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  1. You'd have to be crazy to sail in May. Or June. Or July. Or really, MAYBE until October or so, IF things improve. You have to forget about when Cruise Line X or Y wants to start sailing and start thinking when any cognizant human thinks it makes sense, from a medical standpoint, to get on a ship. We've got 11 booked and honestly, not sure we will be on any of them.
  2. Yes. But they MUST increase the crew. On Oceania Insignia in November/December, interminable waits for nearly everything in the buffet since they had slashed staff but still insisted on serving you. Sometimes even a cup of coffee took more than 10 minutes.
  3. We do all kinds of travel and for some reason, cruise pax hygiene is the absolute worst. Lick their fingers in the buffet. Refuse to sanitize. Sweat and slobber all over the gym equipment and then refuse to sanitize it. Hack all over you in the theater without covering their mouths. Have no idea why cruises attract more of these people than other forms of travel.
  4. Hear it all the time and never believe it. Sanitize or leave. Pretty simple.
  5. If your sooner is around a year, I would agree. Less than that? Not a chance, especially with the disclaimer "normal."
  6. Saw this on Azamara Quest recently. You either sanitized your hands or were denied entry to the buffet area. And patrolled by someone with authority. Watched them make people turn around and have to leave.
  7. Yes, and this does not factor all of the containers currently bulging with proteins scattered all over the world, especially in Europe, where the season was largely scheduled to begin in the beginning of May. Those containers likely left Miami back in February.
  8. SWAG. But there will be no European season this year. The crossings have already been cancelled, so they would have to start selling those in May or June, then cobble together a season on the Continent where likely no one will allow them to port. I expect cruising to resume, perhaps, in October or November. Ships will, like planes in the Arizona desert, mothballed for 6 months.
  9. Constellation has nowhere to go. They are biding time until someone will let them dock. Likely a provision, fuel bunking in the next week. Don't hope for any "Revolution" Way more pressing matters at hand.
  10. And to think, barely 2 weeks ago, the government of OMAN, in the Middle East, accepted our disembarkation without question. Americans, Canadians, citizens of many other countries. And, by the way, there was not a single Omani on board.
  11. Sounds pretty definitive to me: "We are going to be willing to accept Floridians on board," he told reporters. "My understanding is most of the passengers are foreign nationals."
  12. Such compassion. Only Floridians to disembark in FLL. Other Americans, Canadians and others, fare for yourself.
  13. You are right, you did not say rising fares. When I wrote "fares" I should have written total cost, taking into account the rising costs you cite. Still don't think any of this will happen. I expect to re-fare most if not all of the ones we have booked (that actually go that is) with lower fares. And the cuts you think might happen probably wouldn't last through the first couple sailings. I really don't think that people are that desperate to cruise (going forward) that they would accept a devalued experience. I know we wouldn't. In that scenario, we would cancel all 11 we have booked.
  14. Virtually no chance of rising fares/lower amenities. These ships are going to be absurdly difficult to fill. And the only way you are going to even get a reasonable pax load is to severely depress pricing. Millions of frequent cruisers like us (80+ sailings, 11 booked) have real reservations about sailing anytime in the next year. Do you think all this horrible news (Summit, Eclipse, Diamond Princess, Zaandam, etc. etc.) is going to cause infrequent (or first time) cruisers to say, "wow, a cruise is really what I want to do. And so reasonable at only $500 per day!!)
  15. We had the same situation on Quest and kudos to that crew also. Kept us up to date and did what they could to make us whole. However, I do not harbor any bad feelings for the countries that prevented our entry: Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India and the UAE. They were only acting in the interest of protecting their own citizens. And looking at what happened with Eclipse 2 days ago in San Diego where a COVID-19 passenger and around 2500 possibly exposed pax on that sailing were disembarked with no notification, maybe not a crazy idea after all.
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