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  1. You booked a hotel through NCL? If I recall previous discussions, NCL charges you PER PERSON for the room, even if it's one room. That means that a $150 room rate is really $300, even though you're only using one room.
  2. Close. Anything relating to changing the base reservation (room change, free-at-sea perk changes, OBC for room price reductions and I'm sure there may be a couple others) has to be done through the TA. Excursions, dining reservations, non-perk dining packages, internet, beverage packages, bottled water purchases can all be done on your online account or through a call to NCL without going through your TA.
  3. The most accurate would be the ports themselves, if they have posted them online.
  4. There's nothing stopping you from going in and selecting seats. I just did that and was able to pick seats in the same row as the people I'm traveling with, on different reservations.
  5. Disney was just a thought, an option. We're all adults, we may do something else. I do see why that option doesn't make a ton of sense when you consider travel times from one place to the next. /thread hijack...
  6. Are you contacting the general support folks or the Latitudes folks? When I was booking my next cruise my TA didn't have all my info for the hold booking to get me quotes so it generated a new Latitudes number, a quick call by her to the Latitudes department got the accounts merged into my old one and everything is square...
  7. Our plan (or mine anyway) has been to use LAX as a "base". We have airport transfers so we were going to utilize that to get back to the airport then jump off from there. We considered Uber and such but 3 of us would need an XL so the cost was close to or more than what we're paying for the cruise line transfers, and Super Shuttle isn't much less either.
  8. One saving grace may be that one of those ships is doing a TA, I would venture that more people on that ship will take cabs, Uber, hotel shuttles or cruise line transfers than on the other closed-loop sailings.
  9. Except Empress and Oasis will have "claimed" the spots for their passengers first, by having sailings on dates prior to the other two ships. Once those spaces are occupied by earlier sailings of Empress and Oasis they can't be occupied by passengers on other ships. Here's how it'll work (based on the schedule posted above) - On May 4, passengers for that Empress sailing will park and go on their cruise. On May 6, passengers on that Oasis sailing will do the same On May 9, Celebrity Summit passengers get their turn. At this point, cars are parked in spaces and are not moving until their owners return from their trips On May 10, Oasis returns. Her passengers get off the ship, go find their cars and leave, opening up parking spaces. Her next batch of passengers arrive and OCCUPY THOSE SAME SPACES! On May 11 Same for Empress On May 15 Adventure arrives and her embarking passengers take whatever spaces are left in the lots May 17, Oasis returns for another turn-around day, but her embarking passengers take the same spots that were occupied by the May 10 passengers (and May 4 before them). Can I explain it more clearly?
  10. No it won't. The spots to be occupied by the May 17 Oasis sailing will be freed up by the passengers disembarking from the May 10 Oasis sailing. What part of this concept escapes you?
  11. There's at least one company offering storage. $22 per bag with airport pickup/drop-off. Contemplating renting a car, all a discussion for when I meet with my travel companions...
  12. For what they charge - their website could be better. Grammar mistakes, template text still on the page, the menus can be difficult to read. The tour looks cool and might be worth the $150pp but that still leaves me and my companions with 4 hours to kill before we need to be at LAX. We could spend $110pp plus transportation and go to Disneyland, while probably killing more time.
  13. They really need to re-word that page, it causes SOOO much confusion and posts here. Bottom line - pay attention to the dailies (all-aboard will be listed there), the info signs as you leave the ship and SHIP TIME! Sometimes the ship will run a different time than the port, all-aboard is based on SHIP time, not PORT time.
  14. I had the same requirement. Not an issue for me as I've since had Lasik so I no longer need glasses...
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