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  1. Ok I read this on FB and this is form one of the sports staff onborad. "as we changed the Flowrider, it’s completely new, the first one of its kind in the world!." I am not sure what this means. But maybe @Lloyd555 can post some pics of the "New Wave".
  2. Hello everyone and welcome to another "live" Review. This Review is going to a very "fun" one because of this little backstory. So I was one day looking around on RCI webpage and I wanted to do a quick cruise over the weekend and I happen to find a ok deal on Indy for a four night weekend cruise to the Caribbean. Well in that time I desired to hold off on booking this cruise until my cruise in harmony in September. Well when I was one the ship the price went down about $1,000 USD Dollars for a grand suite. So I said to my self. Why not go ahead and splurge on a grand suite. So I did. Here is a mini break down on some thing about this trip. Itinerary This 4-night cruise will bring us to one port of call and it will be the lovely port of Cozumel Mexico. As of right now I have no plans to do any thing in that port. however that may change over time. Cabin In This cruise I am Trying out a Grand Suite on Deck 10. This Is one the closets Grand Suite to the Aft which was able at the time of booking. But the Flowrider snob is slightly out of his comfort zone as this cabin is very close to the forward of the ship. Some Pre-Cruise thoughts I am beyond excited to sail Independence the of the Seas. After this cruise I will only need to do Liberty to make the goal of sailing on every freedom class ship! Folks please do not hesitate to ask any questions. I will try to find out what I can for you. Also Please keep in mind when Quoting a post with a series of pictures, please do not include Every pictures in your reply that . One or two will be fine. It just makes for easier scrolling. Thank You With That Said Let Review The Begin!!
  3. Come And Join Me For The Longest Zipline In The Bahamas! This Is A Video You Don't Want To Miss.
  4. I actually really like the one on Navigator. I felt it was a little bit bigger than the one on Mariner. Plus there were way more seats! But on the other hands the views on Mariner DL is far superior to Navigators.
  5. I actually really like the new paint color. However I don't think every ship should get the new paint color.
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