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  1. When you are logged into your Cruise Planner the shows will be under the ONBOARD ACTIVITIES header. There's really no rhyme or reason when they open up the reservations. Usually it's somewhere 30-90 out from the cruise..so you almost need to check it every single day. Yup..you can show up as standby and take a seat if they are available. Yes, you can take on 2 bottles of wine per cabin and up to 12 bottles/can of nonalcoholic drinks (up to 17oz each). I always fine it's cheaper to book ahead. You can also cancel and repurchase if you notice a price drop with Royal. The coaster was sooooo much fun for me at Labadee. I got the all day pass in advance for cheaper than they were selling single rides on the island. They do adhere to the age limit so Sakari won't be able to ride solo. Sign up for the Meet & Mingle at https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/ccEntry.do You will get an invitation to it onboard. Usually it's held around 10am on the first sea day, about 30 mins before the top tier/past guest party. They held the top tier party in Studio B when I was on Oasis for Thanksgiving and had free drinks and a mini ice show demonstration, so that's worth going to if you're into that. They usually have 2 different ice shows. One is a reservations show and the other (iSkate) doesn't require reservations. They should have a paper with all the show times on them when you board so you can have a quick reference. The aquatheater's reservations show is Aqua80s. Then they usually have a less formal show that doesn't require reservations later on. If you take deck 7 alllll the way aft there's a balcony area that you can watch the aquatheater shows from the sidelines..no reservations needed..so if you feel like catching a peek at night...
  2. That's just the generic menu that was posted. Pretty much every bar will have at least this selection. But each bar also has their own menu with specialty drinks for that bar. Plus if the specialty restaurant has a bar you can visit it without eating at the restaurant (on Harmony this is Wonderland and Sabor). The pub typically has at least one IPA..I've seen Lagunitas and Stone regularly on board.
  3. Just scroll down to the bottom to the other ships we support section and find your sailing that way. You can't really access your reservation through the app and do anything with it until you are on the ship's wifi anyways.
  4. Capacity is reported at 450, so I would imagine no more passes than that in a day.
  5. The issue is with the way that the account you create with Voom is tied to your individual name. It won't allow you to associate multiple Voom purchases to an individual. If you pre-purchase Voom then it shows up already when you first create your account. The only real way around it is to not pre-purchase the plan and just use the free Diamond day to offset the cost of the plan when you board.
  6. UDP doesn't cover the upcharge items at the cover fee restaurants. You can visit the restaurants as many times as you like as long as there is availability. You can only order one entree at each visit but you get unlimited apps/desserts/sides. At the ala carte restaurants you get an allowance for each visit: $35 at Izumi sushi, $20 at Playmakers and Portside BBQ. You can do Izumi hibachi for a $10 upcharge on the UDP.
  7. You can purchase a 24-hour period of internet access. But when you make that purchase the time starts on your 24 hours.
  8. Yes and you will hear clanging in there early morning..so not suggested if you are a light sleeper. I can sleep through anything, so it wasn't an issue for me at all.
  9. They're still there! Oasis class ships are my favorite but so, so big!
  10. Book now...you can reprice later. NextCruise is only going to gain you a little OBC and you might as well lock in the price now. You can shop around for your TA. There's no obligation..see what different incentives they have to offer and pick which works best for you.
  11. And to what the OP is saying..yes, if you call 10 different Royal reps you will get 10 different answers. It's frustrating. You also can't crowdsource answers from here because experiences do vary from ship to ship. It is a hard NO for the milkshakes to be covered from Sugar Beach. I haven't see any instance outside of Star Class where these are covered. The Johnny Rockets is hit or miss. Sometimes they will allow it and other times they won't. Best thing to do is ask nicely if you can get a milkshake to go and tell them you have the drink package.
  12. I was on the Nov24 sailing and it was per person per visit at that point. They also hadn't updated the Terms & Conditions at that point. The folks at Portside BBQ thought it was $20 per person per day. Izumi Hibachi thought it wasn't covered at all. So again..there's likely to be different interpretations onboard the same as always. However, when they ring up at the ala carte places they are effectively zeroing out your check. I'm not sure how their individual restaurant's point of sale system ties into determining anything further than whether you have the package or not at the time they are closing out your check.
  13. It used to be per person per visit..but since they updated the terms and conditions to finally specify the change from the previous $35 to $20 for Playmakers, as well as the $10 upcharge for hibachi..who knows. They still managed to find a way to keep things vague!
  14. Actually now that I think of it, Bamboo Room on Mariner had the slushy machines. I never saw them in use, though. Can't recall anyone posting about getting a drink from them either.
  15. McDonald's ice cream machine is always busted..I would imagine the frozen drink machines would be a pain to maintain and clean.
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