care for our 2 year old. I understand it's a fee service and that's fine. Does the nursery follow the same hours as the regular Adventure Ocean? If not is there a way to find the hours for each ship...thinking Freedom but not sure yet. Also I am reading it is a service that is first come first serve and have to book in advance. In anyone's experience has the nursery booked up and you were unable to have care? We are also thinking of a port intensive itinerary and would be relying on the nursery so we could actually enjoy the ports (that makes me feel like a bad mom for saying but seriously its difficult to do anything with the child at his age). I'm just nervous getting on the cruise and then having a cranky 2 year old who is bored because we weren't able to secure the nursery. Which leads to my next question, surely they separate the little babies from the toddlers right? I would love to hear personal experience. My other children have loved kids programming. This is just our first toddler experience.
  4. We were planning on doing the train same day but have been told now that there can be major delays going into Penn Station. If we have an arrival time of 1215 for a cruise that leaves at 4, is that really cutting it too close? I tried to find online about delays and searched average times and it looked like the average was 15 minutes which wouldnt be bad at all. So is the Amtrak reliable or not? Thanks in advance for advice. Going into NYC the day before isnt an option because of child care. Dont want to fly but if it's that bad to ride the train then we would consider it.
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