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  1. Yeah, I tried the 5 passenger thing and it said to call. I will continue to watch closely, thanks everyone! Julie
  2. We also had a FV on a Caribbean sailing, and moved to it about a month before sailing. So I know how wonderful the cabins are. Since this is a summer sailing in Alaska, I am going to bet that there will be families on board utilizing these staterooms. So, if I go to Celebrity website daily and type in 5 passengers, I will be able to see if they are open...but, I am sure my TA would not like a daily call to see if we could move into said stateroom yet. When do they open up for smaller parties...anyone know?
  3. We have 3 sailors and I was told by my TA that I needed 5 to book the family veranda. I did not question that any further
  4. Hello fellow cruisers. I am hoping someone will provide a website or process for checking availability of these coveted cabins. Would love to snag one but currently do not have the 5 people required to book it outright. Thanks in advance. Julie
  5. Interesting. We were considering a recliner rental but if they can elevate the bed at the waist that would solve the need. I will definitely inquire. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. How did they elevate the head of bed? Did they put blocks under or is there really an option for waist level elevation of the head of bed?
  7. From Scootaround, recliners are standard sized and they can deliver to any cruiseline as long as the customer has an ADA room. If not in an ADA cabin then it is at the discretion of the cruisline. Rental cost on a 7 day cruise is 175 dollars
  8. This topic is of interest to DH and I as DH also needs to sleep in a recliner due to back problems. However, while we have an accessible room, there are 3 of us in it and we would want the chair to take the place of the sofa, not the bed. I suppose I will call Celebrity and Scoot Around to get more details. Thanks for this thread, did not even think about a recliner rental.
  9. arriving in Anchorage Tuesday. Driving to Talkeetna Wednesday
  10. What is the latest update to this story. Planning a drive to Talkeetna next week.
  11. I am familiar with that meaning, but how does that translate into the sentences it was used in? Should I translate it as s**t?
  12. Hello fellow cruisers. We will soon depart on Jewel for our Southbound Alaska cruise. Prior, we are spending a few days in Anchorage, Talkeetna, and Seward. What does anyone know about the air quality and visibility, not to mention the feasability of travel to the areas mentioned? Hoping that everyone in the areas affected are safe. Julie
  13. DH and I and our 2 DF will be embarking on our South bound Sept. 2nd, and like you, we have fashioned a DIY pre-cruise agenda of Anchorage, Talkeetna and Seward. Keep it coming, reading with enthusiasm!
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