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  1. Enjoy your on-ship activities. The CD (Jake) was AWESOME. He wasn't a "ghost" voice that made announcements periodically, he was INVOLVED IN ACTIVITIES. His entertainment staff were mostly fantastic as well, including our favorite (to the point that we snagged her for a pic on the last night) that was extended through your cruise. She was actually supposed to debark with us in LA 2 weeks ago, until her contract was extended. I know this isn't really suggestions for your trip - I'm not a huge fan of the 3 ports in 3 days cruises like that. My last one was the same, with all the ports bunched consecutively. I wouldn't say it felt rushed but a sea day break somewhere within the port calls would be appreciated. I get that it's not possible on some itineraries such as the one I was just on.
  2. The chairs in the lounge are slightly different but that lounge and studio cabin are a carbon copy of the ones on the Bliss.
  3. And if you have any doubt - there may also be a sign pedestal outside the dining venues with suggested dress codes for all venues on the ship.
  4. I think this is reversed. I seem to recall the "standards" being on the left with the "specials" on the right. Just verified on a site with the menus posted...
  5. Depends on the restaurants you visit. If the 3rd goes to all 3 with you and you do Le Bistro, Cagney's and La Cucina the costs of just entrees is going to get them close to what the package costs. Getting the package will give that 3rd some flexibility to get the add-ons they want.
  6. Ask and ye shall receive. This is from the last Bliss Mexican Riviera trip.
  7. Where do you see that? Maybe it's ship-dependent? I assure you that guarantee cabins on the Bliss get the FAS perk(s) as I booked a guarantee balcony and got the perks.
  8. It's not just the UK, the US page is having problems as well...
  9. Would it be cheaper to put him in a solo cabin with the perk? You don't say what ship or sailing you're on, some ships don't have those cabins.
  10. This again? There are several threads on this new program already...
  11. Typically, yes. However, there have been offers recently to book with two certificates. Here's the page with all the info you could probably want regarding the program (form NCL's point of view) - https://www.ncl.com/cruisenext
  12. Tell that to the folks over at Princess. They had a ship sailing with propulsion issues for 18 months because they actually DID have to cut a hole in the side of the ship to effect repairs...
  13. A properly designed airport would make that quite difficult. My experience with international flights has been at ORD. In that airport you have no option but to go through the C/I area, where you get directed to the carousel carrying your luggage then out to the bag drop. How it can be screwed up is a mystery to me...
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