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  1. Hi all, like many others, our planned mediterranean cruise has been re-scheduled until 2021. Itinerary is the same with one exception, we will be calling at Marmaris, Turkey (quite happy about this as we have never been) 2 questions - looking at the info in port, it says to stock up on alcohol in the duty free building as you will not be scanned again when boarding the ship... has anyone experienced this and can confirm ? Would we be allowed then a bottle or two of something to take on ship and not have it confiscated when boarding ? Also - we have a full day here, any ideas of how to spend it ? It looks a very pleasant little town to just chill in for a day, we don't want to do a long excursion anywhere. Thanks to all
  2. Many thanks for that useful info I had no idea of all this not having visited Turkey before. Having now booked our tour I will definitely post how we went on etc
  3. Thank you very much for the info, I have now found the info I was looking for and have booked through TripAdvisor which includes the entrance fees. Thank you again for your replies.
  4. Thanks for that. Sorry .. quite new to this ..
  5. Hi everyone, following on from my earlier enquiry re Kusadasi, we are looking at a tour through Karavan Travel which gives us a half day tour of Ephesus and Terrace Houses which is what we want. Booking through TripAdvisor gives a good price but I cannot find whether this includes entrance fees. Reviews with this company are good, but I am also looking at Curio Travel which is a dearer price but includes the entrance fees, hence my query. Has anyone booked this trip through TripAdvisor and know if it includes the fees ? Many thanks
  6. thank you, I have checked the website but it says nothing meets my criteria, no worries, I am confident we will sort something out, thank you again
  7. So much info and so helpful, many thanks to you all. I have checked out the forum on ports of call, it seems both Levent Solmaz and OTTI are mentioned a couple of times so going to check them both out. Again many thanks
  8. Many thanks, I think we will most certainly do a private tour as opposed to cruise excursion, probably will leave it until early 2020 as we are not sailing until late June 2020. Thank you to all responses
  9. Many thanks for the replies, iancal - can you remember who the tour operator was ?
  10. Just looking at excursions for Kusadasi, Turkey with our HAL cruise 2020. Has anyone any suggestions or recommendations for private tours to see Ephesus and the Terrace Houses ? There are a couple on TripAdvisor which look ok, but has anyone had any experience and can recommend ? We are looking for a 5 hour (ish) tour. Thank you
  11. Thanks to everyone for your responses, I guess it will be US dollars, doesn't really matter, but it's been a few years since we last sailed with HAL and I can't remember what how we paid for the excursions then ! Will check with the travel agent tomorrow, also the exchange rate on cc etc.
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply, our deposit was paid in British pounds through a travel agent, I'm thinking maybe getting them to ring up and ask the question as they deal with the cruise line all the time .
  13. Hi All, sailing with Holland America in June and looking at some shore excursions. They are all priced in dollars and are to be paid up front, does anyone know whether it is possible to pay in British Pounds ? I don't want to have to pay an additional fee for changing from dollars to pounds by my credit card company if it can be avoided. Many thanks
  14. Thought (and hoped) this would be the case, hopefully we will be lucky ! Many thanks
  15. Must be a seasonal thing maybe ? We go late June so hopefully it will be up and running, will make a note to check before we go, thanks for that.
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