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  1. No Anytime Dining on PP was a deal breaker for us. Now that that has changed, it can be factored in, taking into account the price and the difference in food and service levels.
  2. Conducting Face Time conversations anywhere other than your cabin is rude. Loudly talking on the phone for more than 15 or 20 seconds (like when you need to answer an important call) is rude. Sitting at the dining table, or the Martini bar, with SO, with friends, with whomever, and buried in your phone is not rude. But damn it is sad.
  3. Totally agree. We have pre-determined limits on all categories of cabins. Won't spend insane amounts for AQ or suites. Presently we are capped at $300+-350 per day (total for 2) for AQ $400-450 (again, total for 2) for suite. Plus, since lots of both AQ and Sky suites are in some really lousy locations, we are picky for real estate.
  4. They use the non refundable first.
  5. I'm not questioning booking it. We've already sailed in an Aft S1. Just mentioning that there are people (you included) who can have an issue with it the first night (or, for some, later).
  6. Lots of people say that. We've never found that at all, especially with the frankly insane prices for lots of sailings in suites. $1200 a day (or more) for a Sky Suite? $2000 a day for a Royal Suite? Been in both and wouldn't pay half that. We go back and forth based solely on price. 7 of our last 15 sailings in the last couple years have been in suites but have no problem "downgrading" if the price is silly. Cruise next week is in a suite. Cruise following that in February is in a balcony. No problem at all.
  7. Depending on the deck (it varies from deck to deck) it can take some maneuvering.
  8. Agreed. But for some people it can be a problem the first night so doesn't matter if they are moving in.
  9. Well, since on some decks one of the poles is literally right next to the bed, it is quite easy to walk into it in the middle of the night until you get used to it (and leave light in the cabin). Some of our cruises total 30+ days so not sure that is a short duration.
  10. The poles look concerning but they are not (or weren't for us, anyhow). You get used to them fairly quickly and then enjoy the cabin for the balance of the cruise. At the current nose-bleed pricing for all =X= suites, these are the only Sky Suites we would consider booking.
  11. Should be on your documents. I would check that since piers can (and do) change.
  12. Although we still have 5 sailings booked with Celebrity, we are also looking around a bit more than usual perhaps. Have 4 Azamara booked and 2 land tours in the next 2 years. Have zero interest in sailing Edge Class and although 1 of our future cruises is on a "Revolutionized" ship (to which I see no advantage) the Revolution does not excite us in the least.
  13. As far as the Connie cruise, you cannot transfer it to a Travel Agent since you already have a TA--United Cruises. As far as booking on the Summit, it may be less than your current booking, the same or more since prices fluctuate frequently. If you book it on the Summit, cancel your current booking with United, you could then turn around and transfer the new booking to United but would you get the mileage bonus? Dunno. For us, not sure it would be worth going through all that to get the minimal benefit you might get by booking onboard. Which varies by type of cruise.
  14. Um. if the TA gives you OBC, it goes back to your credit card at the end of the cruise. Absolutely no reason to spend it. And our TA, who works out of home, is available at 6:00 AM. No Celebrity CVP is working at that time. And honestly, I have every bit as much "control" over my booking as someone who books with the cruise line. Like I said, we've saved enough in the last couple years to fully pay for several sailings. The savings in the last 18 months or so? Around $6000.
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