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  1. Thanks for your feedback, I've gone for just the transport and entrance and we will buy what we want to eat there. We have taken the cruise ship excursion as have got $50 x 3 cabin shore excursion credit.
  2. We are going to Cozumel in April and thinking of going to Playa Mia. We dont know whether to book just the beach break or the all inclusive with buffet lunch, there are 6 adults and three children ages 3, 5, and 7, we are not very likely to want much alcohol, maybe one each at most. Does anyone have a copy of the a la carte menu or details of what is included in the buffet, also is the buffet just one visit, as the children seem to eat every couple of hours. We will be booking through the Norwegian cruise line, as we have the $50 shore excursion credit, does anyone know if the cruise
  3. We have also just reached Platinum on NCL and are looking forward to our next cruise in March. We are taking our children and grandchildren with us as it coincides with a big birthday. Does anyone know if it is possible for us to give our free meal at Cagneys/Le Bistro and Moderno to our adult children to enjoy instead of us, as we have eaten at all of these restaurants before, but it would be a real treat for them. I do know it says no transferable on the voucher but how rigid is this Any help please Many thanks
  4. We did a b2b on Norwegian Sky last year, tried hard to find out in advance what we needed to do. We visited guest services twice and we were told not to worry about it, our cabin steward would help us. On the last night of the cruise we received a letter stating that we had to pack all our belongings, but to keep the cases inside the cabin on the last night and only to put them out in the morning. This letter arrived whilst we were out for dinner, so we did not actually see it until 10.30pm when we returned after the show. Fortunately I had taken the lack of instruction with a pinch of sa
  5. Hello, We are bringing the extended family to florida next March and will require a 15 seater minibus. We will be travelling around as going to Disney and then cruising from Miami. As anyone hired a minibus with 15 seats and does they have isofix points for the childrens seats, as we will have three children with us. Many thanks for any help given
  6. Yes we did find a shaded spot. There are quite a few trees so we got chairs near there. We did go early to grab our seats, as there were two ships in on the day. There was also an option on board to hire a clam shell covering two beds for around $40, sorry I cant remember the exact amount. Have a great holiday.
  7. Hi, We will be in great stirrup cay next week and wondered whether there were sun umbrellas to hire or any shade anywhere. Is there a certain better spot on the island to head for if you need shade. Grateful for any info in advance has we havent been before and we are cruising with NCL and the only options to pre book on the excursions are villas or cabanas at mega bucks.4
  8. I read in cruise critic news that Carnival Cruise line is resuming visiting Freeport from Friday 11th October, when are Norwegian going to return. Our visit to Freeport has been replaced with a sea day on our cruise at the end of October, we would far rather go to Freeport and boost the local economy, which I am sure is in need of the tourists return
  9. We are booked on the Norwegian Sun sailing 26th October 2019 which was due to call at Grand Bahama Island. Whilst we have not received any formal notification of NCL yet, but have noticed that Grand Bahama has now been taken off our itinerary and been replaced by a day at sea. We had been expecting it, but still sad. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bahamians.
  10. Does anyone know what cocktails and wine are included. I was going to take the premium package as one of our free at sea , but appears the only thing not really included is water, so probably don’t need it, perfectly happy with standard spirits, but like a Pinot with dinner and the occasional martini. Any help appreciated
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    Pleased our review helped you, Michelle and co were brilliant and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them
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