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  1. Thanks so much for posting your wonderful review and photos! We have a similar itinerary planned, and your comments about the changes to Summit are very helpful.
  2. Thanks for posting the announcement. I'm happy to see that they've followed through with the frosting, but disappointed to see the same cumbersome chairs in the photos. Of course, I wasn't given a timeline on the furniture swap. Hopefully, they'll have it sorted before the Apex launch. I do hope people will post photos (and cabin reviews) about the frosted doors, and the new chairs (once they are in place).
  3. Your proposed template looks great, Peggy. I agree with jelayne about wanting to avoid being near crew closets and crew stairways, so thanks for making the addition to the PROBLEMS/COMMENTS section. Thanks so much for taking over the spreadsheet! - Michelle
  4. Based on my recent embarkation experience in Ft Lauderdale, I believe it means one’s “arrival” to the terminal is “expedited” if one has completed the necessary check in process (including passport scan & photo). I had less to do on arrival, but didn’t board the ship any sooner than passengers who checked in at the port 😉
  5. Congratulations on getting such a great deal! We had a wonderful time on Edge. Enjoy😊
  6. Will do. I’ll be front row, center😊 Michelle
  7. Ha ha I was just about to ask you about that...thanks for the clarification😊
  8. Interesting. You could very well be right about their motives, but it seems short sighted of X to play these games with suite guests. Celebrity already has a tremendous markup on most of their alcoholic beverages, and suite guests are paying a stiff premium for their additional space and benefits. Anyone booking a suite has all the perks, including a Premium Beverage Package (excepting those who book TA/TP cruises). If they're not drinking the "drinkable" choices that are always available, they're saving X money. Why not give those people what they ask for, without upcharges? I certainly hope the current practice won't last, and won't be rolled out across the fleet. Ah well, with the way they're going, they're making it easier for me to stick to my travel budget, with SV's or midship verandas on the hump angle & PALLs instead of suites😜
  9. Thanks very much for posting this, C-Dragons. It is very interesting. Since Edge's debut, I've read many similar posts about the Retreat's "dynamic" up-charges for alcoholic beverages. Having heard that Michael's Club was quite different, in that suite guests could obtain complimentary alcoholic beverages (including those Celebrity considers premium) when Michael's Club was open, I wondered what what going on. I also wonder which policy we will find in Michael's Club this December😉 It will indeed be interesting to see if the changes you mentioned are permanent or not. I hope they are permanent, because any other strategy negates the elegant, relaxing, and carefree Suite Retreat atmosphere Celebrity expended so much effort creating, and marketing.
  10. Hi Norris, I did indeed read your Cuba review (and I wanted to be right there with you and Carol, tasting the food, listening to the music, and experiencing the wonderful art). I'm sure you'll have a great time in London! So much has changed, yet so much remains the same. I love wandering along the Thames, exploring whatever looks interesting at the moment. Between visiting my favorite places, and seeking out new favorites, I run out of time before I know it! I understand your cost/benefit analysis, because we make the same analysis when we plan our holidays. We usually reach the same conclusion you did, but with the Revolution coming to the Solstice class ships, we figure it's now or never to have the suite experience (with Michael's Club) so many people love. I hope you enjoy the MDR on Silhouette. When we sailed on her in 2013, we thought the food in the MDR was bad (the worst we've had on Celebrity). It was as though the chefs had lost their taste buds, and had compensated by throwing too many herbs and spices into everything. Each dish on the plate fought with the others, yet the salad dressings seemed watered down. It was bizarre. I'm happy to say that when we returned to Silhouette last summer, the food in the MDR was very good to excellent. I can't wait to read your Norway review, and see more of your spectacular photos😊 Having seen photos of a table groaning under the weight of your cameras gear, I think hiring a couple of sherpas would be a wise move! Cheers! Michelle
  11. Thanks for posting the photos, Suzy and Marilyn. So, there is a pool bar in the Retreat? I thought there were no bars in the Retreat. It's nice to see some shaded seating. It looks very inviting😜
  12. Hahaha we need to see some photos of the front 40 action! Maybe Suzy, C-Dragons, or Texed have some they'd like to post😜 Suzy had made arrangements with the Concierge to give us a tour, but it began raining the morning we were to go.
  13. Thanks very much, Norris! I'm glad you enjoyed it😊 I'm looking forward to your next review, which I believe will be the Fjords. Your Cuba review was fabulous! On our Caribbean cruise, I'll be back to wandering the ship like a ghost, trying to capture both sunrises (while DH sleeps) and sunsets😉 Oh, we will enjoy our Sky Suite. I just hope we don't become addicted to the Suite Life😂 Cheers! Michelle
  14. There's only one way to be certain. Yes. We need a volunteer to test both cushions. Think of it as mattress testing with cocktails😂 Seriously, the top of the Edge cushion (lower right corner of Edge photo) appears thicker, but it seems odd that X wouldn't purchase the same lounger cushions for all the ships. As you say, at least they had the sense to leave the bar in place on EQ.
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