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  1. Sounds like thet are handling things in a variety of ways
  2. I will chime in with my experience. And I apologize in advance if my information is duplicated as I only read the first page and the last two pages. We cancelled on March 14th for the Pacific Coastal on March 30th. The very next day is when Celebrity announced the cancellation of the cruise. Of course, I immediately e-mailed my TA, indicating that I wanted the refund vs the FCC. This decision was based solely on the future of our new normal, and not knowing if or when we will return to our old normal. He said that I would receive an e-mail from Celebrity with the FCC information on it, and within that e-mail, I would find a place to request a full refund. While I have not yet received that e-mail from RCCL or Celebrity, today I did have a Merchant credit on my AMEX from RCCL for a little under 500 dollars, which I assume is the port fees and taxes? So, I will be watching for further information from them I guess. When the 30 days post cancel have passed, I will be inquiring for sure. Julie
  3. Hello everyone...have not visited Coco Cay before but will do so on our 2021 cruise. The overwater cabanas...how does one inquire about those?
  4. We have a driver hired for 4 hours, and I was looking for an itinerary that would fill 4 hours and allow us to see the highlights of Astoria. So far, I am thinking the Column for the view, Cannon Beach (?), again for photo ops, some downtown stops at brew pubs or wine stores, a drive over the bridge...anything else I could fit into our time frame?
  5. Thank you for your replies
  6. Good morning, if I try to bid for an upgrade, and it is accepted...are there ever any consequences like losing my original booking perks? When my March cruise prices went down and I asked my TA for compensation, I was offered an upgrade from 2B to Aqua class but I would lose my 200 dollars OBC. Does the same thing happen if I win an upgrade bid?
  7. Or as old as the one you ARE feeling
  8. Hello fellow cruisers. It has been awhile since I have sailed on Royal and a longer while since I have sailed on a smaller ship. We are Diamond level and I wondered if there was a Diamond lounge like on other vessels? What else, if anything, can we expect from Diamond level these days? Someone mentioned in a review of the Empress that there is a designated area on RCCL's private island for suite guests, can anyone expound on this? Are there coffee makers in the suites? Anything of interest you can share would be great to read. I do not see many comments on this forum about the Empress. Thanks in advance Julie
  9. A bit off topic but I thought the port of Seattle luggage valet was free?
  10. Celebrity Elites here who's last 2 cruises have been NCL and next cruise will likely be RCCL, NCL, or GASP! Carnival. These prices are out of control!
  11. While I don't disagree that there needs to be a level of collegiality on board, and behaviour needs to be that of a good citizen, rules are really only guidelines aren't they? If one becomes offended at minor "infractions" like wearing a cap, then life outside the confines of the little city we call a cruise ship must be so anxiety producing that benzos are required. Lighten up, life is short. Ignore it. When the situation becomes law breaking (and I do not mean rule breaking) then there is a case. Sorry I hijacked the thread, but the OP must have known that their opinion would raise a few oppositional opinions.
  12. When I first started cruising in 2000, I fell in love with the way I was made to feel by the staff because I truly felt like I was treated the same whether I had an inside cabin or a suite. BTW, first cruise was an inside, and I have considered it again due to recent pricing. We have been fortunate enough to try all of the categories and have found that the so called entitlement (and that is really what this thread is about, isn't it? Let the flaming begin) is really out there...maybe I just didn't notice it at first, because I didn't care. One time I listened to a 10 minute...yes 10 minute, dissertation from a guest on my phone, who thought she had reached the Concierge. She went on and on about the equality of the sheets and how they did not warrant the price she paid for the cruise. That poor man if she ever found him, seriously. With Suite only restaurants and seating at events, and privilege allowed because the money was spent, it is kind of a big turnoff. Sorry us common folks who work super hard just to afford a vacation on a cruise ship are not more refined. Why don't you find a Crystal or Seaborne cruise that might meet your very specific decorum needs. I am not rich in money, but I am rich in happiness. I won't stop cruising because of the few who might complain of my less than perfect ways..but I will wish them luck with their life, they will need it.
  13. Imagine my excitement when I saw Panama Canal sailings open up, only to be blown out of the water with the pricing. You guys are out of my League. I am Capt. Club Elite plus and would never have thought that I would have to pay such ridiculous prices. Guess I will be looking elsewhere
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