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  1. We certainly don’t know anything of the sort, and, since you weren’t aboard, you don’t know either. Wouldn’t one’s travel insurance cover damaged belongings?
  2. We’re not yet retired either, but we’re getting closer😁 Happy sailing to you too! Yes, we should definitely meet up, and “buy” one another a round of Captain’s Club cocktails😂 Cheers! Michelle
  3. In emergency conditions aboard ship, I’d prefer to remain where the Captain and crew instruct me to wait. As passengers, during an emergency, it is our responsibility to show up at our muster station promptly, and follow instructions from the crew.
  4. I’m certain there will be a full investigation into this incident, so it’s pointless for those of us who weren’t there to assign blame. The Captain and crew seem to have handled the emergency perfectly (according to passengers who were aboard the ship). Thankfully, the passengers and crew are safe on land, and hopefully those who sustained injuries will fully recover.
  5. Thank you for posting your very helpful review. I’m happy to see that you had a positive experience (other than the extremely rude and unprofessional server in FCG). I hope we don’t encounter that person in FCG next month. Like you, we have followed the Edge build since the beginning. We were intrigued by possibilities of the IV cabin, so I booked one the morning of the schedule release. I have subsequently been dismayed by so many negative reviews of the cabin class. My greatest concern has been the reports that the IV window remains locked (by the Captain) for hours at a time. How often were you unable to open your IV window?
  6. The last update I saw (Reuters) said they’d gotten three engines started, but still neeeded assistance from tugboats. They’re headed for Molde, and hope to be there by this afternoon.
  7. I agree. The cabins do look warmer in these photos. I’m trying to figure out whether that piece in the Veranda cabin is a large chair or a small loveseat. Thanks very much for posting the photos😊
  8. I couldn’t agree more! Though I’m not averse to a modern design aesthetic, I’m not at all impressed by some of the furniture choices (or lack of furniture, in some cases) made by Ms. Hoppen.
  9. You’re absolutely right when you say there are other options. As it happens, I booked the Edge eastbound TA the day the schedule opened (so our fare was much lower than current fares) because we were intrigued by the beautiful new ship, but our next cruise will be on Reflection, which we’ve sailed before. It will be interesting to compare the two ships within the space of several months. Unfortunately, we’re flying to FLL to embark on the Edge TA, so I don’t think we can manage the extra bag of Edge-essentials😂
  10. How lovely! Happy anniversary to you and your dear wife. May you have many more wonderful celebrations together🌺
  11. Your morning sounds remarkably like mine. I must be only part hobbit, because I don’t quite manage to have seven meals😊
  12. Great idea! I’m trying to figure out how to add one of those tables to my checked luggage, without having to leave shoes behind😂 We barely made United’s weight limit last time. If only we were retired, we could drive to the port with an extra bag full of Edge-essentials😉
  13. That’s very interesting. I wonder how (or if) it works.
  14. You have my complete sympathy. I had a similar experience with a fish entree in Venice. I too had a long, sad night, but felt fine by morning (except for having had perhaps two hours sleep). I boarded the ship, and enjoyed my Mediterranean cruise without further perturbations, though it took a few days before I could contemplate a fish entrée with equanimity😉
  15. On Silhouette last summer, we thought the breakfast and lunch buffets were both excellent. I can’t say I’m certain that smoked salmon was available every day, but it was available most days. We had lovely omelettes made to order at breakfast. We routinely had small salads at lunch, and I always found romaine and mixed greens there. I use olive oil and balsamic vinegar on my salad, because I prefer it to bottled dressing. I love Indian food, and the Indian food station on that cruise was excellent. I understand that not everyone cares for Indian cuisine, but DH always found his own favorites at the carvery and other stations. Hopefully, what you’ve experienced is an aberration. Personally, I would speak with the F&B manager about the smoked salmon.
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