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  1. No validity after that point. People are dumb. Look around.
  2. We have found that all the mainstream lines are pretty much "same old, same old." Even when you move from one line to another. The last 5 years or so we tend to spend more time in our cabin on sea days rather than seeing the same things we've seen hundreds of times in the past. Our cabin becomes kind of like a retreat whether to read or watch a movie or just sit on the balcony and chill. Like we might do in a cabin in the woods. We do lots of crossings so we have lots of sea days so we've become fairly adept at this routine over the years.
  3. If you ever get the opportunity, try Cuy. We've had it prepared a number of ways and enjoyed it each time. Kind of like rabbit, cute but delicious.
  4. The point is that this is a "pick your own" farm where people may be in somewhat close proximity. And yes, even though the transmission rates are likely lower outside (although there is no definitive evidence) people still sneeze, cough and yell outside. A half ounce mask is not like you are dragging around a hazmat suit. I live in the south and it is summer and you know what? I decided that it isn't a big deal. At all. So I guess that's the point.
  5. Yes, that is why there is so much variety in lines/ships/etc., so everyone can find a niche they enjoy (and Epic is obviously one for you, which is great). We knew about the love/hate for Epic long before we booked it (have been sailing NCL since 1998) but figured we would give it a try, even though we largely dislike large ships. Like I said, the Haven access was great. Wonderful crew/food/service there. The rest of the ship just didn't ring our bell.
  6. Good grief, dude. I am entitled to my opinion. Never said I didn't want a hot tub, don't misquote me. Could care less where YOU watch TV, I wanted to sit in the chair shown on the floor plan. Normally I sit on the sofa to watch. 30+ ships, all have a positive review from me. 1 I really disliked (Epic). Sorry I offended you, your ship, or your cruise line.
  7. I only mentioned days and cruises because I was being schooled on how things work on ships. I don't need education on that subject.
  8. Thanks for the input. Since it was just posted this afternoon I thought it was today. An awful preview of potential issues on ships.
  9. Since this thread is about social distancing, here is some current information. I really thought the reopening of Disney today would give us some indication for cruises going forward. Reservations required for admittance. Reduced capacity. Frequent temperature checks. Mandatory mask usage. Mandatory social distancing. Today, just a few hours ago:
  10. Not on the other 84 cruises we've been on. Maybe we spent 1200 days missing them. So do I go to the spa to watch TV?
  11. But to be fair, not easily walkable for many. It is a 3+KM walk to the Columbus Statue and the area where most of the shops are (30-40 minutes). We've made that walk many, many times but now we are smart and take the Blue Bus, mentioned above.
  12. 85 cruises on 8 lines on 7 continents. Only one was a bummer. Guess which? Absolutely hated the Epic. Spa Suite with Haven access. Worst cabin ever, bar none. Huge soaking tub in the room, which takes up about 40% of the real estate. Even though the deck plans show a chair in the suite, there is none. No couch. To watch the television you had to sit on the bed or in the tub. Noisiest cabin ever by far (not all are as noisy before someone starts). Banging and dragging started every morning at 3-3:30 AM for 30-45 minutes, just enough to fully waken you. After falling asleep for a couple hours, the monstrous noise started again at 6-6:30. Lines for everything. Cavern Club never big enough to accommodate even half the pax that wanted to see the Epic Beatles (who were very good). Tickets for all the shows often difficult, even with Concierge. Haven access was the only positive point. Staff excellent throughout. Loved every other NCL shp we've sailed, going back to the Dynasty and most since. But wouldn't sail Epic again if it were free. There is a reason why NCL paid big bucks to not build the 2nd ship in the class.
  13. I guess it varies by cruise. Our Reflection crossing is still $950 per day for an S1. That is absurd $$$ for any sailing. For a crossing, that is beyond unbridled insanity.
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