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  1. Cruise ships have to submit their rules and rule enforcement plans to local regulators in order to sail again. Without social distancing (and other precautions), even in the extreme off chance they could somehow find a port allowing embarkment/disembarkment, most ports would ban cruise ships. Cruises to no where may work for the minority but for the overwhelming majority, they book to see the world and if word gets out that they are banned from ports, future bookings would be greatly reduced. Its going to be to social distancing whenever possible but its impossible to be everywhere. Expect reduced capacity, social distancing stickers on the floor and Plexiglas dividers everywhere. Even when this is eradicated, this taught us we have to be on standby for the next one.
  2. Wearing facial covering is a PROACTIVE and a life saving measure. It's inevitable most of us will sneeze or cough in the relative future, when that happens, most subconsciously bring their hands into their face and will most likely touch things including their smartphone prior to sanitizing/washing their hands, if they even bother to do so. You're welcome to brag that you haven't sneezed/coughed ever in life or that you never do so in your hands; lowest common denominator here that the overwhelming majority do. They say simply people touch their face an average of 20 times a day. That sneeze or cough could be "routine" allergies, but without a 14 day quarantine or effective vaccine, what if you're wrong? I don't know about you, I wouldn't want to be the sole person to infect people on a cruise ship because I contracted it at the embarkment ports hotels breakfast and was able to embark because I didn't have a fever. As soon as people start testing positive on cruise ships, ports will shut down to all cruise ships as rumors are Hawaii is now saying no cruising this year. Every cruise line says their investing in extensive testing, what happens when the doctor has to tell corporate that someone tested positive? Due to the port closure risk, would a positive even be made public?
  3. Just confirming they still don't do this? I asked last year and was told they didn't but wondering if things have changed.
  4. I would call them when you can as they'll be able to clear up your confusion. Here are your MLife benefits based on MLife status. Guessing he's NOIR which complicates things as that $300 NOIR OBC would be the same as perks $150/person OBC hence why you should call. I've haven't had the best luck with emails for existing bookings, yet they're far more responsive if you inquire about a new booking.
  5. Proximity or "proxcards" use RFIDs without batteries and generally can only be read when waved within a few inches of a reader. Princess Medallion uses BLE with batteries. When you purchase something on board, regardless if a swipe/wave/BLE card, the cruise line knows the time and location of the purchase. There are also cameras everywhere. Therefore they were already building a database of your spending habits for decades. Princess says the other benefits are you can order drink and food anywhere on the ship, your steward can see when you're outside your cabin. They also said it keeps getting better and better with new features. While I haven't experienced it directly, I love the automation and would imagine its faster than the current swipe/wave cards when waiting in any line as often it seems every tenth person doesn't have their keycard out and may take a bit to locate which pocket they put it in. But I do agree, if they yet haven't figured out a solution for the medallions batteries dying and they're sending you ads/deals those would to annoying to most.
  6. I would simply recommend calling them in the morning. I called two weeks ago, at about 2pm PST it was about a 27min wait and a 7min wait at 6am PST. For those who received offers based on BCC play, they said to submit your preference and you'll be contacted in two weeks, we're beyond that time period by quite a bit so the hope is wait times are way down. Early mornings have had the least wait times in my personal experience, with the exception of Monday morning.
  7. For the X fleet, at least the Edge and Apex use proximity cards (RFID chipped cards) where you wave them over a reader. Even on CCLs newest ships they used proximity cards as well so this was seemingly inevitable cruise line wide. I've only been on the Sol which certainly did not have them in June 2019. While I'd prefer a solution for the readers to scan my card or smartphone without the need to remove it from my pocket, proximity cards are a welcome change.
  8. We have to remember, its a not a matter of if but rather a question of when someone on a ship tests positive for the C19. When that happens many cruise ports may close to all cruise ships causing all cruise stocks to plummet.
  9. An issue with most dining venues including the MDR, you had to hand your keycard to the hostess, they swipe and give it back. Surely that will be a thing of the past.
  10. Murano's Lobster Flambe and the MDR beef wellington! Don't have any pics but the French Onion Soup was the best I've had at sea beating out Crystal; you can ask for it in Murano's.
  11. With buffets, doing table service is a way to prevent crowding. While they'll need to hire more crew members to provide buffet table service compared to self serve, table service will solve the problem of needing the crew to enforce social distancing and prevent crowding at the buffet. Ports are demanding ships work with regulators to ensure rules are created and enforced. I was just at a casino which reopened this weekend, while there were social distance stickers on the floor in front the ATMs, it blocked a major walkway. Many people didn't have a problem walking in between two people standing six feet apart waiting in line. Like other cruise lines, the first and last day guest services can have well over 100+ people waiting in line and there simply might not be enough floor real estate to accommodate everyone during peak times. The only problem I have with table service, I just sense the whole process taking a lot of time. 10min wait in line to check in with a hostess, given a pager or perhaps they'll update the app to the allow restaurant notifications, 10min wait for a table, 10mins to see waitstaff, 10mins until your food is on the table. If that's the case, I'd rather go to the MDR.
  12. I would recommend NOT paying for the overpriced wine pairings, sommelier are often nothing more than salesmen telling you that this $100 wine is the best then telling your neighbor the $500 bottle is really the best (this experience clearly rubbed me the wrong way). Unless things change once sailing is resumed, on X you're allowed two bottles per stateroom and if you're a couple, you might get away with bringing two bottles each if you and your significant other go into separate xray lines during embarkment. Save the carry on wine for the chefs tables. Furthermore, ordering a bottle of Dom regardless of what's on the menu will simply bring more joy to the table including the waitstaff than ordering a $1000 bottle of wine. If you order Dom, don't be surprised if fellow passengers and the waitstaff ask to take pictures (this experience clearly rubbed me the right way). 🙂
  13. Searched the board and X does offer these sales time to time, sometimes the reps or TAs know, heard if this will happen? Worst case, just have a wait a few days
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