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  1. I always book with a TA. I get the peace of mind knowing that I will get a great price, as many perks as possible, and great advice on what rooms to book. Also, I purchase my cruise insurance through him as well. He monitors my cruise price after deposit and many times gets me a better deal or more perks prior to final payment. Over the years, I have recommended him to so many new clients that he shows his appreciation by getting me great prices and always throwing in a surprise bottle of champagne or complimentary dinner at speciality restaurants courtesy of the agency. My agent works at his family owned business, so I also appreciate that I do not have to deal with a huge company and the minutia of their policies.
  2. I just booked the June 20, 2020 European Splendor Cruise on Zuiderdam. This will be our 25th anniversary cruise and after cruising on a few different cruise lines, I am looking forward to getting back on board a HAL Ship!
  3. Thanks for the reply! Do you by chance if the Room Service menu is different for those not staying in suites? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the great posts! I am following along as we board the Summit on June 27th. I was wondering if there is a chance that you can post pics of the room service menus. I know that they have the door hangers for breakfast, but for the rest of the menu I assume that they are on the TV???
  5. Thanks for the swift responses!
  6. I saw that on my cruise planner for our upcoming Summit sailing that there was a link to have luggage tags mailed out to our house. It's been about 17 years since I have last been on Celebrity, (though we have been actively sailing on mostly RCCL and a few other lines over the past 17 years) so I wasn't sure if this is common as we usually just print them ourselves. Could this be a perk of our status as Captains Club members as our status is combined with RCCL??? Is there any advantage to having them mailed out or are they the same old tags we print out ourselves? Also, I am assuming that they don't change you for this service as the link simply has you fill out the boxes and submit without any payment option. Any insight here would be appreciated.
  7. We are sailing on the Celebrity Summit for the Independence Day Canada/New England Cruise and had a question about possibly visiting the Cape Breton Miners Museum. Can can we get there from Sydney? If so how far is it and how much is it? Any insight is appreciated!
  8. Thanks for the prompt responses!
  9. We are looking to try and pack light for our upcoming Summit sailing to Canada/New England and was wondering if Celebrity has any laundry packages you can purchase. I know that we were able to buy package on HAL that allowed us to have unlimited laundry for a daily rate. Any insights would be appreciated!
  10. Thanks Cruisestitch, we are in a inside guarantee, so I still do not know what category yet.
  11. It has been about 12 years since our last Celebrity cruise, so I am a bit rusty. We just booked today for the June 27th 10 day sailing of Summit and we are trying to pack as light as possible. So my question is, does Celebrity provide shampoo, body wash and conditioner in their showers. Any insight here would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Do you get the free cup with the deluxe drink package on RCCL?
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