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  1. The article I saw said one of the edits in the extension was to do away with the 7 night limit.
  2. From what I've seen posted the FCC isn't instantaneous. It's not like cancel the cruise and 30 minutes later you can use your FCC. It can take a while.
  3. You need a test to get into the US. If you're flying in the day before - would that test not be within the time frame the cruise requires? Otherwise your easiest bet right now is to just pay for the test that's at the airport. Any other place would require you to get a ride there and back and likely a charge. Currently the CVSs that are doing free aren't the ones that near the airport.
  4. I've seen many people post on here that if the second guest was a no show that you should get solo points. But since it wasn't originally booked you usually have to call to get the right points.
  5. Central Park is not loud. There will be piano or string music playing in the early evening, but by around 9 it's pretty silent. Boardwalk is possibly louder but I haven't sailed there. Between the ambiance and the no longer perks CP was by far preferable for me over boardwalk.
  6. XB is a thing and exists - but it's not always available. I see the neighborhood gty way more often.
  7. It's switched to Diamonds getting 4, D+ 5, and Pins 6 that can be used throughout the day up to $13 each drink - but are use it or lose it each day. If you order a drink in the Diamond Lounge it counts now though. They do still have some apps during happy hour in the lounge though.
  8. They're likely to want to spread guests out among muster stations even with reduced capacity. I can't say for a fact that each muster station is capped to a certain percent, but I wouldn't count on it either way.
  9. You just gotta do the math and see if it works. The drink package includes bottled water, coffee, other non-alcoholic stuff. For the prices I've seen lately it's about 5 $13 drinks for the package to make sense. So that's 9 a day if you include your vouchers. But lets say you get a coffee, 3 bottles of water, and a soda every day too. That cost wise probably equals at least 2 of the 5 break-even drinks. So now it's just 7 alcoholic drinks a day plus the non alcoholic stuff to break even. Or less if you're a coffee or soda fiend. But you gotta make sure to check that vs just buying the soda or refreshment package or coffee card.
  10. I''ve had 3 cruises over the last year or so booked. I've seen it go between 58-71. I would assume in that range. I believe $89 is the current on board price so you'll see *something* off that pre-cruise. But hard to say exactly how much.
  11. Some sailings have already hit 50% so at the very least that's a good possibility for Dec. Might be more. Could be on a sailing that has less booking it.
  12. I dunno about Allure, but on Mariner half the time we went they were out of the pizza we wanted and they were like go sit we'll bring. And we had no pins! One time I had more than pizza because it's the combo place there and before I could figure out how to carry everything they were hollering and someone took most of it from me and asked what table I was going to. I wasn't even wearing my platinum pin I got on that cruise. 😉
  13. That's why I kinda prefer NCL for my solo cruises. A lot easier to pick when you dine solo and with people. I think my last one with them dinner went 1, 2, 4, 1, 8, 5, 1. You can do that with MTD on Royal but they give you confused looks when you switch things up sometimes.
  14. Escape room is definitely and only one onboard thing currently.
  15. Not disagreeing that it sucks - but only a week or two ago there was no way to upload your cards early so you wouldn't have found out until at the pier if your cruise was earlier. So this is an improvement. Unfortunately we're still in a "cruise lines are just figuring things out" time frame. Especially with not-US being a bit more up in the air.
  16. https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-approves-first-covid-19-vaccine According to this that's not an offshoot it's the brand name of their covid vaccine. I think the problem is that the Pfizer vaccine is two shots. I'm not sure how he was considered fully vaccinated with only one shot of it.
  17. Possibly to cut down on positives at the terminal. Testing before makes sure you don't show up if you are positive and a second test just confirms you're still testing negative. In 3 days it's entirely possible to go from testing negative to testing positive.
  18. I think they have a deal with them. I was just on Divina a few weeks ago and their kid area is below the club. When I was walking up the stairs to the club there was a big lego banner welcoming the kiddos into their area.
  19. It'd pay for a good chunk of another cruise not on a holiday week on an Oasis class.
  20. Florida has a law on the books that says you can't require people to show a vaccine card for service. So for a while Royal was playing by FL rules and not requiring it in Florida (but requiring it everywhere else). But then the USVI said a ship needs everyone 12+ vaxed in order to dock so Royal required it for those sailings. Shortly after Bahamas created the same rule - and as practically every cruise out of FL goes to the Bahamas they are now requiring it. Royal is "hiding" behind the Bahamas law as for why they are requiring vaccine cards and why it's ok even though there's the FL law. That's why there's a blurb there - so it's official that they're requiring it due to another country's law.
  21. Currently if you're over 12 you're not getting on the ship unless you're vaxxed. In Coco kids don't have to take Royal excursions to get off the ship, but for every other port unvaxed kids have to take RC excursions or stay on the ship. No one knows for certain what it will be in April. Rules are likely to change once the vax is approved for the 5-11 set. Bahamas will likely extend their rule, but no one knows until when. It's possible by April they won't be as strict about vaccines. It's equally possible that they'll keep the requirement in place. There's also the CDC CSO out there that expires at the end of this month that they may extend.
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