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  1. A little video I created to showcase what goes on during a typical Halloween cruise onboard Virgin Voyages. Scarlet Lady Halloween (via Instagram)
  2. here’s a short little video I made of my experience onboard Scarlet Lady! It was my 4th time on the ship and it was just as amazing as my 1st time. There was only ~750 sailors onboard but that didn’t stop us from having fun! Scarlet Lady Jan 6, 2023 Sailing
  3. Here is a recap of my 101th cruise… it was onboard Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady. Scarlet Lady
  4. As my 100th cruise embarks in just a couple months, I figure it’s a good time to create a video to reflect on the past 20 years and 95 cruises across 43 ships plus meeting countless number of new friends and creating life time of memories. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiPJuGsvZQG/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  5. The picture you posted looks most likely a Voyager or Freedom class ship and the angle that the photo is taken make the love seat sofa look bigger than it is… there are some love seats that are slightly longer but it’s not as long as the couch you would get in the spacious oceanview or balcony rooms. Promenade View Interiors has the largest couch / sofa of the interior rooms on Voyager / Freedom class ships…. Oasis and Quantum Class ships do have large / spacious interior rooms with the large couches that you are thinking of that you can lay down on.
  6. They exist but not every interior cabins have them… if there is a virtual balcony in the room, you for sure won’t have a sofa unless its Quantum Class… generally large interiors will all have a full sofa. Most will have a love seat designed for 2. If seating area is important, I’d go with a promenade view rooms as they have a sofa and additional seating right by the window.
  7. From my understanding, the gratuities added to the cover charges, dining packages, and also the prepaid gratuities are all pooled. What isn’t pooled are the additional gratuities that you may put down on the receipts. That goes to who ever name is on the receipt.
  8. This right here is why I tip extra. If you don’t have cash, you can always ask for a “Zero Check” with the servers name on it for the additional gratuities if they didn’t provide one already. I really think it’s deceiving that they call it a gratuities when it’s more like a service charge.
  9. I’m guessing it’s also a staffing issue, they can’t let us into the terminal if theres not enough people working and something’s going on that’s preventing all the staff from showing up for normal embarkation. Also if they are able to get to work on time, the question is if they can keep them there for several hours longer than normal.
  10. That sounds like it’s earlier than normal. Normally at 8:30 I’m still having breakfast.
  11. If you’re going on Navigator of the Seas this upcoming Friday, June 10. Check with your travel agent or email or app for a notification. Embarkation will be delayed 4 hours and is now starting at 3pm. This was the email I got: If you’re on Navigator this weekend, be prepare for significant delays. Dear Guest, We’re excited for your upcoming Navigator of the Seas June 10th, 2022 cruise with us! Before you head to the Port of Los Angeles, we have some important information to share. There will be significant road closures and heavy traffic in and around the port this coming Friday. As a result, we’re delaying embarkation and sail time, now beginning at 3:00 PM and with all aboard by 7:00 PM. We kindly ask all guests to arrive to the port no earlier than 3:00 PM. If you arrive earlier, you will be asked to return after 3:00 PM. For smooth check-in, plan to arrive 4 hours after your original check-in time. For example, if you selected 12:00 PM for check-in, arrive at 4:00 PM. Please be sure to arrive only during your new check-in window. Guests who try to arrive earlier will have to wait in their vehicle until the roads reopen and we don't want you to kick off an amazing cruise vacation this way. Understanding this is a last-minute change impacts and your time onboard, we’re providing you with a $25 Onboard Credit per person that will be added to your onboard SeaPass account to cover lunch on us! This Onboard Credit can be used anywhere onboard. Use it to book an adventurous shore excursion in Ensenada or towards a rejuvenating treatment in the spa! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and we wish you a safe drive to the Port of Los Angeles. See you soon! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  12. Anyone currently on Navigator knows what’s going on? They’ve been making ship wide announcements into the staterooms looking for someone at 1:10am…. Not once, but twice. The second one sounds way more urgent.
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