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  1. We are also on this sailing! Ship is beautiful & the music theme is very cool. We had fixed 8:00 in MDR & our dinner took a little over 1.5 hours. Food was great though! Enjoy
  2. Thank you! I appreciated your post. We received a SBP as part of the Explore 4, but I don't think I would purchase it myself. For our adult son we bought him the Quench because we were concerned he wouldn't drink enough to make it cost effective .Maybe its us Californians who appreciate your post because the cost of living is so darn high here! :)
  3. Gov Beach sounds perfect. Thanks for all your info. The ladies night may be perfect for the spa area if they offer it.
  4. Thanks for your review. We are sailing the same itinerary this Sunday. In Grand Turk how long of a walk is it to Gov Beach? Is it more secluded? I have only seen the videos of the beach at Margaritaville online and it looks a bit chaotic to me. GT is the only port we have no excursions booked. Also, were they selling day passes to the spa area or only weekly passes? I was looking forward to relaxing and reading a book almost daily on those cozy, heated chairs.... but if it is loud I may change my mind.
  5. Yes I have never sailed on a ship that did not have poker type tournaments, etc. but I had read a few other posts about the NS saying there was none, and then one person claiming yes they did. So I guess we will see in another week when we board. thanks!
  6. Thanks for your review. Did you book the cabana by the week or day and what were the prices? Do you recall seeing any poker tournaments in the casino or a poker table? Thanks!
  7. My 10 year old has Autism so he can be a bit addicted to tech sometimes, especially if he is in the room. I will probably just want to post pictures etc a bit. I'm sure we will manage, but I am a planner and like to know ahead of time what we are getting into.
  8. thanks. So you just have to open up the text area on your phone and then you can see if you have any messages after you log on to the navigator?
  9. Thanks, I don't think we will need to make many calls and definitely not video calls. Mostly texting.
  10. Ok thanks. Maybe we can get by with two. We won't be on constantly, but if somebody is in a different area we won't always know if we can log on.
  11. We are cruising on the NS in 2 weeks and plan on purchasing the Premium Internet Package for our family of four. Do we buy four packages or one per stateroom? How does cell phone service work on the ship nowadays? We currently have Sprint, unlimited data, texts, etc for our cel phones. I foresee us needing to text each other often on the ship as to where we are, meet up spots, etc. I don't foresee us needing to make phone calls. My youngest 10 year old will probably be online from time to time gaming or watching youtube. Myself and my 23 year old will probably use our social media and check email etc. Hubby will occasionally check email. Will we be charged to text? Does texting work when out at sea? Or should we rely on messaging through facebook or another social app? Thanks in advance.
  12. We have been doing the same thing. It's been very helpful:)
  13. No each time I make a purchase on the HAL website I use my VISA debit card and it comes out of my checking account. I try to purchase a few things each month so it is in more affordable increments. I guess it is sort of like a forced savings plan in a way. I'm sure people who are great with their money can sock it away each month or people who have lots to spare don't have issues I am not the best so this makes it easier and I feel more relaxed knowing when I am on vacation if things are prepaid.
  14. Exactly. For us, a family of 4 cruising, it's been nice to pre-purchase drink packages, shore excursions and onboard credits over the past 3-4 months upfront so that when we are on the ship we will have minimal charges, just bingo, spa, shopping and gratuities. This way we don't come home to a huge credit card bill the next month.
  15. Glad they have vitamin water. I like to take those with me in my bag for shore excursions, walking, etc.
  16. We are on the Nieuw Statendam so should have a mini cooler. Thank you
  17. OK great we have a veranda so that will work out perfectly. He won't need more than a few in the room.
  18. It has been 11 years since we sailed. My husband likes to have a few cokes to drink when relaxing in the room or on the balcony. Do the bar areas onboard give cans of soda that we can bring back to the stateroom or is it from a fountain? Is there a mini fridge in the room? Should he bring a few onboard for convenience sake? We have the Signature Beverage Package and I know room service is not included in the beverage package. I don't mind paying for a soda when ordering food to the room, but wouldn't want to bother with room service staff just for one or two drinks. Best way to handle this? Thanks!
  19. We are a family of 4 traveling to the Caribbean in April as well. I just purchased the laundry package. $49 is so cheap and I figure by mid-week we can each send a few things to be laundered (underwear/shorts/tees). I am only packing one gala night outfit and figure the second gala night we can either do the lido or room service. I am separating my clothes into categories: pool/beach days, resort wear that I can wear for day or night on ship, and the odds and ends (pj, workout gym outfit, gala). Packing cubes are also helpful - my husband is cube crazy right now!
  20. I'm leaving in 5 weeks and I got new luggage for Christmas, prepaid beverage packages and shore excursions, have bought lots of new clothes that I don't want to wear til we cruise, and made an excel spreadsheet of what I am planning packing! Although I haven't started dreaming yet. But yeah, part of the fun of going on a cruise is the planning and expectation of it all! Have a great trip. :)
  21. Small world this little autism world of ours. Actually my son is pretty good in restaurants because he is a foodie and loves to eat! But he is on a GF diet right now. I did fill out some online forms to Ships Services, but have not heard anything from them and am trying to see if there is any sort of priority boarding or area with smaller lines etc. He tends to get very rigid when anxious and anxiety is at a high in a new situation, so I can foresee our initial boarding he may be a bit difficult. He saw a picture of a HAL ship today and said he hopes its not like the Titanic and we don't sink! So yes, I plan on calling Ship Services soon. Thx.
  22. Thanks. I am planning on getting a call into them soon because my TA also had some questions regarding my son who is autistic, but he said he was on hold for 45 minutes. If we can't get through then we will try the maitre d after we board.
  23. thank you. We always use to be anytime diners when we cruised. My son has a disability (autism) so I now like the idea of routine and the same waiter each night that can get to know us and our preferences, as well as cater to his diet restrictions etc.
  24. OK will try that if I can not get through to the Ship Services beforehand.
  25. OK thanks for the info. He is really good in restaurants etc bc he is a foodie so no concerns there. It is more waiting to board bc it is such a new experience if he gets anxiety his rigidity comes out. He usually only needs headphones at shows. Once he had an epic meltdown in a Vegas show but nobody noticed bc it was so loud. After that experience he always wears BOSE head phones to shows but not in the turned on function, so the sound is muted and he can still hear it all and enjoy the music. We will try to get there early board.
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