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  1. Here are four more photos of SV 8314 that the occupants of the cabin kindly provided. See post #45 for the photos of SV 8314 I took during our cabin crawl. You can see how much space there is between the bed and the veranda door. They estimate that the distance between the bed and the veranda door was 3-4 feet. As you can see, they had ample room to move the desk chair into that space.
  2. Sorry hcat, I forgot to mention that during our cabin crawl, I specifically asked the occupants of SV 8314 if they had any noise issues from Eden. They hadn’t had any issues. They’ve just returned from their journey, and posted a cabin review on the cabin sticky yesterday. I didn’t notice noise issues in their review, but I’ll look again. BTW, in response to my question about the space between the bed and the veranda door, they’ve kindly emailed a few of their cabin photos to me, some of which may also be in their cabin review. I’ll post those additional photos and comments later this morning😊
  3. Thanks☺️ I found your review very helpful, so I appreciate your kind words. The people who were in that forward facing cabin (9100) said they really liked their cabin, and didn't mention any noise issues. We did meet another couple booked in a forward cabin (but not forward facing) that was located directly above The Club. They had significant issues with noise during rehearsals & performances. I think they were in a deck 6 cabin, and looking at the deck plans, I'd guess they were in an IV cabin on the port side. Hope this helps🙂
  4. We had intended to try some different ones, especially after reading Vt's & Mike P's reviews of the one's they tried. I think we lost that plan because it was so difficult to find seats in the Martini Bar during the cocktail hours (our cruise was fully booked). Next time😋🍹
  5. I never even looked at the menu😂 I guess I’ll need to check it out next time...
  6. I recognize him because he’s one of the few people aboard who could do a handstand on a piece of vibrating furniture, and I think that is his little girl...see the little blonde head?
  7. Nice guess, but I haven’t done a handstand recently🤣 I believe I recognize the gymnast though. I think that is the person who played Kronos. Later in my review, you’ll see him again....
  8. This was a relaxing sea day, with no big plans. I can see that we had cocktails in the Martini Bar, before meeting our friends for dinner at Cyprus, where we had another great meal. After dinner, we headed to the 9:30 show at the theater. Dominick Allen put on a fairly good show, but we thought it was a shame that he seemed only hit the right songs for the crowd during his encore.
  9. Today, I turned in a comment card to Guest Relations, praising our excellent stateroom attendant, Dony. He's one of the two best attendants we've had, so we wanted to make sure we praised him & his work if every possible way.
  10. Thanks Vt. This is very illuminating. I see that, excepting the lowest passenger deck, the cabins X has designated as midship do encompass what I call the midship (called aft on this ship) elevator. We also need to consider the part of the ship that’s underwater when trying to figure out true midship. To add to the confusion, I’m 99% positive that the rear elevators are called the “Midship Elevators” on S class ships. Also, having walked every passenger deck numerous times, I can say that it’s a much shorter walk from the forward elevators to the cabins nearest the bow, than it is from the midship aka aft elevators to the SV cabins and aft suites. I wish X would return to the more logical elevator name (midship).
  11. Hey, you could pop down here to collaborate with me! Together, we could create amazing posts😈😈 I have restocked the wine closet. No Caymus, alas, but it’s a pretty good collection😉
  12. Notice: CC has posted a notice regarding forum maintenance at 0900 tomorrow, so don’t think I’ve run off to board another ship if I suddenly go dark tomorrow😉 As I know all too well (IT career) even the simplest maintenance can have unintended consequences. Fingers crossed, because I have a work break tomorrow morning, and hope to power through a couple cruise days on my review🙂
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