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  1. You should have qualified for the first round of refunds IF you allowed NCL to cancel the trip. If you called and proactively cancelled you only qualify for the 100% FCC.
  2. I use an ad blocker in Chrome, and run a Mac...
  3. "Combines cabins on the Encore"? I'm not sure what that means. This forum section would certainly include the Encore, it's a ship in the NCL fleet. What are you looking for?
  4. I think one thing to come out of this pandemic is that nobody is really going to know where any particular crew/staff member may be when everything starts back up unless someone is in direct contact with those crew/staff members.
  5. Meanwhile, while everyone here was bickering about how long it should take to get cash back there was a group of nurses, NURSES - the people on the front lines of this public health crisis, that were fighting to get even the OPTION to get money back. They were signed up for a NURSECON cruise on RCI and RCI was only offering what TMZ called "rainchecks" (FCC it seems). It took news coverage for those folks to then be offered even the option of getting cold, hard, cash (or equivalent) back though I'm not sure of the timeline for those refunds.
  6. WAY over 300. Zaandam, Amsterdam and now the Coral Princess. The 2 HAL ships are just awaiting a signature on the approval to dock. Coral Princess is the next to fight for approval...
  7. The only words for @NayRN - real heroes wear scrubs. One of my friends is an RN and is seriously considering traveling to NYC (only 3 hours from us) to help. They are offering BIG BUCKS for nurses to come in from other areas. I want very much to offer to be part of her support system on the phone but I just can't imagine what she's going to be going through down there and have no idea how I'd be able to help her. I just hope she stays safe and comes home.
  8. So.. it looks like a common theme is that credit card companies will file a request with the company in question to issue a credit to you. What this accomplishes is DOUBLING of the work (your request for credit and the credit card company request for credit and needing to link them to cancel your request) needing to be done by the already overloaded staff at the cruise line, making the wait that much longer for those that filed a dispute and are patiently waiting.
  9. I've pondered the same question. However, we do have to consider the 3.5 million new unemployment claims all over the US in the space of a week, I'm sure some of those come from people who had cruises scheduled and now cancelled, and those people suddenly find themselves without the income they expected and now need the money that was already spent on the cruise. Don't think I'm not sympathetic to the sudden financial impact current events have had on some people including someone I consider close, I certainly am sympathetic.
  10. The Latitudes number is assigned at the time of booking. I actually ended up with a second Latitudes number when I was booking my second cruise as the TA hadn't yet gotten that info from me before quoting me prices. Once she had my existing number, she got on with the Latitudes folks to combine them. My point is - any existing cruise booking has a Latitudes number assigned to it, even for first-time cruisers.
  11. Excuse me, but didn't the form to submit for cash refund only become available on March 23? That's 6 days by my count.
  12. Those aren't the actual flights, they're placeholders until the flights are actually booked. When I booked my cruise for Oct. 2019 I had placeholder flights going through one city while people I was traveling with had placeholders through a different city. Once the tickets were actually issued, my flights were adjusted to match the other cabin I was traveling with.
  13. Actually, NCL SAID the refund is payable WITHIN 90 days. Here are the words right off the site - "will receive a refund to be payable within 90 days of request" People are only 6 days out from submitting the request, time will tell how long that wait actually is. There's a phrase in business - "under promise, over deliver". NCL is estimating an extended time because they simply do not know exactly how long it will take so when it takes more than 30 days people won't come crying to customer service asking when their refund will show up. See my post #8, it's not as simple as "send this customer $2,000", the money has to actually be available in the correct account in order to issue it to the credit card company as a refund and they have to have that for 25,000 people a week. This is why it takes 2 seconds to take your money but weeks to refund in "cash". Logic seems to be taking a backseat to emotion.
  14. I should add that you can also pre-pay for baggage if the airline charges for such and allows you to do that. I believe I did that for my cruise in October.
  15. I believe once you have the reservation number for the flights you should be able to go to the airline website, pick your seats and pay whatever upgrade costs might be associated with those seats. You can definitely pick seats, I was able to.
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