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  1. Sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you!
  2. We just printed our Xpress pass and still has call on it. We bought the upgrade to premium through our TA. Does it eventually show up on my Xpress pass online or do they add it to our Seapass at checkin? I have paperwork that says we bought it. Not sure how they keep it all straight. Even in our order history it has Classic drink pkg. No sign of premium.
  3. We are in our first aft cabin on our November cruise. I usually use a Transderm Scop patch. The one you put behind your ear. It is prescribed by your doctor. This has worked well for me. Although the last couple cruises I haven't needed it. But I believe you need the put it on the morning of your cruise. If you have oily skin use a small piece of surgical tape to help it stay in place.
  4. On one of our more recent cruises we have had a post cruise charge from the mini fridge. But a quick call to Captains Club and it was resolved quickly. Always remember to check your credit card statement after your cruise for any extra charges. We always remove the mini fridge contents.
  5. We went ahead and moved to the Sunset Balcony for our Nov cruise. Thanks to everyone for the great responses and input. Very much appreciated.
  6. Wondering if anyone has booked a Sunset Veranda on Silhouette and what your thoughts are? Positives and negatives? I realize its a long walk everywhere but may not be a bad idea to walk some of that food off. Just thinking positive. Views seem to be awesome from some of the pictures Ive seen. Thought?
  7. When Ive had Celebrity OBC in the past I just went to teller and had her add $50 or $100 OBC to my Seapass card and played. How does it work when you have Celebrity OBC and TA OBC? Can you use the TA OBC in the casino? Thanks
  8. Just another question regarding OBC from a TA. I have OBC from Celebrity and a TA. Can I use the OBC from the TA in the casino and for excursions? Im guessing once Celebrity's OBC is gone. TA’s is refundable. Thanks for the help.
  9. We have actually booked the Specialty Dining Trio for an upcoming cruise. We are too confused by the wording in Celebritys description. Are we locked in to dining the first night in a Specialty restaurant? Do we need to wait to book dates and times till onboard? We called Celebrity they said No you can wait until onboard and said the menu was the same for lunch and dinner in the Lawn Club Grill. $45 for lunch? Seems kind of strange for a dinner menu for lunch. But after posting about the Lawn Club Grill on a Celebrity thread. We found that the lunch menu is not the same as dinner, prices are $25 pp for lunch once onboard. Im not sure we will keep the Specialty Dining Trio. But if someone had a accurate description on what the Specialty Dining Trio is exactly please share with us. Thanks for the help.
  10. andyfriend80, What was the menu for lunch? Some say the menu its different between lunch and dinner some say same. Called Celebrity and they said same. Now am not sure. Thanks all.
  11. Thanks so much. Just crazy with the Specialty Dining Trio. You have to pick a lunch and 2 dinners. IMO Murano's & Tuscan Grill for dinner. So our other choice was the LCG for lunch. But burgers, no fillet and will be $25 onboard for lunch we may just do the 3 dinner pkg and wait till we get onboard. Just thought lunch would be fun at LCG but they list at $45 pp. Anyway thanks for all your help.
  12. Wondering if anyone has recently did lunch at the Lawn Club Grill on Silhouette and knows the current cost? Also wondering if the menu is the same for lunch as dinner? I would have searched for it but it impossible for me to search this site with my IPAD. Any help would be appreciated..Thanks in advance..
  13. I know there is 2 evening chic nights on a 8 N cruise. 2 sea days, Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire then 2 sea days back. Just not sure what days thought 2nd night and 6th night. I think it depends on cruise and captain. Just trying to plan specialty dining nights.. Thanks for all the help.
  14. Originally I was searching for MDR menus on Mariner of the Seas. Then trying to search for Evening Chic nights on Celebrity. Maybe I missed the thread on how people search but I can be the only one. Does everyone search on a laptop? Was easy before it got changed...
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