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  1. EDIT: I thought this was for adding a trip to your own account, but this does look like it should link another party to your reservation. I'll try and see if I can test it out later.
  2. We had a strawberry tart in the WindJammer on Rhapsody in April 2018 - best dessert we ever had. Haven't been able to find it on another ship yet.
  3. Anthem 6654 (double wide balcony) with a shorter life boat:
  4. Did West bound in 2015 on Allure. We had an interior room for 12 nights for just about $1500 total. I don't think there were any extra activities, but we felt like even with 12 nights we didn't do everything on board. However this was also our first time on an Oasis class ship. As for motion - our route did get adjusted a bit more South as a large storm was coming across the ocean. We had one day where things were rocking, but the rest of the time we had calm waters.
  5. Labadee is a private beach day - they have a smaller roller coaster and I think they now have two zip lines (one traditional, one where you are laying down). All excursions here are handled through Royal, no independents. There are two shopping areas, one is a large building where it seems to be low pressure, but past that to the right is a path that has high pressure sales. If you are heading this way, friendly no thank-yous seem to work well enough if you keep walking. As for the ABCs - We haven't decided what to do in Aruba yet, we are deciding between a snorkel excursion or the off road jeep tour with snorkeling in Bonaire, and Curacao is fun to walk around in.
  6. What date are you sailing? - we are on Explorer on Jan 10th, 2020. Buffet can be hit or miss depending on your tastes. We have switched over to eating more in the buffet as we can get in and out quicker and many times they have the same dishes as the Main Dining Room (but not always). Formal nights are more of a suggestion now but not enforced. As for excursions, what ports are you visiting? If you are sailing on Jan 10, I already know the answer. 😄
  7. I'm at exactly 80 points right now and we are looking forward to our first DL experience in January. I'm sure we will hit D+ at some point, but we don't ever expect to hit Pinnacle.
  8. I was actually surprised last year when Rhapsody had opened the roof of their solarium in port one day. I think it was too warm (almost like a greenhouse) so they opened it up to keep it cooler.
  9. That right there should get Royal's attention. Giving out customer's information to some random party is a severe data breach and could lead to a major financial loss in the cleanup. However it would take the right party to get to a high enough level at Royal to make a difference. Unfortunately I don't think Royal will care until lawyers get involved. So if anyone gets an email will my info on it, let me know - I've got some lawyers in the family.
  10. There is a luggage site that sells "Connected Luggage Tags" (I got one a couple years ago that had the Trip Advisor logo on it). It's pretty nice as you register the tag to your account and then you can turn on or off any of your contact info. So if you have your bag with you, you can have all of your contact info turned off - nobody will get your information. But the moment you loose your bag, you can go into the app and turn on email, phone number, address, etc and each part is individually controlled. Then a person who finds your bag only has access to what you enable. And the tag has three methods of sharing the info - the QR code for quick scanning, the ever popular web address (unique to each tag), and an embedded NFC chip. I think it's a pretty slick setup - now I just need to remember to update my info as I moved not long ago.
  11. Just recently back from Cuba on Empress and had a great time. Yes we prefer Voyager / Freedom class ships but it's mostly about the destination for us. While the ship is small, it is amazingly quick to get around as you don't have as far to walk. 🙂 We did hear that the main reason for the smaller ships is that they are not allowed to overhang the end of the dock in Havana. Empress is the only ship in Royal's fleet that is short enough to do so. They were only allowed to sail Majesty in after the restrictions were relaxed a bit. Majesty now sticks out a few meters from the end of the dock. Beyond the length, I'm not sure how a larger ship would even fit width wise at the dock in Havana. It felt really tight getting Empress into port.
  12. Once on board they did say that the pier was damaged (and while not saying it outright, it was most likely from Empress). The Cuban government was set to do the repairs but has not been able to accomplish the task. The pier was supposed to be repaired late 2018, but it sounds like it is not going to happen. I believe Royal is still trying to urge the Cuban government to do the repairs but I have no insight as to where that process is. I think it is too early to tell if you will get all three stops in November, but if you are 120 days out from your sail date and the pier still isn't repaired, I would not expect to stop in Santiago. Would I still recommend the cruise - as long as you know what to expect, then yes. Tendering in Cienfuegos was less than ideal. I really hate using ship excursions as I know they are just charging a mark-up for the same private tour. But in this case, you do loose a bunch of time if you don't use the ship excursion due to priority tendering. And for the time in Cienfuegos, pick between Trinidad or Cienfuegos as I don't think there is really enough time to do both (although we did stop for lunch for an hour, if you skip that you might be able to squeeze both in). As long as your cruise has a good overnight in Havana, I think it is still worth going. We wanted to do our private tour Friday morning, Tropicana Friday night, and then a bike tour Saturday morning. We ended up cancelling the bike tour and moving our private tour to that time slot.
  13. Apparently I didn't set my links correctly. Let me try again with the pics: https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/fur3iVtNDL7Ko1VS4SjEIuPZKVq8R8ScY8RnR2KUbYW https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/vmeCdyiuLTONjHBQbq3LBnwTmtC7htXMMd5MYtSlF49
  14. Last bit of knowledge in case you are on the taller side. The bathrooms are exactly 6'6" high. I know this because I am 6'6" tall. Even being in the cabin itself only adds another 2 inches. I don't know if this is the case on all of deck 6 or if this is the case on all decks. I do know they are trying to cram more people on board and if they can pick up a few inches here and there, they might be able to cram in another whole deck of passengers.
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