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  1. 10 hours ago, cruiselvr04 said:

    We just got our bid accepted from ocean view to balcony for next weeks sailing on Enchantment.  We did bid the max at $200 pp.  However total is still less then what balconies were originally going for.  Let me put it this way.  We originally booked an ocean view at the same total cost that we are now paying for a balcony.  We had a $400 price reduction several months before final payment which we caught.  Who hoo! Even more excited now!



    That’s awesome! Congrats

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  2. 1 minute ago, Turangi! said:

    We did a GTY Balcony and last week were assigned a Spacious Balcony — 6B on the March 7th Voyager of the Seas... A couple of others on this cruise were also assigned a Spacious Balcony... all of us on the 6th floor.  It was about 30 days out when they made the assignments!!!  No notice from RCI, but by logging in the room assignment popped up!  Ours is a connecting room but wasn’t expecting the bigger room in a great location... 🧜🏼‍♀️

    That’s great. I’m sitting at 38 days out waiting for cabin assignment

  3. 6 minutes ago, mikemul65 said:

    I am on the Grandeur of the Seas which only has one deck of balcony rooms and I booked one of those rooms using the guarantee program.  I fully understand that RC assigns rooms up to the day of sailing but not sure why this is an issue on this ship with such limited availability.  Can I read anything into this or since this a small ship, it is more likely that the department that assigns cabins will get to it eventually as they are more focused on the larger ships with more complicated assignments?

    I was told they can assign it GTY room the morning you check in to sale. As they have royal up offers where people can bid for a better room, you will wait. Someone is willing to pay for a balcony that’s not obstructed view or is slightly larger. I have GTY balcony for my March 22 sailing and also put a bid in for a royal up off.

  4. On 2/10/2020 at 3:23 PM, Mikiejag said:

    I think the OP was referring more to pre-pay vs paying at the end of the trip.  As far as that goes, I prefer to prepay for everything from Gratuities to the Excursions. I know what it costs, get it out of the way and then usually leave with a zero balance.


    Helps in my planning for the trip, prepaying, for me is the only way to go. 

    I’m with you! Prepay is the only way I go! All costs up front and no surprise bills at the end.

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  5. 23 minutes ago, angel69 said:

    Maybe theres someone out there has dealt with this and can answer my question. Me and my husband are sailing on Symphony OS on March 28. In the Royal up email I got I have the option to bid on a 2 bedroom Grand suite. If I bid high and win the bid, will I be able to add people for the second bedroom as of right now its only 2 of us on the reservation? If yes, how their rate will be calculated? Currently they are no any 2 bedroom suites available.

    I say call and ask, that’s the best answer.

  6. 1 hour ago, Tree_skier said:

    Most reports indicate that that is the deck you will be on when your cabin is finally listed. If you can read your bar code you can sometimes find out what your cabin assignment is from that.


    Thanks I will see if I can read the bar code with my apple wallet like someone else said. It probably won’t say anything as I did an offer on a Royal Up offer for a larger more spacious cabin/balcony. I doubt I will win as I bid $20 more then the minimum lol

  7. 10 hours ago, hwmyones said:

    I bid on a star loft suite on OA 2/23/20 for my honeymoon. Currently in a crown loft suite. Got a call from royal today asking if I was okay with a grand panoramic suite because they were out of star lofts at the same price I bid. Umm, yes please. Never had a royal up clear this early, and this was an unexpected wonderful surprise. 


    That’s awesome Congrats! Enjoy your honeymoon

  8. 12 hours ago, cruiserking said:

    Some ports you don't need an excursion and can very easily see on your own exploring on foot. Look over the itinerary and pick the two or three that absolutely need excursions and book those through the ship. We have booked outside of the cruise line but, only when the ship is in port for an extended stay. I prefer the security of knowing for the most part the ship will wait for us we return late on a ship sponsored tour. We've twice experienced late returns on ship tours and both times the ship waited. 



    Every port we stop in is 10-12hr stop. So plenty of time. I thought most posts are far from the main attractions on this cruise? I’ve been to Europe plenty of time’s but my mom hasn’t so I want her to experience it as best as possible.

  9. 8 hours ago, RFerrington said:

    We have sailed Star Class 7 times, including B2B SC cruises, and it would not occur to us to take advantage of either the SC program or the Genie in this way.  It doesn’t occur to you that this is cheating ?  I agree that allowing your family to be included in your plans is fine.  Reserved seats at the shows is hurting no one but free meals to which they are not entitled is not.  Sorry.

    It’s not on them tho. Their Genie included them, so that is her call to make. So if she added them, then the problem is not the cruisers. How can you get upset at the cruiser about this when it’s not even in their control? It’s the Genie making this all happen. A Genie’s job is to literally make sure you have the best cruise possible, so clearly this is what she was doing. No harm no foul on part of the cruiser, plus you know the Genie got the ok from her boss.

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  10. 54 minutes ago, 4774Papa said:

    90% of our excursions are private firms.

    Do some research and you should find more affordable private tours.  Also, join your roll call for the cruise.  Sometimes people organize tours on the roll calls.


    We book ship's excursions when the price is close to the private tours (few are) and when the distance traveled on the tour adds risk of being late to the ship.

    Viator.com has shore excursions for most Med cruises.  They subcontract their tours, but prices are usually reasonable.  Also, check for other tours.  Romeinlimo had tours, but I think you have to organize them for a group.

    Barcelona Day Tours is a great tour company for touring Barcelona.

    Thanks for the advice. I greatly appreciate it. This cruise is a working one for my Mom. It’s a huge group of Nurses.

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