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  1. They actually were in deep trouble] before 9/11, which just put the final nail in the coffin. They folded less than 2 weeks after 9/11. Yes, they had other issues. No TAs, no smoking, no kids. Would work now, but was boneheaded then. No, I don't necessarily think =X= is sailing in troubled waters. Was just responding to the other posters question as to whether it had ever happened before. I think it really is relevant since Renaissance folded because of the stupid decisions mentioned above and then 9/11 finalized it. And I think that Celebrity has made a number of stupid decisions lately. Only time will tell. ⏲️
  2. I dunno. I guess building 8 brand new ships in less than 3 years at a total cost of ~ $2.4 Billion in 2019 $ when there were financial issues (that not many knew about) would qualify. They sure didn't need a $500m revitalization program (20% of what the new builds cost) since the entire inventory was new.
  3. I really don't know how anyone can answer this question without knowing the money involved. Of course if the upgrade amount is $100 a day, then definitely it is a smart move. If the upgrade amount is $1000 per day (not that unusual in the current suite mania environment) then it is an incredibly bad deal. Plus, we never do an upgrade without knowing the cabin #. There are some pretty bad cabins out there that we wouldn't take at any price, Luminae and Michaels/Retreat lounge included.
  4. No, they said that HAL calls it a suite. They also said priced like C1 or A2 cabin prices @$200pp/day. Yes, Celebrity has those features in a very basic suite but at 2 to 3 times the price they quoted.
  5. Yes, but it is a flight of a total of 20 oz, basically an imperial pint. $10 ($12 with grat) for domestic nothing and $20 ($24 with grat) for a pretty ordinary Goose Island (i.e., Anheuser-Busch) is way over our top. Another Celebrity test on a rocket sled to failure.
  6. And it used to be a pay to eat venue. Not sure if that is still the case but originally was serving some severely overpriced burgers and such.
  7. We go to theaters for cartoons. We go to restaurants to dine. We pay $110 a couple (actually $150 a couple when you factor in the meal you are skipping) for fine dining. LPC ain't that.
  8. Well, I lived in Boston for many years so I guess I do know fresh lobster. What you get on a cruise ship is worse than what we get at home since it is warm water lobster, frozen and shipped by freighter from Miami then defrosted and served. So yes, I don't see what the fuss is about lobster on a cruise ship. 😉
  9. Likely not a problem. Probably would check in on board but get Celebrity's take on this since theirs is the only opinion that matters. Experience of other cruisers may be helpful but doesn't matter since things can change (security/check in procedures, etc.).
  10. You'd be best to post this on the Ports of Call board dedicated to Spain. Not a Celebrity question and dozens of cruise lines port in Barcelona so lots more info there.
  11. Or rent a car and do exactly that. Europcar is a 1 minute walk from the shuttle drop off. Maximize your day.
  12. That would be one long walk. At least 45 minutes (we've done it a few times, no longer do so). The only way to effectively do it is take the free shuttle to the shuttle station near the Hotel Traghetto (about 15 minutes with waits) Then either take the 2 or 3 Euro shuttle to the train station (10 minutes or so if they leave right away) or walk (20 minutes or so). That cuts the travel time down to 25 or 35 minutes. And then you need to do it in reverse when you return. Not alot to see in Rome for a couple of hours, honestly. Needs lots more time.
  13. Will love to hear your response if they announce that the live music has been cut back to only recordings, the lectures have been cancelled if they are not revenue generating and the prices of most interesting mains in the MDR are $25 per person, the drink package only includes beverages up to $5 including gratuity, etc. etc. etc. We find most of the onboard activities beyond boring after you've seen the same thing more than 5 times so yes, we do enjoy spending a quiet afternoon in our cabin watching a recent movie.
  14. Note to all those who said, basically, "if you don't like the change, deal with it. Find another cruise line." Just because it doesn't affect you doesn't mean that it is not important to other pax. This is why we stand up and voice our opinion. But yes, I agree. Just because they reversed a stupid decision does not earn kudos in our mind.
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