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  1. The general rule is, drinks are not free while playing on celebrity cruises. On select sailings they may offer it as a promo yet that "perk" may go away post pandemic.
  2. Found the actual answer on the URComped website, it appears they have a special arrangement for free drinks that is not offered outside of URComped:
  3. What I'm guessing is they believe (at the moment, everything is subject to change) there's a good chance of Greece reopening
  4. Highlight and right click...Work smarter, not harder 😄
  5. Outstanding, positive vibes that info is accurate! 😄
  6. Generally speaking, drinks are NOT provided to casino players unless you have the higher CC tier. A few years ago X did seem to experiment with free drinks to players on select sailings but that seems to have gone away. Also the pitboss can "comp" free drinks yet from what I've seen it's more like a celebratory drink due to a bday or anniversary.
  7. I did Southeast tours, many stops including the sled dogs and emerald lake. While on vacation I generally prefer to not drive unless there are big benefits to do so.
  8. That fine, what I'm saying is create another FB account with a different email (perhaps use different first and last name) or create a twitter/IG account for the sole purpose of gaining a CC point. Plus who knows, perhaps there will be future social media post point offers. You never have to post again on it if you don't want. Of the three, twitter will be the fastest yet none should take anyone more than 5mins of your time. I personally think all cruise lines will have zero choice but to rearrange the loyalty tiers/perks making every loyalty point more valuable. Why they think their passengers talking about them on social media is a good form of advertising is what baffles me.
  9. Takes like 60 seconds to register for an account and post the X hashtags. Here's all I did:
  10. Just make it up and don't give it a second thought. These questions are pretty pointless, X knows already if one is a retreat person vs an inside cabin person, that's likely going to translate to land vacations. Most likely, those who routinely stay in the retreat are not booking land vacations while staying in a motel 6 and most likely those who routinely stay in inside cabins aren't staying in 5* accommodations
  11. 99.99% that's impossible; the good news is the E.U. listed guidance of what ships should do if someone tests positive.
  12. Golf course while in Vegas? Not yet, too hot in the summer unless you go early in the morning; I didn't even bring my clubs which was nice because I could just have a carry on and not deal with the baggage claims. Top Golf is (or was) open, though.
  13. I've been to Vegas twice and visited multiple casinos. Plastic dividers on all gaming tables and every other slot machine is turned off. Hand sanitizer everywhere and while I see cleaning crews all over the place, they're not cleaning gaming tables very often. The bartender is wearing gloves, drink servers usually aren't, yet they're all touching the same glass, handing them to customers, accepting chip or cash tips and not washing their hands between rounds.
  14. Say you're having an occasion tomorrow-Sept 15
  15. Multiple Vloggers are reporting the CDC won't reopen US ports in 2020.
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