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  1. That is very helpful. I hadn’t thought to look at it that way. Thank you. I will go look at the map of the Encore again. 😀
  2. It was one of my favourite ports on the Getaway! It has a gorgeous beach, where we rented a clamshell for 30 dollars and a fantastic pool. It is beautifully landscaped. A wonderful, relaxing day.
  3. Thank you for your quick replies! You guys are awesome. I am so happy that I found this board. I read it every day and have gotten so much helpful information. Honestly, I really feel that my cruises are better because I am so prepared. All thanks to all of you. 😍
  4. Just a silly question about my cabin. I started with midship balcony and was upgraded to large balcony 12854 AFT starboard. Does this mean we are closer to the back of the ship, instead of midship because of “aft”?
  5. Congratulations Sands and Seas! That’s awesome!
  6. JC5240, that literally looks like a perfect cruise itinerary! Thanks so much for all your replies. I truly appreciate you taking the time. I’m thinking maybe I would try a smaller ship if they had good food and entertainment with a great itinerary. For those who like the smaller ships, how do food and entertainment compare between breakaway ships and smaller ships? Thanks again! 😀
  7. Does the gem have good entertainment at night? Also, leaving from New York in January....how long until there is warmth?
  8. Thanks for your replies. Is there a smaller ship that still has good entertainment in the evening? I don’t care about go carts and we aren’t sun worshipers. We like great food and entertainment at night.
  9. Good morning fellow cruisers! My sister and I would like to book our next cruise while we are on the Encore next month. We did the Getaway last year. We were thinking about going in January of 2022. We LOVE the big ships, the breakaway class and want to do a 10 day southern Caribbean cruise. Are there any that you would recommend? It seems that many Norwegian ships that do caribbean cruises are the smaller ships. Thank you so much!
  10. Zqvol, we are staying in South Beach for 2 days prior to the cruise so we were looking for something different to do. 😀
  11. Thank you Pduaime! That’s great information.
  12. I wonder if we got ourselves to the airport via shuttle if the airport has storage available.
  13. Hey there everyone! So, I just got my flight information and we fly out of Fort Lauderdale on our last day at 9pm. That gives us an entire day after the cruise. We would like to go to Flamingo Gardens in Fort Lauderdale. I read on cruise critic that some ships will transport your luggage to the airport for you. Does anyone know if Norwegian will do it for a fee?
  14. Thank you yazmin! That actually helps a lot! 😀
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