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  1. We just booked our first suite on Celebrity Equinox. We got a deal where the premium drink pkg, WiFi, grats, and OBC were included. Plus we get to dine in Luminae which everyone says is very nice. Room and balcony is bigger than a normal veranda. Plus you get the Retreat but from what I hear it’s not updated to the level of the Edge. Price was great so will give it a try.
  2. Arzeena and any other fellow cruisers who received a discounted rate thru the Blue Chip Club and received Cruise Care. How long ago did you book? Like how much of a discount did you get? We were told we couldn’t get cruise care because of our discounted fare. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I am content with the Classic Drink Package while DW likes Martinis at the Martini Bar so we will always upgrade her to premium. Sometimes we both end up with premium which is a bonus for me. Get to drink higher end liquors I normally wouldn’t at home. It’s nice to not have to worry about signing slips at the bars. Just give them your card and your cocktail magically appears in front of you. Cafe Biaco is covered too and nice to go have specialty coffee drinks and pastry’s in the morning or afternoon. I agree with it being much more relaxing not having to worry about the cost an
  4. I don’t get what the big deal is about getting the vaccine. Just get it and it will make the world a safer place for all. I feel Cruise Lines have every right to require cruisers to be vaccinated. It’s their company and their right and then it’s your right to not cruise. No vaccination no cruise and to really be honest there is no way a cruise line could take a chance with having people not vaccinated like vermonter16 said “ I will cruise without being vaccinated”. Thats the reason they need to make vaccination mandatory. When you don’t understand the difference between 15,000 flu deaths and 5
  5. I agree with many on this thread I’ve never seen a Japanese Whiskey on Celebrity. Classic beverage package has most of what I drink at home and premium beverage package is a treat for me as I get to pick higher end brands I wouldn’t buy at home.
  6. When we originally booked with the Celebrity Rep in the Blue Chip Club we mentioned Insurance to him he said we could get the insurance through them later. Then 3 weeks later he said we got such a good deal on the cruise they wouldn’t insure us and we had to go to a travel insurance company. We’ve gotten insurance through Celebrity for other cruises in the past so being in Florida is not an issue. My problem is we are past the pre existing condition deadline because we were going to book though Celebrity. Had we known this we would have booked the Travel Insurance through an outside Travel In
  7. In my opinion this epidemic will not end until people wear a mask in public areas and in groups and get vaccinated like the medical experts say you should do. We will not cruise unless they make cruisers and staff get vaccinated. Governor of Florida needs to get the numbers in his state down.
  8. It’s not a $500 cruise it’s much more but my point was why does it matter to Celebrity whether it’s a $500 or $10,000 cruise you pay for travel insurance on cost of the cruise and what coverages you need. I was just using numbers to explain. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. Our was not free but a reduced rate given by the Blue Chip Club. We would have certainly got the travel insurance with an outside travel insurance company but now past the 21 days for pre existing conditions. He told us we could get it through them originally when we booked when we called back the other day with another question about something else and then mentioned the travel insurance he said Celebrity could not sell us any we would have to go to a travel insurance company. I know I’m repeating but just want everyone to know the predicament Celebrity left us in.
  10. Maybe this is the location to ask my question? We were told by Blue Chip Club that the cruise we booked through them at a discounted rate would not qualify for Celebritys Cruise Insurance. Our cruise isn’t until Jan 2023 and we are about a month out passed the time for pre existing conditions. We will pay for the insurance but was surprised that I have to go to an outside insurance company? We would have gotten it right away (which was what we were told verbally) that we had up until final payment to get their insurance if we had known this. They said this was something new. Anyone els
  11. I’ve posted this on Celebritys site but this may be a better place to ask. Has anyone booked a cruise through the Blue Chip Club (Casino) and got a great offer but were then told after asking about travel insurance they said they couldn’t offer travel insurance because we got such a good deal? This doesn’t make sense. What’s the difference if you pay $500 for a cruise or $10,000 you may for coverage on the value of the cruise. Right? Do you have any recommendations on a good travel insurance company? Thanks for all your input.
  12. As long as you cancel prior to final payment and don’t need any travel insurance after that or during the cruise. I won’t take that chance. But Celebrity is telling me I have to go to an outside party for travel insurance. Don’t know if anyone who has booked through the Blue Chip Club and got a casino rate has heard of this. May be something new.
  13. Hopefully the above post makes sense to readers. I don’t understand why Celebrity would say they couldn’t supply travel insurance? What’s the difference if it’s a $500 cruise or $10,000 it’s based on cost of cruise?
  14. I had a nice pair of dress shorts on one night going in to the MDR and was told I needed to go back to my room and change. Not that I looked bad, I had a nice shirt and shoes but anyway No issues went back to room and put on long pants. Evening Chic I usually wear a tie, vest and sports jacket. DW usually wears some sort of dress and ends up looking beautiful as usual. We are not under dressers like to dress up because we are retired and don’t get the opportunity to much anymore. We look forward to it. Most people in the MDR looked to be dressed up. Not many tuxes....
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