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  1. Can any one confirm if there are or are not coffee pots in ocean view, specifically Jewel. If there are not, can you request one and if you cannot request one, can you bring one? Thanks in advance, Julie
  2. We have both Skagway and Icy on our itinerary Sept. 2nd
  3. I have experienced suite class on Celebrity and it sounds like Celebrity offers more significant benefits such as a "free" Premium drink package, unlimited WiFi, Suite class only dining, on board credit, and of course the embarkation and disembarkation help, as well as designated seating in the theater. What Celebrity dose not have is round trip to Hawaii. For the price of a suite on Princess, I would expect the drink package and WiFi. Hmmm, more ponderance is required
  4. Hello fellow cruisers. Princess has enticed me with a round trip from Seattle to Hawaii in 2020. I am looking at a suite. What are the Suites only bennies? I do not see anything on the Princess site about drink packages. Is there such a thing? Does the Ruby Princess have a 2 bedroom family Suite? Thanks in advance. Julie
  5. Yes you will! I actually, and out of my norm, started putting clothes and jewelry together. It was actually quite relaxing and fun. As long as I don't put them in cases yet, I will be fine. I have a fear of packing over and over again, so I wait until the afternoon or evening before travel.
  6. I misspoke...of course shoes are dirty, but if my tootsies have been in shoes/sandals, and I kick them off for lounging, I would thing they are the cleaner of the digit-ed extremities. Can anyone address the who, what whys of of where to go to book shows and can I book 3 or 4 of them at one time (with a live person, not TV or Kiosk). Thank you all for your information. It was very helpful. Julie
  7. Hello everyone...just a couple of weeks until I embark on Bliss out of LA. It is 1030 pm my time, alarm is set for 6 am, and I cannot seem to settle my brain into slumber so I thought I would jump on CC and ask a couple of questions I have been mulling about...so here goes 1. Past cruisers talk about the Waterfront space. Deck photos show outdoor seating for some of the restaurants. Is there like lounge seating out there and what deck is that on? 2 Speaking of lounge seating, what is the big discussion about feet on the Observation loungers? Isn't that why they are called loungers? I am guessing my sandled feet are cleaner than my hands. How is one to relax if you cannot put your feet up? Is this the case with the loungers by the pools or other outdoor decks? 3. Where exactly can one book the shows and other entertainment venues that cannot be done on line? (Not counting the kiosks by the elevators mentioned) Additionally, I read you can only book one show at a time. What does that mean? If I am in line and book Prohibition, Do I have to go to the back of the line to book adult comedy? (am not interested in Vibe passes FYI) 4. What dock does NCL use in San Fran, and if I were to have someone to pick me up outside the dock, is there street parking? 5. I understand the buffet is forward, I assume there is outdoor seating? 6. Of the 3 MDR choices, which is considered the more upscale? Well, I think those were the thoughts going through my head tonight, besides my outfit and shoe selections, and which jewelry to bring, and whether I should purchase a travel W/C for DH (we rented a scooter for the ship), and trying to figure out which travel service to use to get to our local airport at 4 am (don't really want to use local taxi as that is just after bar closing...if you know what I mean). Sheesh, does anyone else get this hyper before they travel? I guess I am being a little Type A tonight. Thanks in advance, Julie
  8. DH and I are also on the 4/28 Bliss cruise, we opted for West Hollywood...Farmer's Daughter Hotel by the Grove to be specific. A block from the HoHo bus stop, Farmer's Market, and it is in a good neighborhood, plus the price was right. Only downfall was the driving time from LAX (45 minutes) and Cruise ship pier (over 1 hour) but we aren't doing the driving so we don't care. Ordered a limo to take us to the pier, will sip some champs on the way
  9. I read something on a recent thread that indicated there is a higher level of drink package then what is included in the promo for booking the cruise. That thread also discussed the pricing differences. I know the promo drink package includes any alcoholic beverage $15 and under but this was the first I heard of a higher level of drink package. What I want to know is if I order a drink and request a top shelf liqour, do I pay the difference ( the amount over $15,) or would I be charged entire price because it isn't " covered" under my promo drink package? Thanks in advance... Julie
  10. Thanks, we visit GSC, and I would really like to book a cabana, how far out before the cruise do they usually show up?
  11. May I ask a sightly off topic question please? How does one book a large cabana?
  12. On this sailing and we were offered 6 Haven and suite category options to bid on. Not even holding my breath as we bid the minimum for an upgrade on 4 of the options. We recieved an e mail as well as seeing this bidding option every time we check in to My NCL.
  13. I am curious...why is it so bad to put bare feet on the furniture? I would prefer that to shoes, and when one thinks about all of the surfaces those bare feet...and yours come in contact with, not to mention your hands, it all relative really. Much ado about nothing.
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