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  1. If you think loyalty means anything to any company anymore you're kidding yourself. With the endless chase to the bottom by consumers companies will 100% place more value on the infrequent customer that spends a lot vs the frequent customer they're barely breaking even in. In other words NCL doesn't really care about the customer on they're 8th sailaway cabin booked 3 weeks out customer. They make way more money on the one who books once every 3 years a year out, who books their excursions through NCL, goes on the go karts 3 times, and pays for photos as it was a once in 3 years vacation.
  2. Depending on the time and ship, if it has studios you can likely get him his own cabin for less. With the added bonus of having a room to yourself. Otherwise you put the two people that drink the most as 1 & 2. With the third ala carte. Also drink package on royal is 1462 for 3. The free drink package gratuities plus drink package for the third is 1108. So about $350 cheaper than Royal. Even more savings if you used 3/4 guest free which Royal doesn't offer for adults.
  3. The vast majority get the drink package as a perk so the actual cost it 19.80 per day. Much less than the other lines. I'm sure there's some out there that pay for it, but I've never met one yet.
  4. Likely not. Again, I've only seen it as part of their insurance option. It's a feature included when you purchase the insurance through the cruise lines. See Celebrity terms: https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-insurance See NCL offering the same: https://www.ncl.com/freestyle-cruise/booksafe And Royals: https://www.archinsurancesolutions.com/coverage/Royal And of course you would submit proof if you were canceling for a covered reason - only way to get 100% of your money back. CFAR doesn't give you 100% back.
  5. I'm quite sure that credit option was only available because you purchased insurance through the cruiseline. All the mass market lines, at least as far as I'm aware, include a cancel for any reason cruise credit option.
  6. Except OP is sailing in Jan so past final payment. I might have waited to see the black Friday deals. But maybe they can upgrade.
  7. Studios don't get to bid. I'm guessing because they can be harder to sell last minute + there's usually a floor for price (I don't think I've seen a studio under $700 and even under $800 is rare) as they choose not to slash and burn those prices.
  8. 1) I like the drink package so a studio is often the more economical choice 2) I often prefer to pick my room which you always get to do with a studio (got stuck above the anchor on a gty once 🤮) 3) While the halls can be more secure in the studio area, I like them more because they're quieter 4) The lounge is nice - I often stop by when I'm in for the night to fill my water bottle up with ice water and often refill it for going off ship there too. The snacks are less to my personal liking. 5) I think I prefer being on the higher decks and near the elevator - it's only down a few for 6/7/8 or up a few for the top decks - gty insides could stick you down on the bottom decks or way far from the elevators. 6) If we're talking Bliss (and likely Encore) I really like the virtual window 7) I think the storage layout is better than the insides I've seen - I definitely prefer the setup over the oceanview I had on Sun. 8 ) I like the larger bed without the crease in the middle, but that's minor 9) I do like the whole room edge lighting they have (that on some ships you can change colors - it was a much nicer wakeup to not be bright white light as soon as I turn a light on) My preference would be an inside non-sailaway only if was significantly cheaper than a studio (I could have done an inside and saved like $10, not worth it for me). Likely the same for an oceanview room (def for a porthole room as I don't like them, maybe choose OV for a picture window). On all the sailings I've been on I'd drink the difference between sailaway and not so it's not worth it.
  9. A Mexican embassy in the US is way more likely to know the correct answers on how Mexican authorities would handle this.
  10. I just got off an my on board account was under $6 for the week. That was just taxes before we left Miami. Would have been $0 if they didn't charge that like Royal.
  11. At the very least, with so little at stake when it came to the rewards (<$10) when I notice the amount being on the wrong card I would have just shrugged my shoulders and kept it on the card NCL charged. All this switching around is making it difficult by their charge being a needle in a haystack, and there could have been a glitch in the system that saw his card was refunded and then went to "fix" it by recharging him again. Complicated even further by the fact that he doesn't have the "correct" charge on any credit card in his name so he doesn't have proof to show Chase it is a "duplicate" charge*. I'm sure when NCL got his dispute they looked up his account and said nope we charged the right amount and sent that to Chase. *In credit card speak duplicate charges are when the company charges your card twice - the same card. As the other charge is not only on a different credit card but a credit card in his name, it's not seen as an easily disputed duplicate charge. This is something you'd have to sort out with NCL and it's complicated and convuluted so having all the info needed and being able to relay it concisely is a must. It took several posts before the OP correctly got his point across so I'm not surprised if NCL doesn't understand.
  12. So the $300 is valid you're just complaining about which card it went on? (Which got confusing because you wanted to change cards.) You're having this must angst and upset over less than $10 of rewards?? Geeze I've let amounts less than that go as it wasn't worth an hour of my time to sort it out.
  13. I book for June/July flights but the sweet spot for tickets I've found is about 6 weeks before. I think I saw another dip like 4 months out? Last summer I actually booked mine 3 weeks out and got that price. The weeks before it was still under $400 though.
  14. Honestly, you might not get that bad of flight deals. I flew up to Toronto this summer from Orlando and RT was under $300.
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