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  1. Perfect tank top😉 Hope you have a great day!
  2. I’m not on this cruise, but bath robes have been provided on all my Celebrity cruises. I’ve always had thick terry cloth robes in Concierge.
  3. Following. Thanks very much for posting your impressions and experiences. I hope you have a wonderful cruise!
  4. Thanks for posting the staff sheet. I was very happy to see Julie Sherrington there. I hope she’ll still be aboard in May. She’s simply lovely, a bright spot wherever she goes. I hope you have a fabulous day in Key West!
  5. The OP posted the boarding order in post #135. I can tell you that on our Edge cruise last April, we had already checked in via the app, and we were booked in a Concierge cabin. On our cruise, people having mobility issues boarded first. Concierge passengers were called next😊
  6. Great pics! Thanks for posting them. My sister would love this cabin. The veranda chairs look much more comfortable (and appropriately sized for the space) than the chairs we had in our IV cabin last April. I see that the bifold doors are frosted also.
  7. I’m so happy to see you’re enjoying your first day aboard! Great pics, and I’d like to be right there with you (with my own frosty cocktail lol). Please give Mr. Edge a pat for me😊 Can’t wait to see him again in a couple months!
  8. I’ve noticed items labeled “Gluten Free” in the OVC on Silhouette, Reflection, and Edge. These items were grouped together, so I think Celebrity was trying to reduce the risk of cross contamination. I’ve also seen gluten free items in Café al Bacio. I would guess that you’d find the same labeling fleet wide. I’ll be on Apex in November, and I’ll pay attention to the labeling there😊
  9. Wishing you a wonderful cruise🌺 Bon voyage!
  10. The recent gratuity increase was effective 1/6/2020. It appears that she charged you the old gratuity rate that was in effect when you booked your cruise. I think you are entitled to the old rate since you paid gratuities in advance of your cruise. I’m not sure what the balance due is all about.
  11. I do appreciate how frustrating all of this is for everyone who is personally impacted by this crisis. I feel special empathy for those who, having increasing mobility limitations or health issues, believe this is their last chance to visit a region that has featured in their travel dreams. However, I do think we are debating Celebrity’s decisions without knowing all the information that influenced those decisions, and the situation is changing constantly.
  12. So what’s the point of posting this on a cruise forum?
  13. Oh no! I’m so sorry about your sweet cat. It’s so hard to lose a beloved pet. I think he is definitely with all your birds and dogs in a special, beautiful place🌺
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