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  1. I went ahead and bought it for mine. No discount at all, but at least its done and the price won't go up 🙂
  2. Great meat too...but that's for another thread
  3. She's having internet issues on the ship, more info and pictures on her return.
  4. we made a cream cheese dark cocoa pound cake. I would love to have your recipes!!!
  5. when said offenders (aka winning picture potential) are around, simply have sistah wander over and take her picture. I can not be blamed if sistah is not actually in the pic.... Must I teach you people everything? Ok not Sid, he could teach all of us. But I can stalK! Truth. Ask for forgiveness, not permission. Words to live by.
  6. Have a great time! And remember you’ve got to add to the worst picture competition! #tribe
  7. Off topic, but y'all should try Karma King if you love Phase 10. Its at Target.
  8. OMG Phase 10! We make everyone pay $1 and winner takes all!!!
  9. Great review! Thank you for posting this @PTC DAWG
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