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  1. Room lock is RFID. The bars also have RFID on their pos. The restaurants however, at least as of last May, were still operating on old mag stripe so you have to take it out to eat. Also getting on/off the ship - though some scan the barcode so you didn't have to take it out got them.
  2. I don't think those over UK can take advantage of the price drops like that either. I'm sure it has to have something to do with regulations and protections. ie I know the deposits in UK are non-refundable but they're refundable in the US. And over in the UK the free at sea works differently too.
  3. It could be tight. If you have a reservation for 8 it most likely with either be two 4-tops put together or four 2-tops put together (or one 4-top and two 2-tops). I know the MDR have a handful of round tables, but I'm blanking on whether they fit 6 or 8 (I think it's only 6). Sometimes it's easy to just plop an extra chair on the end of one of the tables, but there's some locations where doing that would cut off a walkway around the tables. Definitely mention you're actually 9 when you check in. It might be worth it to change the reservations to 9 once you're on board. That would then change it to them probably putting you at tables for 10.
  4. They're essentially asking for the email you should have been sent when you changed your airfare that shows the day you changed it and the fee.
  5. Unless you're on Bliss, Joy, or Encore there will be a hole punch at guest services. You cannot punch the cards on Bliss, Joy, and Encore as they are RFID. So if you are on getaway too, then yes the cards can be punched.
  6. I've never seen 100% CFAR, the highest being 90% for a lot of $$$ with the normal amount being 75%. It usually has to be bought within 14 days of first deposit.
  7. Because the minimum bids and standard and static to specific ships/itineraries.
  8. I believe the old T&Cs said something like cannot be used for service charges but can be used for gratuities. But the gratuities part is no longer there.
  9. Nah, prices had been dropping for a while. I don't know what they are now, but airfare was freaking expensive for this cruise for months which I know kept people from booking. Right now everyone that booked earlier is frantically upgrading due to the price. drop. I got a pretty good cabin for the cruise.
  10. There will always be a decent amount of people wearing them. You can't punch the cards on Bliss though so you'll need a pouch or something to put the card it.
  11. Essentially that all he admitted was he was guilty. Sometimes pleas require the person to state for the record what they did which then automatically becomes a fact and the words can be used as fact in a civil case.
  12. Not all ships change time - my last few Royal cruises did not - but my last several NCL cruises all have. On the itinerary it's port time to schedule your excursions. Depending upon the captain it may be different than ship time, but it seems NCL always switches to port time equaling ship time. My last Breakaway cruise was western. We went back in time 1 hour each night 1 and 2. The first two ports were on that time, then the night of our second port we went forward an hour where we were for the next two ports. Normally we would have gone forward again on the last sea day, but disembark day was when the clocks fell back in Florida so we didn't have to. Also, the operators pay attention to ships. If one gets in late, or has a delay in disembarking people they know and adjust for it.
  13. California already requires this. It's why Royal doesn't have any ships home porting out of there. I think Royal ships are out of NJ not NY up there. I believe all of NCL's new ships can do that (since Bliss and Joy have home ported out of LAX before), but not sure on the older ones.
  14. Well, also, he is in Haven with spa access. Definitely a different POV that being one of the many.
  15. The form for port valet has a list of the different airlines and the baggage allowances and fees. If you tell them checked bags and there's a fee it is charged to your on board account. I was on Southwest though so can't tell you more than that since there were no charges for mine. Make sure to pay mind to the cut offs for it though because there are very different luggage tags for those using port valet vs the regular NCL luggage tags for the last night.
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