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  1. Were they not the same basic design but "enhanced" (quotes because the changes are not agreeable to everyone)? I guess the RCI marketers need to be fired for releasing "Quantum Plus" class ships (the under construction Odyssey of the Seas being one). Same idea - it's the same basic design with "enhancements", though the Odyssey has some cabin changes that I'm not thrilled about.
  2. They don't need dry docks or graving docks for that, there are places in the US where they could do the re-fit for that if they had approval from the government to get workers on the ships for it. Shoot - other than loading/unloading the materials and people (probably the biggest issue due to embarkation restrictions in the US) they may not even need to be at a dock/pier/quay for the work.
  3. July 30, shortly before Isaias was due to hit Florida, no? Anyone stop to think that they "got out of Dodge" in an effort to avoid damage if the storm strengthened? In fact - MANY (all?) of the ships anchored in the Bahamas made the same exact move West to avoid the storm... A little dramatic on this, aren't we?
  4. @cheeseheads4ever there are good and bad TAs out there. All 4 of my cruises were booked through TAs (every one was a different TA), the first 2 were not my choice but I also had no issues with either. The 2 NCL cruises were by my choice and I had good experiences with both - one was a TA some family members use on a regular basis for cruises while the other was one that is available to me through work. In the case of the 2 NCL cruises the TA's were responsive to questions, got answers I was seeking and even made adjustments to one of the rooms when a change in perks was desired (I sailed with a couple on the second trip, they had their own room). I would absolutely book through the TA I used on the fall cruise again, if they remain available. She was an agent as part of a larger company.
  5. Not only that, but the Studio cabin is gone! As a solo traveler, this is disappointing, unless they moved them.
  6. I don't even need hands to count the number sold on US soil. Unless someone imports one, they're non-existent here in the US. I didn't think it was a BMW, the hood looked like it could have been but the grille and lights didn't look right.
  7. It's not easy, that's for sure. You have to know which ships to check (I know for certain the Quantum and Quantum-Plus ships have them - Quantum, Anthem, Odyssey [under construction still], Ovation, Spectrum), then you have to be sure to select 1 guest and then when you select either inside or balcony you'll see the option for the Studio. I definitely like that NCL puts the Studio right out in the open when looking at prices.
  8. IF you cruise in November sails, you should receive the number of nights that were included when you booked. If the cruise doesn't sail and you take the FCC, the future cruise will include the number of meals that is standard at that time.
  9. Which ship(s) did you experience this on? I've been on Explorer and Anthem and on neither ship did I experience what you did, both had similar drills to NCL's.
  10. There is no question if the dry dock will proceed, it HAS to in order to continue sailing. It'll probably be just the required marine-side maintenance in order to continue sailing, nothing more.
  11. Maybe some kind of "code sharing" system like the airlines use? That would allow RCI to book cruises on NCL, acting almost like a TA? Wait, that won't work well. If you browse the Royal Caribbean board you'll see that RCI's IT has a hard enough time keeping the site running well enough to book cruises on RCI ships!
  12. And since that article and filing there's been ANOTHER filing that retracted the initial "substantially in doubt of remaining as a going concern" (we might go under) and returned the company to "going concern status" for the next year or so. I guess YOU aren't reading filings. You can post articles all you want to fit your narrative, but at least post CURRENT ones... https://www.thestreet.com/investing/norwegian-cruise-line-nclh-auditor-going-concern-warning-removed
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