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  1. I think this is an example of what things will be like on the test cruises that so many people are so gaga to go on. The only difference that the above experience would be simulated, perhaps not actual so that the ship can test their procedures. And, in some cases, will include all pax confined to cabins for a period to test things like food delivery, cabin maintenance and the like.
  2. You are right. My mistake. That info came from an Israeli talking about the interest in booking that they had seen, not actual bookings. But I think my mistake will prove to be prophetic. 😉
  3. Yes. In a another world, I would want to go back to our sailings in Nov/Dec/Jan 2019 and 2020. Not a care in the world. But I don't see that happening for a year or so and am willing to do what we do every day when we go out (wear a mask) to travel again.
  4. But I contend that the vast majority of people who want to cruise will do it if a mask is required. The European cruises have verified this. The cruises from Singapore verify this. The booking for the Israel cruises are through the roof in barely 24 hours verify this. All require masks. I am not going to let a 1 ounce piece of cloth stop me from enjoying my life and my travel.
  5. Which has nothing to do with masks on cruises. You can wander around TX and MS all you want without a mask. You ain't doing it on a cruise ship, not in 2021. But hey, both TX and MS have coastlines where you can watch the ocean go by.
  6. You've managed to pack lots of information with no basis in reality in only a couple of sentences. My freedom is just fine, thank you very much. I make my decisions on common sense and verified research.
  7. Well, ya kind of do need to be that, but I guess that is just me.
  8. Depends on your level of interest. We've been to Barcelona 20+ times and still have plenty to occupy our time, either directly in town or a short distance away. You could spend 1 full day just doing Gaudi. Another full day with art museums. Another full day with food tours. A day to Montserrat. A day to Girona. You easily could fill 3 days. Or you could leave things for another trip. 😀
  9. Could be stroke of genius or a kiss of death. Only time will tell. Since Texas is 48th out of 50 states in rate of vaccination, though, would have thought that would have been factored in, but evidently not.
  10. I think that is a good take. All cruise lines need to be super diligent--far more than they will likely need to be in a year or less. Just one case with a quarantined ship, or a diversion for an evacuation due to COVID, would be blasted over every media outlet. And with millions reticent (or totally resistant) to cruising already, ti could be the death knell for much of the industry.
  11. I don't know. The requirements that they have already announced line up with much of the CDC mandates. In addition to vaccination required, there will need to be a negative test prior to boarding, masks and social distancing will be required. Additional restrictions, according the RCG, will be announced in the near future. I would not be surprised to see those also align with CDC. Dedicated medical facilities. The ability to quarantine in cabins. Arrangements with visited ports for evacuation and the like (the basics of port visits not health related have already been announced by Gr
  12. Don't know about a dedicated kitchen, but Kosher for sure will be available. Here is a Kosher menu I found from a sailing to the Bahamas.
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