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  1. @Roger88 you typically won't see many smokers in random places around the ship. Most have a designated smoking area. Take the Bliss in NCL's fleet, there are 3 designated areas for smoking - starboard side of Spice H2O (far aft on deck 16, or is it 17?), a sealed off room in the casino and the cigar lounge which supposed to only be for cigar smoking. So, unless you're in one of those places you SHOULDN'T see people actively engaging in smoking or vaping while wandering the ship. On RCI's Explorer of the Seas, I seem to recall a smoking area on the pool deck, that you had to walk through if you wanted to get from one end of the ship to the other on that side of that deck. You didn't say which ship you were on, it could have been one sailing itineraries where smoking isn't allowed at all.
  2. It's amazing how quickly things come together. The cabins are prefab, it's not like they're building each one in place. It looks like work on public spaces has started, and should move along but that does depend on how many contractors they have working.
  3. Basically, probably not. This far out, NCL has an IDEA what the flight routing will be, but when it comes time to purchase the actual tickets the flights may change if a cheaper routing is available. This happened to me last year when I booked my October cruise, partially because I was traveling with another reservation that was linked - my placeholder flights had me through a different airport than the other reservation but when it came time for the flights to actually be booked my flights changed to match the other reservation the day before I had the confirmation numbers.
  4. Not on Royal, but on my Spring cruise on NCL's Bliss last year I caught myself dozing during Jersey Boys (SOMEHOW!). In fairness, I'd had a somewhat boring excursion (a 3-stop bus ride around Victoria, BC) walked out the breakwater and back and the show was the 10:00 show. I saw it at 7:30 in October last year, made it through that one!!
  5. I've never spent an appreciable amount of time in Seattle so I can't comment on that.
  6. Honestly, I wish I'd had more than just the 36 hours I had there last year. I should have taken a hotel room for the night after my cruise and toured more of the city. I thought I was going to have most of the day there when we arrived, but because of the tides ship didn't finish tying up until 1:30 or 2, if I recall, but we overnighted on the ship while in port in Vancouver.
  7. If Hawaii is allowing visitors with negative tests from reputable labs to enter the state and engage in tourism (which I've heard is happening, or happening soon), why couldn't they allow POA, which only visits Hawaii ports, to accept guests under the same circumstances?
  8. And then I'm somewhat in the middle. I bring some button-downs and polos for dinner, even for the MDR venues. Though on my last cruise I think I wore jeans at the MDRs and brought khakis for the specialty venues..
  9. I have to wonder though, can't POA visitors be treated just as any other land vacationers on the islands? Think about it - the POA is really just a mobile resort, and since it ONLY ports in Hawaii those visitors never leave the state so why should they be treated differently from others that stay in hotels on land?
  10. Then we looked at different cruises. Last year I booked my October cruise in August and had the 'S' designation. My room had a solo supplement discount but because I took the reduced airfare I paid the full supplement.
  11. You kind of did... Not all new cards have RFID but all new cards DO have the other chip...
  12. I believe there are actually TWO chips in credit cards, one is the RFID hidden inside then there's the visible chip on the face of the card. Not all cards with the visible chip have the RFID chip, you need to look for the symbol on the face of the card that looks like the WiFi icon on your phone or computer, this would indicate it has the RFID chip. It's also in some new driver licenses and it's also in your passport. Look up Princess' "Medallion" setup, probably a similar concept.
  13. @klfrodo and @BamaCruiser39 this thread was linked in the thread I linked in post 2, but I guess people just ignore the duplicates...
  14. No, the cruise line will not work to apply your points for your airfare (since they won't book an airline that you request) BUT if you're a perks member with an airline you should be able to assign the flight to your account and get credit if the flight is on that airline. I did a mock booking, NCL wanted an insane amount of money to fly from Albany to NYC (for which there are no direct flights, it was just a cruise I'd been looking at and was curious about the perk).
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