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  1. Depends on what you consider "small ships." Some people consider Celebrity M class or Royal Radiance class "small." I don't consider any ship over 1000 pax as small, e.g.
  2. And change a policy that could potentially affect the health of tens of thousands. NCL is just whining here. The meeting at the WH to address various issues was a de facto response.
  3. And now comfy at berth back in Civitavecchia. Just a brief holiday in Sardinia.
  4. I think that is very dependent on itinerary location and timing. We've been on somewhere near a dozen =X= cruises in the last 5 (actually last 6 now) on 3 continents and the number of Gen X was minimal and the number of millennials virtually non-existent. Caveat: We don't sail in the Caribbean or any cruises less than 10 days, but =X= sails a lot of such itineraries. I agree wholeheartedly that this is their target demographic, but overall I don't see it as their de facto demographic across the whole breadth of their sailings.
  5. Same here at 3:15 PM EST. Site responsive, logged in no problem.
  6. DeSantis has literally said that cruise lines were included in his "no proof of vaccination permitted" EO.
  7. Much of the discussion here centers around the notion that if you do get COVID you will likely not be terribly sick or die, which is true. I long ago stopped being concerned about getting COVID. However, I totally agree with your assessment that any infection, no matter how minor, will likely severely impact your sailing.
  8. First off, thank you for participating in the trial. I don't think this will be a "forever" requirement, but for the near future it makes sense to require vax for all pax until we get a firm handle on whether we have truly put the virus down, as we largely did with polio, rubella and the like.
  9. Just off the top of my head I can think of over a half million reasons why. Average annual flu deaths, USA: ~40,000 COVID deaths in 1 year: 550,000 Difference: 500,000+ Can't believe people still spout this "same as flu" nonsense.
  10. Always: Celebrity, Azamara, Royal, Princess, NCL, Ponant, HAL. Never had a bad sailing on any. Have multiple sailings booked on all but Ponant. Maybe: Costa again if all the planets align Never: Carnival (although we enjoyed all our sailings, we've moved on) Oceania (after 5 good sailings with them did a 24 day early last year that just did not feel right in many ways). Too much dough and too many options to test their waters again.
  11. Why would they? It is perfect for the CDC because it allows the cruise lines to do the test cruises with all of the onus on the lines. And get big bucks for them. Win for the cruise lines, win for the CDC. Once they see how things progress, they can make a final decision on opening out of US ports.
  12. Wonder if Azamara will jump into the summer schedule frenzy. NCL announced today that they will be sailing from Punta Cana, Montego Bay and Athens. They join Celebrity, RCCL, Princess, P&O and others recently announcing new sailings.
  13. None of the latest policies and recommendations assume zero risk.
  14. If you are lifting and shifting, the comparison is not valid to 2 new bookings on both =X= and Princess.
  15. From the onset of this virus, their wording in recommendations and mandates for COVID has been "to limit" or "to minimize" or to "enhance protection." It has never been the approach that there would be zero risk.
  16. Slot machines removed, Quest. Never incorporated on Pursuit. Still on Journey, though. Hopefully will be the Den by the time we sail Journey in May, 2022.
  17. Not quite. No business in Florida can require ANY proof of vaccination, which would, obviously, include the CDC card. Directly from the EO:
  18. I am going to guess that this is a classic negotiation ploy. Go for the moon and see what you get in return. I can't see the CDC acquiescing to no test cruises, no specifics on evacuations if necessary and perhaps most importantly, ramping up capacity from 60% in 20% increments in only 60 days.
  19. I think they may be receptive to the proposal with one exception. No test cruises in the proposal and I would not be surprised if they required at least some of those.
  20. Dunno. All 3 of our bookings would be considerably higher with this promotion.
  21. Classic. After you saying "she didn't think...." which she never said, of course, now it is "implied." 10-4.
  22. Please cite where she said "it is unsafe to travel when you are fully vaccinated." My Google must be busted.
  23. "impending doom" was because of 80+% of Americans are NOT fully vaccinated. And extensive evidence of variants in parts of the country. The "safe to travel" advisory is for fully vaccinated persons only. See the difference?
  24. IMHO, this is how it works. You analyze the data first and then make decisions that may affect the health of tens of millions of people. And you don't kowtow to lobbyist groups who stir up anger before that same analysis is complete. As data on vaccinations, on spread, on illness severity continued to come in, the CDC has made adjustments virtually every week for the past month or so.
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