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  1. Wonderful! I am excited to give it a try. It certainly seems to be a different experience than the mainline cruises.
  2. I have to say, I am considering taking a cruise with RSSC, and one thing that worried me about a luxury line was the potential to feel out of place. I am a professional, educated, and based on the responses I am seeing on this thread, I think my concerns can be put to rest. Thanks!
  3. I will too. I'm new to cruising, but this is a valuable lesson learned!
  4. Not at all on X...but Celebrity makes its money by repeat customers and providing an experience to its customers. I'd hate to think if I was on this cruise that my experience was one of scrambling to find last minute flights to Dubai. X was initially offering a refund and future cruise credit, which seemed very nice given the circumstances. I can't say I would be so happy if I was looking at having to pay last minute airfare to Dubai instead of Singapore. Especially if I was already in Singapore and now had to buy a ticket (with no change fees) to Dubai to catch the ship.
  5. That’s pretty horrible. If a last minute flight to Dubai and potentially a hotel the night before is cost prohibitive, then you can cancel with normal penalties? They changed the embarkation...it isn’t the passengers fault this happened.
  6. What about if you are a solo? Would the minibar be included?
  7. got it. It threw me when I saw select dining above the MDR, and my cruise planner is allowing me to make reservations. Thank you!
  8. Travelling on the Millenium in May. Whats the difference? Are there different menus?
  9. Exactly what I had hoped to get! Thank you so much for replying. I’ll bring warm clothes!
  10. I'm booked already, but I am curious as to what I can expect? I know the Bering Sea can be a wildcard. I love sea days, and the cold doesn't bother me. The journey is Yokohama-Hakodate-Petropavlosk-Vancouver BC. Packed full of glorious sea days!
  11. I'm on the same cruise as you-Millenium from Yokohama to Vancouver BC. I have travel insurance, just in case. we have a good 90 days for things to clear up...I'm hoping we see it clear up by then. If we get to 30 days out and things are not good, I will be more concerned. I won't live in fear. If its my time, then I'd rather be cruisin' when it happens 🙂
  12. can you order things off menu? I love eggs benedict for breakfast, (I see crab cake benedict on the premium-I am talking about the everyday eggs benedict)...could I order that, or will they charge me? Do they allow ordering off the MDR menu?
  13. I signed up for it on my cruise. I'm going solo, and will probably do the wine pairing...why not? Hope I enjoy it.
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