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  1. Literally, stop with the crawl back....garbage. People have concerns. Respect that.
  2. Yes, more definitive than an easy to counterfeit card.
  3. Yes, I think they were added in the last day or so.
  4. In the Shore excursions for the day it is scheduled. You have to choose ports that are late departure or overnight to locate. But it is possible that it hasn't been posted for your sailing yet.
  5. There are some half-backs but the majority we have met have been long-time FL residents. Who bought into the Western NC mystique.
  6. It has not been a significant number perhaps, but there have definitely been sailings curtailed, both ocean and river in Europe. Quantum OTS had to return to Singapore in December. And I, for one, am sick of the "stay onshore" or "stay in your basement" memes that are posted here and elsewhere. Because I, and others, may have concerns about sailing or travel in general does NOT mean we are shivering with fear in our homes. Wanna take a bet that I have more travel booked and deposited than you do to verify that?
  7. People are moving everywhere. We are absolutely inundated with Floridians moving here to Western North Carolina, so all must not be peaches and cream there. Not to mention the thousands and thousands of Floridians visiting here every week, many with intentions of moving here.
  8. I guess someone from Azamara/Sycamore must have notified them. That is what happened when we went from Azamara to Azamara Club Cruises and back to Azamara again in the last few years.
  9. Unfortunately, with Azamara's global presence, we have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up. And that may take quite a while, unfortunately.
  10. I agree. We've had onboard experiences like this a number of times already, especially when in Africa, when groups came onboard at every port. But I do understand the difficulty of coordinating ~600 pax off the ship, onto a dozen buses (which, with distancing would mean double that).
  11. These appear to be available on some of the sailings already. Our 4 November Spain Intensive has it bookable. 2 different times, 5:15 and 8:30 on this sailing. Night in Valencia.
  12. They all only had one shot, J and J, and yes, no reports of whether they followed protocol. Or more importantly, contact tracing. Did all 8 get it from an unvaxxed individual or were they infected by someone who was vaxxed. Some of the questions answered here.
  13. That was kind of my take. We've had interactions a number of times with medical staff on cruise ships. Every single one foreign born. And every interaction stellar. In fact, in one such instance, a friend's life was likely saved when an onboard physician diagnosed an issue that had not been caught by his personal physician. And resulted in surgery shortly after returning home.
  14. This is one area where we have found Oceania a slight tick above Azamara (overall food quality) although there are areas (like more local sourcing) that I like more on Azamara. But having done 25 days on O and 24 days on Azamara virtually back to back in end of 2019, first months of 2020, as both lines existed at that time, Azamara wins big in overall experience.
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