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  1. I got the #5 spot, going for #1 on the December review!!! #lifegoals
  2. She wasn;t sure if she was still on here, she is trying to log in and catch up. Hopefully she will figure it out. I remember them too, name escapes me though.
  3. I'm confused (easily done). are you off the ship today or tmorrow?
  4. Really appreciating the no pictures rule now....
  5. How about a description of the crime? And when do the alcoholic drinks begin (asking for a friend...)?
  6. Definitely not the update we are all hoping you get. Sometimes you just gotta cry it out.
  7. Tribe Member Deedle checking in! Great review Sid!!!!
  8. We had a big family group sail on her last November, and loved it. Love the Serenity area, and we used the spa showers, those were great. One teen, he liked the teen program, but only went a few days, when he was in the mood. Loved the deli! delicious every time. Cabins were all nice, some signs of normal wear and tear. Every staff person we encountered was outstanding! I would sail on her again in a heartbeat.
  9. I'm in the 55+ group now too....
  10. Add me to the list of happy you're back people! I am totally looking forward to the next installment. Your writing is hilarious! I'll be checking tonight with a LARGE glass of wine in hand. I'd also like to hear more about the Pinnacle Lady with her special table. You cannot tell us enough stories, so tell DH to go and mow the lawn or something, you have people to entertain! (I feel ya about the hairball gack)
  11. Come back - don;t let one spoil it for many. And also, Brandon has a following now. So let's go!!!!!
  12. MDR, was very good, we had several great servers! Also, I love the deli. That cuban sandwich is the best!
  13. We were on in November, wifi was very good, as good as at home. We had the cheapest package and no problems uploading pictures to Facebook and WhatsApp. The $5 per person to chat through the Hub App was worth it to our group. Red Frog Pub had a happy hour special a few times, it was the $20 pitcher drink for $10. As far as condition, there were some signs of age, but nothing that would stop us from booking again.
  14. Love your reviews, and also, since digressions are allowed...#KEEPPOUNDING
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