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  1. Thanks shipgeeks. Thought about this more and maybe just need to put my big boy pants on and drive there park in port and be done with it. Thought there was more of a easier less stressful way to get there. We will check Florida Departures board. Thanks to all for the help.
  2. We were given a Future Cruise Voucher while on a recent cruise and was wondering if we could use this in combination with perks given by Celebrity at the time of booking. Just wondering if there were any restrictions except for the expiration date of course? I’m sure this topic has came up before. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Looks like Megabus doesn’t go to Miami. Seems it goes as far south as Orlando.
  4. Thanks for the input. Will check out mega bus. Sure was to try MSC.
  5. Thanks for the review. We are new to MSC.My DW and I would like to try MSC but find the experiences difficult to fiquire out. We just want a OV or balcony room. Drinks included. We like to have cocktails and not have to worry about the bill. Do not do the SPA or gym. Just looking for a basic cruise. Like entertainment as well in the evening. Do they have a casino?We like Celebrity with the Martini Bar if Seaside has something like that. Other question is It looks like all sailings are out of Miami..UGH! We drive down from Daytona Beach. Does anyone have any ideas on getting to Miami without having to drive in that horrible traffic to port? Such as Sunrail or something like that. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. We were supposed to be on Mariner of the Seas this week going to Nassau and CoCo Cay but had to cancel due to my surgery that came up. Not sure how rough the seas will get. I know they evacuated Hi Rise buildings in Miami. Wish all the best
  7. I agree. Happy I got some correct advice here. Fellow cruisers on here are so knowledgeable and have been through the same thing before.
  8. Thanks Host Clarea. After finally getting a chance to look at this. It does specially state pre existing conditions so you are correct this will not work. Not sure about TA. So will have to hope I can make the cruise, my DW will have to go with someone else or loose out. Wasnt that expensive anyway. Want to thank everyone for the input. Very much appreciated.
  9. We only live 1 hour from port. Will pack light and no lifting for me. Can have a friend come over and put suitcase in trunk. Im optimistic. Hopefully it will all work out.
  10. I haven't decided to cancel yet. Got 2 weeks to recover after the surgery. I cant do anything other than eat on the cruise. Probably not alot of that either. The TA offered it and has cancel for any reason coverage. Royal would not move cruise and I understand why.
  11. Just heard back from our TA and we can still buy the insurance that will cover us in case of a medical issue or surgery.. so was happy to hear this... Thanks again to all!
  12. Thank you! I will be out of the hospital the next day after robotic surgery. Catheter out after 7 days. Im generally a fast healer. I don't plan on doing any more on the cruise than what Id be doing at home. But always the issue if something goes wrong Im on a ship and not close to doctors here in Florida. My wife could go with her cousin but she most likely wouldn't go without me. Leaving me at home to tend to myself. Would Royal let me do a similar future cruise say a month after?
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