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  1. Great return Fouremco. All we need is more animals on Cruises..
  2. Yes I’ve heard tons of positive things about Capt Kate. We like pets even though we don’t have any but a hairless cat looks kinda creepy. Good thing is no shedding!
  3. Yes very nice digs. I heard she had a hairless cat. Never have sailed on a ship with her as captain but looking forward to it someday. Thanks for sharing. I opened it without an instagram account as well.
  4. I just did a mock booking of a cruise I’ve been following. Same price this time no perks offered. They sure make you work for it.
  5. In 2010 we sailed on Ruby Princess our Honeymoon Cruise. Sailed over New Years as well. First cruise for me. Didn’t know what to expect but not only was a fabulous Honeymoon it was truly more than I could have imagined.We’ve been on many since and have loved them all.
  6. Totally agree with Cruise a holiday. We did a sunset veranda last November on Silhouette. Although the views were great the balcony was virtually useless. The soot was horrible. Was on the furniture so you had to watch where you sat. Was out one afternoon just before dinner wearing a white shirt of course I look down and thought oh a bug. Tried to flick it off and it was soot. So had to change shirts. Celebrity was good and dry cleaned the shirt. The room attendant had to clean balcony every day to get rid of soot. We appreciated that. But no SV for us anymore. As far as a concierge room. If the price is the same as a regular balcony I’d do it. But only for the extra points. Everything else doesn’t mean much to us. Hope this helps some.
  7. Boy that is funny. Love it. We won’t be cruising for a while like April 2021 at the earliest.nothing booked yet. Didn’t really have anything on the books and didn’t have to deal with refunds and FCC.
  8. I would have felt deceived as well. A face shield is not a face mask. May be PPE but really staff should all wear masks and gloves. Not rocket science here.
  9. Yes great call MSC. Don’t get the personal threat to freedom. You are protecting others as well as your selves. Same reason I don’t get people not wearing masks in stores. The more we protect each other the quicker this crud will be gone. Don’t get it.
  10. Dwight1, How would you compare the Edge Martini Bar to the S class ships Martini Bar. Sure is entertaining.
  11. Yes would be fun to be on the Edge but need a couple more cruises on S class ships like Equinox, Silhouette and Reflection first love those ships and the Martini Bar.
  12. Pricing is insane. May have to look at other cruise lines as much as I like Celebrity won’t pay these over the top prices. I agree with many I thought prices would be falling due to the recent pandemic. Wanted to book a birthday cruise for April but may not be with Celebrity.
  13. Yes I agree. It’s really not that hard to do. You eliminate the middle man which really makes it smoother if you have an issue. The cruise line won’t talk to you because you booked through a TA. Yes like I was saying there are good and bad. But how do you find the good ones? Without getting what we got. Bad. There’s just a whole lot to know with regards to using a TA.
  14. I guess I wonder why would someone who goes to a grocery store, out in public, and so on have an issue wearing one. You are protecting yourself and others. Possibly your dear grand parents or parents and others grand parents too. If we all stick together this can be beat. But not with the rebels who refuse to wear them. It’s only for a short time if we all wear them if not a long time. As far as cruising with a mask. Not sure. If we had a true vaccine that actually was successful not something Trump wants to ram through then maybe we would cruise and the actual information comes from the experts not from the people that know nothing about it. Government openingS was way too early. If they would have kept everything locked down it would have been a shorter effect. Now it can go on forever. We are looking at a 2022 cruise.. Darn!!!
  15. Agree there are good and bad TA’s but you will never know cause you can’t post them on this site. You have to walk through a minefield like we did. Get a bitter taste in your mouth for them. Still can’t post even the horrible ones. Thought this site was to help fellow cruisers. It rubs me wrong.
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