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  1. Crew there, crew quarantines during transit to Miami. Arrive in Miami and the quarantine period on ship for the crew is shorter than it would otherwise be.
  2. I'll refer to this post, again, that has a link to the NCL page with the deck plans. Based on the posts (possibly before it?) that showed renderings with the slides, it can be deduced where the slides are on the deck plans. Actually, the deck 8 plan even shows where the landing area is, makes it even easier to determine where the slides are...
  3. Are you hearing that you may be eligible for a booster and that the booster may be Pfizer? I ask because the only conversation in the US around booster shots has been FROM Pfizer and that they had applied to the FDA in the US for approval/authorization for a 3rd "booster" shot, at least for some. Right now, the only booster approval/authorization is for 65+ or those with underlying conditions. There would be confusion for non-US folks as to if they would need a booster if they had a Pfizer vaccine in their home country and are in one of those groups. There should be no confusion if you are fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine that has not yet applied for "booster" shots (only Pfizer has but J&J may be the next).
  4. Some of these come up a lot. More details can be found in the linked T&C's, but here is the "short and sweet" Drink all you want, drinks up to $15, 2 per order are covered. You pay the gratuities on the package at booking. If you look at the specialty dining packages, the one you get has a value if you were to pay for it out of pocket (what that value is depends on the cruise length as different length cruises get different numbers of meals). The T&C's cover what you get but there are sometimes some bad interpretations. At A-La-Carte venues (most of them are) you are allowed multiple appetizers, a single entree and multiple desserts. No streaming, 250 minutes of use. You can check your email and do some browsing. I was able to load MLB's Gameday page to get game updates during the WS since I couldn't find anywhere on board that had the games on. One thing you NEED to be aware of - you can be on WiFi and using ship-based services for free, when you go to the page and log in to your internet account it starts the timer, if you never log off you will be out of minutes in about 5 hours. There may be a $4 activation fee, but you also might be able to get that waived.
  5. When I booked my own flights for my Pacific Coastal cruise, I had no option except a red-eye, so I took the opportunity to book a tour with a Vancouver tour company. When I let NCL book my flights for the Mexican Riviera cruise, that also ended up with a red-eye from LA so I rented a car and went to see some sights. "Make hay while the sun shines", I hadn't been to either city before so it was a great opportunity to see places I hadn't been to before.
  6. Maybe? That bump makes it seem that way. That's why there's generally a range for the sizes of the staterooms in a category...
  7. Try all you want, but the people who are going to come here and make a post complaining about the nasty flights NCL booked them and they had no clue that was what they would get and that they couldn't change them are the same people that are going to just ignore the terms & conditions linked during the booking process. Oh, and those same people aren't going to come here and use the search box to find your thread or any other on this board where the topic has been discussed at length. The only way people are going to be aware of the situation is for NCL to have a part of the booking process with a series of checkboxes you need to click in order to complete the process, where each box is an acknowledgement of a condition of the air promo.
  8. Correct- as noted on the terms and conditions page that I linked any deviation requests must be on your reservation no fewer than 75 days prior to the cruise...
  9. SOOOOOO many threads on this.... Oh, and this information is in the terms of the promo. I have this bookmarked, so many people either can't find the link or can't be bothered to read it - https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions
  10. I guess I mis-typed. In my post #2005 on this page I linked back to the post earlier in the thread that had the link.
  11. I refer you to the post earlier in this thread that I quoted on this very page. There's an NCL page with staterooms numbered...
  12. There is mention of it in this thread, including a link to an NCL page/document. There is an interpretation that Starbucks is included in the "specialty coffee"...
  13. A link was posted earlier in this thread, you're nowhere CLOSE... EDIT: I just noticed, the Studio rooms get even SMALLER, down to 94 sq. ft from the 99 on Bliss!
  14. Wow, a mini golf that looks like a challenge and fun to play! The one on the Bliss was underwhelming...
  15. Keep in mind - for efficiency's sake there's a trough below the infinity edge, the water doesn't just dump back into the ocean (it actually needs to be treated before it is returned to the sea). I'm not saying there's a large enough landing spot, but there's something below that edge, maybe they will need to have a net as an additional safety?
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