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  1. It’s all good. I understand- I only needed you to know that I was not ‘complaining’ about the 3 days so much as the lag (which has not been specific to these 3 days). I do really feel that Carnival should let people know as soon as they’ve made a decision- that’s all I was trying to say. These 3 days does not change anything for me personally. Am I disappointed that I’m not going to be able to go on a vacation? Sure! Am I disappointed with Carnival? NO! At this point, I don’t even think I’m going to try and rebook for this summer- too concerning giving the state of everything (unless things quickly and significantly turn around and that’s doubtful). Maybe we’ll drive the 6 hours to Bar Harbor. I also was following your recent vacation, so I knew you drove and elected to drive straight back through to home which was a LONG jaunt (and not one I would do)! That said, I realize you are not without financial implications- not that it matters.
  2. This is incredibly profound, and well-put. I understand that this pandemic is much greater than anything we are grappling about here and I don’t think anyone has ill-intentions. Crises often create a level of worry, fear and panic- and not everyone responds to that in equal ways. I work for state government and with vulnerable populations, often at the front lines of crisis, and am very sensitive to how this situation is impacting individuals, families and systems at all levels. Thank you for your insight. Thoughts and prayers for you and yours. Take care.
  3. I just want to clarify that I was never specifically speaking about Carnival needing another 3 days to make an announcement (although I realize it was on a thread titled as much so I own accountability for that). That said, I personally think I was clear in my communication in stating an example in which I feel that they could have been better and more forthcoming with communication- where great numbers of customers very likely did encounter emotional, physical, and financial stress. It’s also fine if we agree to disagree on the matter. And I’m not at all angry- it takes a lot more than this to make me angry.
  4. They also haven’t technically cancelled yet. We know it’s coming, but I’m also scheduled to sail on the 6/29 Radiance and according to Carnival I’m still sailing 😫. I won’t be canceling as I am hopeful to get the most OBC with FCC possible (as I’m paid in full). We will see what they have to offer.
  5. Agreed. No pitchfork here either. I love Carnival and completely understand the reason behind the decisions that need to be made. But the lag, as mentioned, is in where the problem lies. At the exact time that you pull a cruise, you should be notifying your customers. The emotional, physical, and financial stress that is inflicted upon their customers by not having that information sooner (especially in the case where those customers showed up thinking they were going on a canceled cruise), is simply not good business in my opinion even under these circumstances. We’ve beat this up enough. But I agree with you.
  6. I found these two. I think I saw two others- inclusive of the covering of a pool being removed, and maybe deck sanding? Can’t find them though. I’ve also never sailed Victory- so don’t really know what I’m looking at!
  7. I’m worried about the New Yorkers. We love NYC, and are saddened by the news. We visit often and were looking forward to cruising from the city. Stay safe. It’s a strange time.
  8. I guess it’s entirely possible they could stop where they’re at and put Victory back together- putting her afloat (and I would be happy again if this meant I got to sail lol). That said, it’s likely some very “Victory” things were already destroyed. Wonder what they’d call it. A pipe dream anyway.
  9. An update would be nice. At this point I can still purchase excursions, drink packages, etc. for my sailing. Seems Carnival would cut that line for their guests if they pull the sailing.
  10. I was going to say the same thing. There have been updates posted on Instagram. They’re going to have to work at putting her back together because the refurbishment has already started.
  11. The 6/29 Radiance cruise I’m scheduled to be on is actually a 9 day Eastern Caribbean Journeys. But I do believe it was the refurbishment that seemingly is canceling it out. The Europeans were the 5 sails prior and they already canceled those.
  12. Carnival is supposed to provide an update soon- I wasn’t sure if that would have impacted the June cruises, but news is news. This was according to their Instagram post a couple days ago.
  13. I’ve been checking frequently- because we are scheduled to sail 6/29. Earlier today it was still there. Now there are no sailings showing with Radiance. It is still showing in my bookings though. What’s your guess?
  14. I’m glad to see the prices dropping again. For a bit, I was starting to think that Carnival froze the prices due to their losses.
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