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  1. He just told me what the total amount due was, and gave me instructions for paying him through PayPal. No bill through PayPal.
  2. We did end up deciding just to pay it in full. That way, it’s already paid for and we don’t have to worry about bringing cash with us for it. And after talking to Rony about it, he did say he would refund if the boat missed the port. Good of luck with your tour with Bodden. I did see he has really good reviews as well. You’ll have to let me know how it goes. My cruise isn’t until April. I’m so excited for this tour. We’re going to be doing the sloths and Little French Key.
  3. After reading all of the positive reviews here and elsewhere, we’ve decided to book a private tour with Rony’s. After placing the booking he asked us to pay a deposit or pay in full. We don’t have a problem with this. We were actually thinking of just paying in full so we don’t have to worry about it when we get there. My concern is what if we miss the port for some reason. Does anyone have any experience with booking a tour with Rony’s and then not making it there for some reason? Was he hard to get a refund from?
  4. I’m not sure. It just says GTY on the reservation when I log in. I was previously booked into an 8D like your clients though.
  5. Thanks so much for this. I’m hoping my travel agent was misinformed by the Royal rep she spoke with and this applies to us as well.
  6. It just says GTY for the room. It doesn’t tell me what type of guarantee. The category I paid for was 8D Oceanview balcony.
  7. Room prices have gone up since I booked it, so it isn’t lower than what I paid. Back when I booked it though, guaranteed rooms were cheaper than choose your room. For everyone saying the travel agent was less than honest, I kind of figured what she was saying wasn’t right. I wouldn’t know what to call back and say though, other than calling her a liar. And my non-confrontational side wouldn’t allow me to do that. I’m just going to hope she’s right about the higher category room assignments, and that I get something in a good location. If not hopefully I can get moved somewhere better. Can’t say I’m happy about the situation though.
  8. I also noticed my room changed to guarantee. My travel agent called in and was told our room was re-classified to hold 3 people. Supposedly they are going to be moving anyone this happened to, to a higher category room. The person my travel agent spoke with said the room should be reassigned in a month, and if I don’t like the new location I can call in and have it moved. When I pointed out that I paid more to pick my room vs getting a guaranteed room originally, she gave me a line that I can change my room location and wouldn’t have been able to with a normal guarantee room.
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