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  1. I'll take a Sid review any day. He could even review the exact same ship, have the same meals, etc. I'm all in!
  2. I just don't get the whole sleeping in public thing.
  3. Yes, hydrogen peroxide in the ear. The bubbles are a really weird, yet kinda fun sensation. You might have to do it a few times.
  4. Great review! I'm bummed your trip is over. But looking forward to your return to the Aye Tee Ell world.
  5. BigNance has had a few too many margs already.... Take one for the team, and make it to Cagney's anyway!!!
  6. NO, I want a drink pic and some gross people pics!
  7. I mean, a little tug....🤣 Couldn't resist! Great review!!!!
  8. Open it up and let's get the day drinking started!
  9. Also really glad you made it back to Marilyn's place, I am a sucker for that kind of thing
  10. OMG, is this is our first dive ladies room pic? I'm wayyyyyy too excited about this!
  11. Looks awesome, but something is missing...oh yeah the adult beverage!
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