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  1. Someday I’d love to sail Cunard!
  2. Yes I am aware of the difference between the two, but for CC purposes going with the typical term that many people use here in the US, even if not quite correct. I thought they use to have some sort of Royal Dutch Tea or Afternoon High Tea etc at least once or twice a week. What I was looking for was brewed tea in the pot brought to the table and a tiered tray either delivered to the table or even buffet style. I haven’t cruised in over 10 years but recall doing this in the past on HAL or Princess. I just enjoy the relaxation of it, the yummy sandwiches & watching the sea go by.
  3. What does the current daily tea consist of?
  4. For those of you recently on the Nieuw Statendam do you know which days they offered High Tea service? Do they still offer a daily tea as well? That is one of my favorite parts of cruising so I want to plan my itinerary around it! Thanks in advance!
  5. Yes I totally get it. We had the flight from hell last May on Jet Blue to New York and had to circle over the SouthEast for hours and had to land after 8 hours to refuel, stuck on the plane for a total of 11 hours, ultimately canceled, the remainder of the flight, then stuck in an airport in Virginia til 2 am til they found us all a cheap motel to stay in. Missed our older son's college graduation from NYU the following day at Yankee Stadium because they delayed even further. So I understand last minute emergencies, but trying to gauge what the norm is. Yes I live about 10-15 minutes from Disneyland in Fullerton, CA. We have annual passes and visit monthly and stay at the resort every few years. Still want to go to WDW someday.
  6. Great thanks! BTW does WDW stand for Walt Disney World? Do you work there? I'm a former Disneyland cast member and now my oldest son works there! :)
  7. Thanks. FLL has so many flights early in the AM and then late in the evening going to the West Coast, but hardly any mid-day that are nonstop or reasonably priced. Normally we would stay overnight and fly out the next day but hubby just got a new job and doesn't want to take advantage of another day. Seems like a long day if you are waiting around with luggage if we get one of the evening flights.
  8. Thanks. Do you pay for expedited services or is it based on your star level? Have not cruised in 11 years so don't remember all the logistics!!
  9. Great thank you. Sounds like it is pretty easy. Wondering what the very dead last group time would be?
  10. We will be traveling on the NS in April. Our itinerary states disembarkation starts at 7am on a Sunday at Port Everglades. How long does the process take? Booking return airfare and wondering what would be the earliest time of day for a return flight home. I know there can be problems which may arise, which would inevitably mean a flight change, but what is the norm for getting off this ship? Not interested in staying overnight as we all need to return to work and school on Monday barring any catastrophes. Thanks!
  11. Ok thanks for the heads up. We normally wouldn’t purchase a package bc we don’t drink and our minor child doesn’t even like soda, but figured since it was free as part of our pkg it was nice to have for the sodas etc. I’m sure the 23 year old will have a few cocktails.
  12. Interesting. We haven’t cruised in a long time & when we booked & this package was available we figured it was a perk. We typically would never buy a beverage package bc we don’t realky drink much. I guess I’ll find out when we board, but the booking says the bev pkg is for guest 1 & 2.
  13. Not sure I should ask TA
  14. Hi! We are booked on the Nieuw Statemdam in April. When we booked in the fall we used the Explore 4 package and will be getting the free beverage package for 2 passengers. Can I give the package to my 23 year old son who is staying in our cabin as passenger #4? I mostly drink ice tea so wouldn’t get as much benefit, but he does like a few cocktails & sodas each day. Right now the booking says it’s passenger 1 & 2. Can I change it onboard?
  15. Another question re holds. We are taking our 2 sons: 23 and 10 years old. Does each passenger have the $60/day hold or is it just the two primary guests? Just went to plan ahead.
  16. I’m 47, but the last time we cruised HAL I was 37 and we loved it! There’s enough to do so that you aren’t bored, but not so much that it feels like constant activity. We like to do pool days, go to the spa, read, play bingo, gamble & eat great food. We are not big drinkers. It is our preferred cruise line now. We are going on the NS in April and can not wait! Try it out and see what you think!
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