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  1. Pax and crew. For example, Apex docked at Port Everglades on Saturday after crossing.
  2. Other ships have already crossed and arrived in the US with no problems.
  3. As Bird says, it depends on where you intend to travel. Ports out of the US? No masks. All the ports we are visiting in Europe next month on NCL (8 countries)? Masks required inside in all public areas.
  4. Depends on where you are sailing. In Europe you will need masks everywhere inside except when eating or drinking. Sailings from the US do not have that requirement.
  5. You've never been able to book ChoiceAir online with a B2B sailing, for some unknown reason. Call them and they will set it up for you.
  6. Would not question any of your other complaints since we are not there and sharing your experience, but you are wrong on this one. If that were the case, why is EVERY cruise line currently sailing in Italy, of which there are about a dozen or so, has enacted exactly the same restrictions. It is by no means only the Eurodam that is following them. My sources in Italy tell me that it is definitely a rule that has been enacted by the Italian authorities, through at least October 31st.
  7. It looks like that cabin is pretty much right above Shakers bar. I would move either forward or aft or up a deck or two (that's what we did on Getaway in about a month).
  8. Agree with most here. If you can't hike the villages, the boat is definitely the way to go. Far more scenic.
  9. The dress code re: "Chic" or "formal" nights have not been in force in the Specialties for many years. Any many of us prefer it that way.
  10. Trying to find them. All my norm Trying to find them. All my normal resources are coming up blank.
  11. That does not, however, apply to Europe, where they have a number of ships currently operating. That is what the double asterisk next to "mask-free" means. **On Europe sailings only, currently local government regulations requires all guests to wear masks onboard. Refer to FAQs section for complete details.
  12. That is highly unusual in Europe or anywhere. We've sailed all over Europe (something like 40 sailings) and always had to be off at an appointed time. There normally would not, e.g., be a lunch available for passengers. How do they stop pax from one sailing mixing with the next?
  13. It is important to remember that until the ship is cleared (which means it is "zeroed out"--100% of all pax are disembarked) many procedures for the incoming sailing cannot be started. I sure wouldn't want to be the ones we've heard paged (when we are on a B2B and still needed to be checked out) because they are the ONLY people holding up the process.
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