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  1. As PSVA stands Alaska cruises aren't legal without a stop in Canada. The government has allowed exceptions before, but those have been more emergency-like. A storm preventing docking, an ill/injured passenger causes an unscheduled stop, a port closes, etc. Who knows whether the government actually would allow an exception that stands for a few months or not. I think the cruise lines are looking into it as they are delaying cancellations.
  2. Royal Caribbean and carnival have the same policy. So do all the airlines.
  3. I know it already got ruined... But I was on Epic's last cruise. Absolutely nothing bad to say about NCL on that cruise and they did great on it and managing the changes. The only negative thing I could say on it was they probably should have warned people ahead of time that the internet was going to be a clusterf&%$ for a while (free internet for everyone plus on a different route than planned satellites for the ship). I figured it out, but that was that biggest point of contention I heard.
  4. It's the PVSA that governs passenger ships so based on calling it the Jones act they don't know what they're talking about. Furthermore the US put the kibosh on technical stops (docking but not letting passengers off) which is another knock off just being in foreign water being enough. And another nail in that coffin is that cruise ships leaving Seattle often enter Canadian waters (the way to get to international water is split between Washington and Canadian water). The final nail is probably that international waters equals foreign waters but any RT Hawaiian cruise from the US (besides Pride of America) still has to stop in a foreign port since its the stop that's important.
  5. July is most likely going to be canceled. August and September are still up in the air, but have a good chance of canceling. With Alaska I think the excursions might be a big problem - the vast majority of those that run them are only summer residents so they're not up there right now and I'm guessing some will choose not to go for a one month season. I follow the captain of the whale watching trip I took and he's decided not to return for the summer and it sounded like the company he worked for decided not to operate this summer. As for Canada - since the ships only stop in Canada to comply with PVSA there's a possibility of the US making exceptions. Either not requiring the stop at all or allowing technical stops again. I think a bigger obstacle is that not all of the ships went through with their repositioning. I believe Jewel and Joy are on the west coast, but Bliss isn't. It would only take a couple days for Jewel/Joy to get up north but it's probably not worth it to move Bliss over for a 6 week season where 2 of that is just getting over there - unless Bliss is hanging out in California after but I believe she heads right back east so my guess is all Bliss Alaska cruises will be canceled regardless of when cruising starts up again.
  6. A credit card dispute gives you no more leverage than you did before. Amex is the sole arbitrator of this and if they find in NCLs favor it will be charged back on your account without needing your permission. I'm not making any prediction on the outcome of the chargeback, just stating that you're not in control of it and you have no say in whether you "give the money back" at this point. That's not how chargebacks work.
  7. Ok, even so that doesn't change the overall point of my post. The government hasn't stopped all unnecessary air travel and based on all your sources isn't even requiring them to limit flights - it's all left to the air lines to decide. Which would likely be decisions based on their best interest. While I agree the cruise lines shouldn't be operating as normal like any other part of the tourist industry, it does seem odd to focus on curtailing them while placing no restrictions on the mode of transportation that is actually responsible for the spread around the world and the country.
  8. I've seen other sources dated the same day that say that's not an option. For example. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/04/heres-why-so-many-planes-are-still-flying-nearly-empty.html
  9. Those articles all only talk about the frequency they are flying the routes. Cutting down from say 10 flights a day between two airports to 1-4 flights a day. The CARES Act requires them to keep flying all routes to get money for payroll but does not specify that they need to keep up the same frequency.
  10. Except flights aren't restricted to only essential travel. And in fact the government has in a way incentivized appeal air travel as it is requiring airlines to continue flying ALL their routes or lose bailout money. So because they're still required to fly all their routes the airlines are going to take what money they can - even if it's not essential travel - to give them at least some money for a flight they're losing money on. Furthermore airline personnel are considered essential personnel and therefore not subject to quarantines if they fly to hot spots. So any employee who worked a flight to or from NYC is not required or even suggested to self quarantine on their days off when they get home. Cruise ships came under fire only because their passengers stayed on for more than 14 days (every ship with cases on board that I can think of were on cruises more than 7 days). Yet airlines are how the disease spread to practically every country.
  11. But the odds are the virus got on a ship via an airplane. Planes are responsible for spreading the virus so much. If one fears going on a cruise ship because of the virus they definitely should not fly on a plane.
  12. You should. FCC are by person not a specific cabin type.
  13. I was on the last Epic cruise and felt they handled it about the best the could. Only the internet was a disaster and I have no idea if their explanation of having to take a route far north of what was normal messing it up was true or not but 🤷🏻‍♀️
  14. They didn't send you an email confirming your cancellation?
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