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  1. I had a very different experience... Cruised Miracle in December 2019 on a Hawaii trip, and had excellent internet coverage the whole time. Speeds were generally good, especially late at night, but even mid-day it was fast enough for clear wifi phone calls.
  2. Not halted, but cut by far more than 50%. Prior to this crisis, American had grown DFW to 900 departures per day; that number has been cut to under 200 per day now, a cut of about 75-80%.
  3. Should you be so inclined, there are boxed waters available out there, like JUST (justwater.com)
  4. The simple answer, I'd say, is to go into your phone settings and turn off automatic time updating. You can then choose a time zone (or set any time you wish), and the clock will work off of that until you turn automatic updating back on.
  5. Anybody with $16 qualifies for AARP membership... There is no age requirement to join.
  6. I can see it on the website if I go to print documents. On the Cruise Manager screen, choose "Print Documents", then "Print General Information". On the General Information sheet, my OBC is visible on page 2, in the second box down on the left side.
  7. I submitted my request via email Saturday afternoon, and had a reply Sunday morning. The credit shows on the documents already for my December cruise!
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