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  1. I’m so sorry to hear that the smell continues to lurk, and that you had to change cabins. I was hoping that this would be solved by now - my family is booked on another cruise in July and are considering switching ships so they don’t have to experience it again.
  2. Only time I smelled it aft was at the Sunset Bar. But, OOF. On the cabin levels, it was predominantly at the fore of the ship (edit: posted sheeit at first - maybe a Freudian slip?).
  3. Do the edenists also have extra clout to get things deleted from this thread? I think it's interesting that people can post off topic, however when I ask that people not discount others' experiences it gets deleted?
  4. Fore of the ship, floors 9 and 11. While that was end of January, seems to still be an issue?
  5. I wrote a polite letter as well and never heard back. I definitely spoke to the people in the Retreat area, and they didn’t know the cause of the smell. I didn’t know I needed to lodge an official complaint in order for it to get logged - but that’s my naiveté of the cruise world, I suppose. Def point them to this thread, where many long-term cruisers have commented they experienced the same!
  6. I don’t think it’s a moot question - there was a stronger-than-normal sewagey smell that other people confirmed smelling, for which one CC member offered a really plausible explanation, especially given that it’s a new ship. You just did more to extend the conversation and increase the likelihood of others who experienced the smell sharing about it here, bumping up a week-old thread for smug satisfaction, so thank you! Hopefully we can hear back from more recent guests on the Edge and to determine if all the drains were found.
  7. I’m so sorry there is still some stinkiness! My group for sure enjoyed our time on the edge - we just didn’t love the waves of smell. (Waves is a great way to describe it.) I wonder if there is someone you could tell while on the ship? And then you and chengkp75 could save the day for everyone?
  8. It’s because I write compellingly and I’ve got jokes, right? People are talking about the issue now, and hopefully it gets fixed by implementing chengkp75’s suggestions or by some good detective work. I don’t know why people love this ship so much that they want to marry it.
  9. Cool. So what’s your question? And would you like to also address it to everyone else who smelled the smell, too?
  10. I also included the information in my survey - fingers-crossed the situation was diagnosed and solved prior to this week’s cruise. Will be interesting to see what guests from this week report back!
  11. Thanks for the welcome, everyone! Appreciate everyone sticking up for my newness and genuine curiosity. Like DaCruiseBug, I had a nice time on my cruise, but this was one of my negatives for the week and, dang it, it was gross.
  12. For the record, we were all over the ship - one party on the 9th floor and one suite. It smelled like sewage in the suite-level pool area at the front of the ship, for example. There were seven other people in the pool, and we all had a big convo together about smelling the smell.
  13. Thanks, everyone, for the responses! Seems like some people encountered the sewage smell and some didn’t. I didnt have an account before - I’m not a regular cruiser or travel industry professional - but I smelled gross smells on my cruise at different times, so I came to ask the experts. And, drat. We still don’t know the source.
  14. I wonder if the issue of the smell is getting worse - we smelled it on a daily basis last week. I mean, I even chose to move to the smoking section near the Sunset Bar to get some fresher air!
  15. Just back from the January 20 sailing of the Edge, and wondering if anyone else on recent sailings had to contend with a sewage smell on the Celebrity Edge? It was gag-inducing, and many of the other guests I spoke with had the same horror stories of having to vacate an area or a bar because of the smell came out of nowhere made staying in an area unpleasant to say the least. It wasn't the ship exhaust, because it happened in many different places on the ship, above and below deck, fore and aft. Worst occurrences were at the Sunset Bar, Retreat Pool, and on floors with guest rooms when crossing through the ship. Employees were covering their noses and making similar grossed-out faces as the guests, and no one knew what the cause of the smell was (or at least weren't sharing more information).
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