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  1. Did you send them your offers from other casinos, Morris? Your screen shot looks like rack-rates. I sent Tyler (assigned host) pictures of my mailers from Harrahs, along with my Total Rewards card number and dates I was looking to cruise. This is how we started cruising on Royal. We were gold on Carnival and silver on NCL and Disney. I'm taking my second urcomped trip in Feb on Rhapsody. My first was a comped inside on Indy in April, My wife and I payed for an upgrade to a balcony. Cost out the door including port fees and taxes was about $530. $530 for a balcony for two, five day cruise. Almost half of that cost was port fees and Uncle Sugar. urcomped is certainly not a scam.
  2. There must be some algorithm of dollar per ton or dollar per sq/cubic foot factoring in shopping, specialty restaurants, cabins, etc, and non-revenue areas. It'd be interesting to see.
  3. The Perfect day at Coco Cay is the more you pay
  4. $65 for my brilliance and harmony cruises. Nope. I have five and 11 months. I'll begrogingly be a buyer below $55pppd. Would love anywhere in the $40s.
  5. Responding to an old post, apologies. Were you playing $25 on the ante and blind or $125 on the ante and blind for that kind of point accrual?
  6. Off the Allure yesterday. Day one we earned ~180 points on a $300 loss and not having a good time. We switched to tables. Played craps for four other nights with a starting of $60/roll. We pressed bets from there and tipped the dealers extremely well. We would put dealers on the line and back them with odds. In total, I'm guessing we tipped the craps dealers close to $200. Also had one ultimate Texas holdem session where I doubled up to $800. All in all we came home with $800 more than we left with and had way more table time than we would have if on the machines. Was hoping the dealer tokes would help our rating but it appears it didn't. I'll check for offers in a few weeks. No discount certificate though and didn't make it to Prime but we kept our dollars and will comp ourselves with the winnings by booking a cruise in April.
  7. Yeah, the money for sales tax goes to the state. Thus it went to FL.
  8. I know when we sailed Carnival out of Port Canaveral we were blessed with paying the state tax on the would be price. I've not yet personally experienced the death thing but the taxes thing is true.
  9. We mainly slotted, $2-4 per spin. Played the poker tourney, came in second overall for a prize of $0. Did one session at the craps table, $42 a roll (pass line/odds and place 6/8). Pressed bets for about two hours for a $250 loss. We booked Allure for the 22nd of September thru the Royal casino department so hopefully we will get some offers post trip.
  10. Nothing from RCCL. Some deeply discounted rates on urcomped. In fairness we probably short played ($6k coin in and some craps play on a five day). But we threw in the towel because we didn't get many line hits or bonuses. Noone was playing Wheel of Fortune because it was so tight. We're taking a mediocre bankroll in two weeks and if we don't make Prime, then we'll comp ourselves and just pay for the next boat trip.
  11. Agreed on all points. I ❤️ capitalism. NCL is even more confusing. Instead of dynamic pricing they use a shell game for their "free" at sea program. We did Disney the past two years and smuggled AND dropped $800 on the bars plus the Palo prefixe with wine tasting.
  12. By that clairvoyant rationale, am I smuggling in 3 weeks where I bought the package at $46 pppd? Get outside and take a walk papa. You're projecting whatever issues you have on me.
  13. Booze (most) doesn't expire, they aren't dumping cubic gallons overboard when a cruise ends. Want me to not smuggle? Make a price we can both agree on or I'll adjust my behavior. At $55 or less pd I'm a buyer. Higher than that then I'll bring my own and supplement at the bars. ETA: there are other cruise lines too and none of the mainstream vary by much.
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