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  1. They found it; email the CEO and someone from her exec team will handle it (the email request). In my case, filed a lost & found claim the day it was missing and eight days went by with them not finding it; emailed the CEO and I received a reply within four hours that they found it. Google the ceo’s Email and send them an email is my suggestion
  2. My one and only Lawn Club experience, it was too windy most of time and therefore annoying.
  3. With underwater views, while moving, 99.99% of the time you'll see nothing with the best chance of seeing anything would be while not moving in port. People would complain and demand refunds.
  4. You make valid points but the fact that they serve everyone is complicated. A franchise owner, not corporate, opened on Sunday was serving the first responders in Orlando. Had this happened in a more red state, would a chick fil a have opened? Who knows. To this day chick fil a still donates to groups that most consider anti-LGBT and actively promotes that it’s owner engage with their local communities including churchs.
  5. I emailed the CEO (which usually gets intercepted by her exec team), low and behold they found my bag. My guess is it was still on the ship and brought off yesterday yet I'm happy to get it; still will be quite a while before I get it.
  6. If you're MLife Gold or above and haven't linked your account yet, do so as you don't pay the credit card fee. There's no real account, un-used casino credits (free play) and on board credits are use or lose per sailing. I believe you're eluding to a marker I doubt a grand is enough to open one and while I have two open in Vegas, I hate them and will be closing them soon as they each are performing a credit hard pull every six months. All a "marker" is, a line of credit, don't gamble at all you don't owe them anything. Pull $1K, you owe them $1K usually within 30 days interest free and if you don't pay them they maybe break your thumbs or sue you. My sailing on 5/31 did not offer the fee-free offer but did offer this at least twice, if you show up to the casino from 10am-noon you received $5 in true free play (not matched). Best option is to carry the cash on or use the ATM on the ship if and when you're ready to gamble.
  7. The casino will be open every day but will close when its near the port; for exact hours look up the Eclipse dailies
  8. If this ship does seven day itineraries, it makes a lot of sense to sail-away every Sunday. I don't know how it works with Johnny Rockets now, do they working exclusively for Johnny Rockets or can ship assign them to other tasks?
  9. Wouldn't it have to be a port working? I'd imagine tagged port valet bags aren't just sitting around.
  10. Very fair points; there's definitely the contributing factor that it's usually spiny lobster.
  11. Received a text and email that nothing was found from my lost and found claim and heard nothing from the RCCL rep who emailed me. I didn’t get travel insurance and the credit card situation isn’t looking good. The kicker is that bags inc said the suitcase was never scanned so I don’t know if that helps my case at all. Anyone happen to know the process with how scanning works in Seattle? Would celebrity scan the bag at all before off loading it at the port?
  12. I emailed the lost luggage dept at rccl (found their email address on here); they replied: "I emailed our ground handler in Seattle." So perhaps this will increase my odds of them finding it.
  13. Sous Vide can make some of the best tasting food out there (if for no other reason than they can't under/cook it) and is perfect for an active kitchen as it saves a lot of time. Wonder why they don't use it more?
  14. If you didn't know you can order multiple items including entrees; the lobster or even the Chateaubriand isn't very big.
  15. Fun fact, Lobsters will keep growing indefinitely over their potentially long lifetimes, but their hard shells don't. Once a year, every adult lobster wiggles out of its old shell and forms a new shell that it puffs up with water into a larger size that it'll eventually grow into. So there's hard shell lobster and soft shell lobster, generally the soft shell lobster will have the superior taste.
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