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  1. I'm going on my first trans-pac (hopefully) in the spring. I'll be curious which method they use on Celebrity. Maybe the first few days of losing 1 hour at night would be okay, but might feel like you are always trying to catch up. Certainly by the time you get to 6 or 7 hours, it might grow tiresome...literally!
  2. I don't think any of us know what will happen next year. Even if they pull them now, it doesn't mean they won't ferry them over. I was supposed to be on the Millie in May, same itinerary (except no stop in Victoria) and we thought "they have to get the ship back to the US for Alaska...well, they got the ship back without passengers alright, but everything was obviously canceled. I don't think we will truly know anything until early Spring 2021
  3. Yep, I am booked on it for April next year. I love cooler weather and while this will be only my second cruise, on my first I could have done without any port days and just floated in the Pacific for days on end. It was the first time in my life where I could actually feel the stress washing away as we sailed. I was hooked. I can't wait!
  4. I'm booked on the TP from Yokohama to Vancouver in 4/21 on the Eclipse. I really hope we go...I love sea days and this trip sounds amazing.
  5. I was on the Millenium this September from Vancouver to Tokyo...just before it was canceled (due to Canada closing their ports through 10/31) all the rooms were sold out, except the top end suites. I'd say it doesn't look good 😞
  6. I had similar concerns as I priced my RS without any 'perks'. But, I was assured that the RS and above get suite benefits that include Premium Drinks package, Unlimited Internet. The suite benefits does not include OBC or grats...you have to add the 'perks' to get that. Since the price of the RS was almost $3k more with perks, I went without, added on prepaid grats and am not concerned about the OBC as I will get plenty from my TA. They did confirm I will get Premium drinks and unlimited internet as part of the RS package. 🙂
  7. Still waiting on Celebrity Air. They tell me it is in the stack to be done. At this point, I doubt anything will happen fast.
  8. I hear ya. I am perfectly fine floating in the Pacific for 16 nights. I have a table of candles lit hoping the cruise goes. I do wonder if they will move it to Seattle instead of Vancouver for embarkation. Either way, I just hope they let us know sooner than later!! See you on the boat!
  9. This is great info. I didn't know about the laundry-that will come in handy for the long trip across the Pacific! And I definitely want to do the Chef's table, so I'll plan for that too. I can't wait to go...fingers crossed it happens!
  10. On NCL (my only suite experience) Haven, the Butler oversaw the room steward. At one point on my cruise, I was on my balcony reading and I heard the door open and figured it was the Butler. I was partly hidden just by chance (I wasn't spying or anything, honest) and saw him tidy things up. Like making sure the Nespresso capsules were straight, and checking the glasses for spots. He straightened the pillows so they were perfect...then he saw me and apologized profusely-I brushed it off and said please continue-I'm just reading here. During my cruise did I see him all the time? Never. He serviced 10 suites. But, I always knew he was there, and if I requested anything, he was on it. I didn't really know what to expect being my first cruise ever and also first time having a butler. One thing that stood out for me...I went to a specialty restaurant one night before seeing a show. I had dessert, but it didn't really wow me. The waitress asked me if I liked it, and I said it was okay. She asked me if I wanted something else instead? I said I didn't have time as I was going to see a show. She said "If you did have time, which dessert would you like?" I picked one and she said "I'll take care of it!" When she came back with the check (it was zero of course), she said my Butler has it handled. I wasn't really sure what to expect...but I went to the show. When I walked into my suite after the show, the table was set with a white tablecloth, utensils, coffee, and the dessert I had picked! It was a wow moment for me. My butler had timed it right with the end of the show, knew when I would be back. I called him after I was done, thanked him for the wow moment, and within a few minutes he was cleaning up and gone. I've never actually seen anyone clear a table so fast. He also handled my reservations-when one restaurant was booked up for the time I wanted, he got me in, and when I walked up to the podium at the restaurant, they greeted me by name and I did not wait for a table. Again, he was not always seen, but he was there. It was those little things that made my vacation not just a 10, but a 12. I sincerely appreciated everything he did to make my vacation special and pampered. I think Celebrity ups the Butler level a bit (I'll hopefully find out in September). I am not one to rely on others, but I can say that when I work hard all year, it just was one more thing that allowed me to wash away all that stress. I had to think of nothing at all...and thats the way it should be!
  11. I love 1st and 2nd breakfast!
  12. sadly, I think the governments are the ones who should be questioned. I am far from a anti-government person, but many of the world governments were grossly unprepared for COVID19, despite repeated incidents in the past. We had plenty of warning with SARS and then MERS, but we did not heed the warnings. I live in Oregon, and we still have very few testing options. No drive up testing. Seriously cannot understand why with SARS and MERS in our past we did not have 30 days worth of PPE on hand to protect our front line workers. To top it off, we had very low numbers in Oregon-about 150 deaths (which is amazing given our proximetry to Washington) My brother contracted COVID19 as a fireman in NYC. He caught this because our governments were woefully unprepared for this pandemic...He is recovered now, thank god. The lawsuits towards the cruise lines or companies are misplaced in my mind...this goes way above an individual company liability. In times like this, we look to our government to be prepared, and other than shutdown, I feel they were unprepared.
  13. Just upgraded to the RS from C1on the Millennium. It was a pretty good deal considering the premium drinks package, internet and unlimited specialty dining is included. I've only done the Haven on NCL (which I loved because as a bit of an introvert, I love to be able to escape from the crowds to the 'ship within a ship' concept) and I really value my space (and I am solo). Since I am doing a transpac, for 16 nights, I will treasure the space. So, it was worth it for me. What can I expect in comparison to the Haven? I understand I get two bottles of spirits-is there a list to choose from? How unlimited is the unlimited specialty dining? Could I order 5 entrees and no one would think twice (not that I would!)? I have no idea what will happen with my September 2020 cruise, but I am hoping for the best. If worse came to worst, I could lift and shift to RS next year. But I'm hoping it will happen this year 🙂
  14. Hello-You sent me a private message somehow but I can't reply to you. Please email me below in my signature-happy to pass on info. The balcony on the Joy is a Hull Balcony. I was traveling by myself and it was fine for me, but it would be tight for two people. I appreciated the Hull Balcony because it is mighty windy when we are at full speed, being at the front of the ship. If you email me, I have plenty of photos. nyc2pdx at me dot com
  15. My point is that when I open it up, it noted the suites start at, say, $4000 and everything included. But, when I open it up, that $4000 is without the 'perks', so it really isn't all inclusive unless you pay the higher fare they offer you later in the booking process. Just seems misleading to me. I would say to show the included price and then offer to have the perks removed if you want them off.
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