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  1. I am on that cruise as well with a large group. I don't even know what my check-in time was because I always aim for being at the terminal between 10-11am. San Juan is no different except we won't sail away until the evening. Might as well spend the day enjoying the ship!
  2. Cafe Promenade is 24 hours with desserts and sandwiches/wraps. No soft-serve 24 hours. Sorrentos (Pizza) is usually open until 1-3am. Not sure if the Sorrentos on Oasis has a bar for drinks but they do have the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines where you can use the souvenir cup that comes with the drink package to get soda. Room service is 24 hours but it costs $7.95+18% to use it..but you can order as much food as you like at once for that price.
  3. If you don't get that option on the app (not sure it allows it) then do it from your account page: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/account
  4. Surprisingly yes..overpriced just like all Starbucks. You can use the app on the ships but you can't redeem any of the rewards.
  5. Ticket and Transportation Center. It's basically a hub where you can catch the monorail to Magic Kingdom, the monorail resorts, EPCOT, or the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom and then they also have the buses to Disney Springs and the other non-monorail resorts and other parks. Jump on the monorail loop around the monorail resorts and get off and walk through them all. They decorate for the holidays and there's tons to see. Then take the monorail loop to EPCOT..it's like a free 20-minute ride roundtrip.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the select your sailing screen and Click on other ships we support.
  7. 2day media sailing on Nov21 out of Port Everglades and then repo to Miami likely. Terminal A isn't available Friday and Saturday so understandable for it to go out of PE.
  8. Ditto..it's there on mine too when you hold and drag the other little circle icons to the left. Still no BBQ menu, though 😞
  9. It's on the main screen that shows the ship where you click for the deck plans! It's on the Nov24 sailing too...same screenshots as above apply.
  10. You have to know their full name that they have on their reservation. You search for them by that name and request to add them. The push notifications weren't working when I was on Harmony in May, but I have heard that they are now. However they won't work if you lose connection from the ship's wifi. The messages will still come through but you won't get a notification once you reconnect back to the wifi (say for example you get off the ship in a port and someone that stayed onboard sends you a message -- it won't notify you when you get back to the ship that you have one waiting without opening the app).
  11. I'm curious where this came from. AFAIK the smokestacks were originally retractable but they added scrubbers to them for emissions standards that don't allow them to retract. I would assume they're removing those scrubbers and using an alternative solution so they can be retracted again.
  12. They're fixing it during the current AMP/drydock to make them retractable.
  13. It doesn't need to be on your luggage tags as that won't make a difference. But it should be on your pass.
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