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  1. Looking forward to more! I really like your style! I typically cruise with family, including 80 year old parents - funt times!
  2. Loving your review! Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed review.
  3. 48 hours on antibiotics before the flight, maybe she will make it?
  4. You're an amazing family, she is very blessed
  5. We were on the Miracle, now I'm thinking maybe we used Messenger instead of iMessage
  6. I bought the cheapest one, and we were able to upload pictures to Facebook, iMessage and WhatsApp. It wasn;t slow either.
  7. what is an infinity balcony? Love your review, thanks!
  8. Very happy for you and your family - happy anniversary to your parents!
  9. Loving your review! I embarrass my 18 year old all the time! Lets cruise together and watch them cringe, LOL!
  10. well now I want to know if you get it - hope you do!
  11. Thank you for a great review, you brought back so many good memories of our recent Miracle cruise. I'll be looking for your future reviews 🙂
  12. And BAM! You're back on my calendar! So Happy for you!!!
  13. I may have written quite a few of these myself, different brand an location though.
  14. We were on in Nov 2018, and it was great - Loved the serenity area, it never felt too crowded, has pool and hottub, and full bar. The waterslide is dated, but still fast and fun.
  15. We were among the last to get off the ship (around 10:30am) and they gave us a smoking deal on the 2 story cabana at the end. If we were to return, I would again get off the ship after most, and see if they had any still available for a deal. IMO, not worth full price (we asked after we returned and were told $1500) but we got it for $240, after initial offer of $480 which we turned down immediately. Pros: A/C if wanted, cold beer, sodas and waters, cable TV (yes, we had one of those), hammock, beach bed, picnic table (all private), big deck upstairs, attentive wait staff (pay by cc), private beach area, located close to pier for snorkeling and rest rooms, floats included too Cons: just the beach itself, the ground once you are in the water its either rocky or covered with slimy seaweed,
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