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    Wherever I can find a deal. Have sailed w/ Celebrity, Carnival, Disney, NCL, and Royal.
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  1. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200430/smokers-hospitalized-less-often-for-covid-19 https://www.news-medical.net/amp/news/20200615/An-inverse-relationship-between-smoking-and-COVID-19.aspx https://hospitalhealthcare.com/covid-19/are-smokers-protected-from-covid-19/
  2. Can't wait to go to my FL condo in late July; gonna finally wet a hook!
  3. Sidebar, do I have to buy UDP for my 10 and 4 year old? Obviously wife and I are purchasing Just saw answered above
  4. It's all good. I was able to get a comped veranda on Celebrity Apex instead.
  5. Called Club Royale today too. They said I could move my July 20 cancelled cruise to anywhere now thru Feb 2021. Sadly I'll be unable to use it so I'll apply the funds to my Prime July 2021 booking
  6. I have a Sept 20 sailing; same thing. I thought maybe it would allow a res under the 90 day mark but it will not.
  7. Is this 94 days from date of announcement or date of scheduled sailing?
  8. I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow. Fuuuuuuu they told me 'no' a few weeks ago.
  9. Does BCC give certificates at the end of the cruise? I doubt I'll make Amethyst on seven day sailing with my kids. ETA: I average $2500-$3K coin-in on slots a day.
  10. Update. Broke down and added the kids to our February trip; switched to a seven day on Apex. My host reached out to Celebrity. X wanted $2400 to add them to our cabin but only $1400 for a second, connecting veranda cabin 🤔. Looking forward to returning to X after an almost decade and a half break. The only bummer is my daughter was looking forward to seeing Grease.
  11. If you're scared to cruise, don't cruise.
  12. At work we keep testing patients, some have had 5+ positive tests. We keep testing until we get two negatives so we can discharge them back to rehab/nursing home. Is the dept of health making a distinction? Maybe, maybe not but I doubt it. I tested positive and antibody tested. Was I counted twice? Probably.
  13. Looked in my cruise planner. Final payment is not yet due for a couple of days for my Sept 20 sail date. Me thinks that is why RCCL did the Sept 15 cancellation; nudge a few more people into final payment before cancelling the remainder of at least September.
  14. Care to take a day cruise? https://victorycasinocruises.com/covid-19-response/
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