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  1. I continue to wonder where to put a towel, shoes and room card when I just want to swim. At least my children are old enough to be alone in the pool but a few years back, I asked why there are no cubbies or shelves for 3 pair of shoes and towels. I needed to stay near the pool with them but had no place to put anything. Shelves would also be a great place to hold a hog's belongings. I hate sitting in the sun but do enjoy a little time in the pool on a hot day. I always feel like I should have a place to put my things other than taking up a chair.
  2. I know this is not much $$ but for some reason this bugs me. I noticed the difference in my cart - I had been hoping for a sale on a non-alcoholic beverage package (which didn't happen). Then I went in to pay for it anyway and noticed it was a few dollars more. I know Celebrity can do whatever they want but I just don't like the feeling of being taken advantage of. If it is part of the price then just disclose the price - same thing with gratuities. This is a significant increase in revenue for the cruise line when all is said and done - nickles and dimes - they add up.
  3. I am on the same sailing and not sure I trust the app yet - it is changing frequently (looking good though). It matters only because of the MDR menus and the possibility of specialty dining Teri
  4. Booking an adult in each room - I think it is the path of least resistance for the travel agent - each booking is done separately and I am guessing this is less complicated. I have been with the same travel agent for years and if this is the biggest problem I have - I consider myself lucky! It is the first time that we have not had connecting rooms which in the past just kept open and therefore could enter on either side. Teri
  5. Thank you for the information - I am glad to know we can actually switch and VERY glad to know that I can get an extra key to their room! Now should I let them have an extra key to my room? Hmmmmmmm Teri
  6. We are a family of five sailing in 33 days (but who is counting) on the Celebrity Equinox. We were required to book my husband in one room with two kids and my daughter and I in the adjacent room. Obviously - we will be rearranging for sleeping arrangements. When do we make this change in order to get my husband his own room key and my daughter one for the kids room? I have read on this forum that they will give you an additional blank room key - that would necessitate carrying around both. Is there an option to actually re-issue the sign and sail card to the different room? I assume the only place that this can happen is at guest services and not at check in. Can anyone verify the process? Teri
  7. We are cruising in April and I finally booked our transportation. We are staying close to FLL airport Friday night (Springhill Suites) and SAS will pick us up at 9:30 on Saturday Morning. We are sailing out of Miami and will be picked up at the port upon return and brought to FLL. We are a party of 5 so Uber/Lyft was not a great choice. When booking - SAS had a promotion to reduce the cost if we pre-paid via paypal. The usual rate of $13 was reduced to $10. Total $100 for party of five - round trip. Seemed like a good deal since they are highly rated here on CC and tripadvisor.
  8. I actually enjoy my cruise ship towels and have purchased each and every one. I have at least 10 in total and they are always out by the pool every summer. My husband still has a Carnival towel that I purchased in 2001 and uses it all the time. I purchase them for kids souvenirs and for my own use - no regrets and I love having them. The yellow Celebrity ones are not as thick but large enough for pools and water parks. ReneeFLL - Please don't assume that people steal - yes some do but many others do not.
  9. Leaving on 7 day Western itinerary at the end of April with two teenage daughters. I looked today and found their passports expire in June of 2019 but of course I received the warning during check in from Celebrity that they are less than six months from expiring. I have full intention of renewing them when we get back but am looking for some valid information about the real risk of not having this done prior to April. With government shutdown pending - the risk seems higher that we may not get them back as opposed to the risk of travel and having a passport that expires in 60 days. I will probably bring along birth certificate for them as well. As you know - youth passports are good for only 5 years. Honestly, I feel like we just renewed these - time is just flying by. I appreciate the expertise here - I have been searching the forums and honestly would have processed the renewal this week if it wasn't for all this uncertainty. Getting two teen age girls in the same place to have a passport picture done will be more difficult that you can imagine 🙂 Thanks in advance for your help. Teri, Jim, Molly and Mallory
  10. Hi Michelle, We are also from NH - we are back to Celebrity again this spring. We have tried Carnival, Royal, NCL and nothing has compared to Celebrity. Just the right mix of activities and luxury. We are 50s and our kids have preferred Celebrity for the same reason. Not everyone needs slides, bowling and climbing walls (oh and race tracks and roller coasters now!). Stay warm - we are right outside of Concord. Teri
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