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  1. We’re going on a B2B in the Caribbean on Insignia in October. We were originally going to Cuba for 2 days in each of 3 ports. When that was nixed our whole itinerary, including Key West, changed. But, it has changed many times since that original change and Key West is back in its originally scheduled date and time. This is so strange for an Oceania cruise. We’ve never experienced anything like this before so I have no idea what is happening. I had to call Oceania yesterday to ask them to take an excursion off my online account because that port was canceled over a month ago—yet, I was still being “charged” for this excursion (my OBC was being charged). None of this is typical operating procedure for Oceania. Regarding getting off the ship in Russian ports—we were in Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and the Solovetsky Islands in July. There were 3 private excursion groups (about 40 people in total). We got off first in all three ports. Nautica’s excursions met in the lounge and left after the private groups. So I guess there is no definitive answer to who leaves the ship first in Russian ports.
  2. Thanks for reminding me about connecting doors. We’ve been in two cabins that had connecting doors. One was in a C and one was in a Vista Suite. Both times we could hear talking and the tv. We were surprised to have a connecting door in the bedroom of the Vista Suite on the Nautica. One of the first mornings, the couple next door had their tv on and were arguing loudly. We ended up sitting next to them at lunch on a ship’s excursion the same day. When I said we were their neighbors and could hear them, they were a bit mortified. I only told them we could hear them because they asked. Never heard another peep coming from their cabin. We met a couple who were on deck 3 because those were the only cabins left. They said they were pleasantly surprised with the room and would book it again. So thanks for the affirmation.
  3. How was that porthole cabin on deck 3? Could you hear more operational noises or was it just like being in C2 except for the size of the window?
  4. Such beautiful pictures! Bob and Betsy — you look so happy! Thanks for sharing your special day with all of us!! Wishing you a long life together. Hope we see you on the 2020 Tokyo to SF cruise! Frances and Rafael
  5. Congratulations to Bob and Betsy! What a journey this has been!!! Getting married on the ship is perfect! Best wishes for a long, healthy and happy life together!!!! Hope to see you again on a future cruise! Frances and Rafael
  6. So good to hear from you Bob. How are you? How is Betsy? Really miss all the pilot’s on board, mission accomplished, etc. Go-Bucks—I’ll bet it has been an amazing journey! Thank you for all your posts.
  7. Thanks, Jim, for the update on Bob and Betsy. Hope you get to see them onboard again. Bob’s situation is a good wake-up call for the rest of us to make sure we have good travel insurance for medical issues that might arise when so far away from home. I’m wondering if MedJet Assist would have come into play in this situation?
  8. FDR is right!! Hope he’s doing well after having to deal with all the recent Cuba cancellations. We were on the Regatta, along with Betsy and Don and others, celebrating Oceania’s 10th anniversary, when he announced his idea of Around the World cruises. He was hoping others would be as excited about them as he was. Little did he imagine how excited people would be! A true visionary!!
  9. Yes, you have scored the top prize—each other. And it didn’t cost one inflated O point. Wishing you a long, healthy and happy life together!! Hope to see you and Betsy on another cruise. This truly is Mission Accomplished!!!!!
  10. OMG!! This is fabulous news!!! Bob is looking great. Thanks, Jim, for posting the picture and announcing the wonderful news!! Congratulations Bob and Betsy!
  11. So very, very sorry to read this. Thank you, Jim, for keeping us posted. Bob’s kind spirit has endeared him to those of us who have met him onboard and those who have followed his posts since January. He is truly blessed to have friends such as you and Betsy. We’re wishing the best for all three of you! Take care and tell Bob and Betsy hello from Frances and Rafael. We enjoyed a nice dinner in Polo with the two of them when we were onboard.
  12. We’ve all learned something from you Bob—it’s stents, not stints. Get well soon. Your trivia teams need you—-afternoon and night.
  13. Thanks, Jim, for keeping us posted on Bob. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog too. You take some good pictures and I love your adventuresome spirit!!!!! When we met Bob on the segment from Sydney to Tokyo, he was so down-to-earth, kind and welcoming. He always gave freely of his time when we had a question. Our cabin was down the hall from his. Bob seemed to be fit so he should have a quick recovery. Our friend had 4 stints put in and life has gone back to normal for him, as if nothing happened, and we’re wishing that kind of recovery for Bob too!!!! Take care, Bob, after all—your mission isn’t completed... Thinking positive thoughts for you Bob. And thinking of Betsy as well. Frances and Rafael
  14. At last!! I was beginning to think you never sleep. Thank you so much for posting pictures all these months. You win the prize for consistency although I do understand Lisa’s frustration with cruisecritic not allowing her to post any more photos.
  15. Pictures are amazing. We have gone by that rock many times and always in the darkness of night or early morning.
  16. Well, the Caribbean is a well over-traveled destination for many of us. Not sure what Oceania can do but I know many booked for Cuba and not the Caribbean, Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, whatever. For our 11 day cruise—how about the ABC islands? I’m sure many people have been there, but we haven’t. Oceania, and the other cruise lines, are really in a dilemma and I’m sure they are working hard to find and book ports that are available.
  17. Thanks, Jan, for your posting. Appreciate it. Now we will wait to see what the new itinerary looks like.
  18. A poster on our October roll call said he/she just called Oceania and was told our cruise will not stop in Cuba. We were supposed to have 3 stops in Cuba with overnights in each port. He/she was told that we’ll get an update on the new ports soon. Our final payment is due next month so we are anxious to see whether we will remain on the new itinerary.
  19. I think Bob said you have to be online around 3 am to get a good internet connection. I’ve been reading all the posts since we left our segment of your cruise in Tokyo. Doesn’t that seem like such a long time ago?? I’ll be sad to see your Around the World cruise end too. You guys are all so nice and I’m sure you have made wonderful friendships throughout these months. It’ll be a real adjustment getting back into your home routine (cooking, doing laundry, etc.). Enjoy Europe as you head back to the USA...
  20. DH and I did this 3 years ago. We stayed overnight in Giza at the historic Mena House which I see is now bearing the Marriott name. It’s where all the heads of state used to stay on visits to Cairo. I think it was originally built as a king’s palace. You get a fabulous view of the pyramids from the swimming pool area since you’re right next to them. It’s going for under $100 night right now which is a fabulous price for this famous hotel. We used a local tour company, Memphis I think, for a car/driver and English speaking guide. You’ll be surprised at how modern the Cairo airport is. If you spend the night, the sound and light show at the pyramids is good. The trip was well worth it. Good luck!
  21. Bob: thanks for the updated list of O items. Certainly not inflated as the one they had for the Sydney-Tokyo segment!!! Go Bucks: you certainly did a lot during your day in Dubai!!! I just looked up the cost of high tea. Mama mia!!!! Thank you both for continuing to take us along on your journey.
  22. Thanks for the photo of the Spectrum OTS. It was built in Europe and is headed to its home port in Asia. Although on the large side, I don’t think it is Royal Caribbean’s largest ship.
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