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  1. I saw a Periscope from @CruiseLifeRick this morning (about 8am) in line to get off the ship. They lined up super early but as of 8am hadn't been let off.
  2. Canceling now or canceling 48 hours before your sailing will amount to the same thing, so might as well wait. Royal may cancel the cruise on you before that 48 hours and sweeten the compensation for you. Only reason I could think to cancel now is if you're 100% sure you aren't going to go and you want your FCC process started sooner.
  3. You can apply to the FCC to a cruise that you already have booked.
  4. Yes, they are closing the public beaches and limiting bar and restaurant hours of operation. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/article241210876.html
  5. Actually in your case you should be fine as they don't break down the new booked cruisefare per person. As long as the person who is named on the FCC is on the reservation it should be able to be applied to the full combined cruisefare.
  6. With the IT system they have in place and Royal math, I think it's beyond their capabilities. That's why it's good they have the 100% refund option at least.
  7. Jones Act won't affect anything. This ban is for cruiseships, not cargo ships.
  8. In Florida it's usually just a formality that allows them to receive Federal funding. Doesn't really change anything but makes people tend to start freaking out even more πŸ™„
  9. From my past experience, to apply the FCC to a reservation, the owner of the FCC has to be on the reservation. It will not matter what the breakdown of fares is on the new reservation. The FCC just gets applied as a payment.
  10. Public perception definitely goes along way when it comes to a company's reputation. I think this is a big part of the decision that Disney made to shut down.
  11. My airline doesn't have the ability to take advantage of the temporary cancellation policy online. You HAVE to call. And the phone lines aren't working, so not holding out much hope that I will get any credit issued for the flight this morning that I didn't take. Been trying for days to get through to cancel.
  12. FCC policy requires cancellation of the entire room so if the grandparents cancel, the child in their room gets cancelled as well. You can switch the names around on the rooms so each room has at least one parent, one grandparent, and one child in it and then the grandparents just no show, but you won't get any FCC for the grandparents.
  13. Typically this is how they handle it. You may get a more lucrative deal if you rebook (FCC and OBC) but if they cancel your cruise they usually offer full refund to the way that you paid for the cruise.
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