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  1. Flowslow, How did you do your research to find local tours -by that I mean where did you look for local tours?
  2. I am surprised at how often Canadians go to Florida for their departure. New York is probably closer to me. What 3 ports are in NY?
  3. Thanks for your reply. I just finished cruise critics 8 Best Seafood Cruise Restaurants. There are some cruise lines that offer seafood in their meal plans and others that have for fee restaurants with seafood. Since chefs like to serve fresh food from local markets seafood seems likely. I wasnt thinking seasoning would mask the flavour of the seafood, but I did want to try a small amount cooked and nude, to know what it tastes by itself. Mostly I wanted to taste seafood with seasoning. Seasoning of seafood often showcases a chef's talent. Viking, Regent and Paul Gauguin have free seafood at their no fee restaurants. You sound like quite a foodie and a good cook. Where did you develop your tastes and culinary skills?
  4. Hi I live in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. So many ports of departure seem to be in Florida. I would prefer to leave for my cruises from Canada or somewhere near by. What are the closest ports to me? Have you used this point of departure? Thanks, Sandra
  5. Thanks. For non-cruise shore excursions, I should look at ports of call, travel agents experiences on youtube videos, shoretrips.com, toursbylocals.com and travel websites. I should take 4 to 8 people to lessen the expense of the trip. Right now I probably will go to the Caribbean, but other people are involved so it is not firm yet. Thanks, Sandra
  6. Well my style of cruising is unwinding from past stresses, enjoying ship amenities (particularly the pool and shows), tasting delicious food and most importantly enjoying excursions. I hopefully will enjoy people I go with and make new friends too. I want to come back home feeling refreshed with good memories and a few pieces of clothes and jewelry.
  7. Are casual walking shoes too casual? I do visit Winners often where I live, but I never have luck but handbags are great. I prefer Addition-Elle, and Penningtons for my clothing needs. They always have great merchandise and sales. I am looking forward to shopping for bathing suits and sundresses. How many bathing suits should I bring for 9 days? Is laundry expensive? Thanks, Sandra
  8. All your replies were excellent and the downloaded menus said so much. Thanks Sandra
  9. Hi Cruisers, Hopefully, I will be going on my first cruise at the end of this 2020 year. Destination yet unknown, but a strong chance of Caribbean, then Mediterranean. One of the things, I would like to buy is beautiful well crafted gemstone jewelry in 18 Karat gold settings for myself on shore excursions and maybe on the ship. Do you have any helpful advice, thoughts or insights? Just like every one else, I don't want to under pay or over pay. I appreciate your replies, Sandra
  10. Hi Experienced Cruisers, I have not tried very much seafood. Is there a best or better way to sample lobsters, crabs an crawfish? I would like to taste them with and without seasoning to see if I prefer them over salmon and tuna. I saw on a food show a seafood tower. Are they available on any cruises? I don't want to appear as glutton or greedy either, but I do love food. Sandra
  11. Hi Ldubs, The point of being on a cruise is to enjoy cruise activities and visiting the ports. If people are unwinding by sleeping in their cabin or doing something they can do easily and freely at home, it is a waste of the cruise time in my humble opinion.
  12. The replies are awesome. I have been living in sweats and t-shirt for too long. I will have to upgrade my clothes before I go including new swim wear. How do overweight middle age women wearing solid colour shorts and short sleeve t shirts fit in on a cruise? Is this dressing too casual? I would like to bring enough clothes for a 9 to14 day cruise. I am slightly obsessed with buying a statement everyday necklace perhaps with a pendent, but not mass marketed. Bulgari selling on a ship? Wow. What is this $10.00 boutique? I like the idea of visiting a supermarket. What do you buy there? I would like to try local vendors for a beautiful dress. I have big -size 10 canadian- feet so if I see attractive shoes, I will grab them. I do like handbags, but will probably get a leather shopper before hand. I won't buy a new one unless it is perfect. Your thoughts?
  13. I am not sure where I am going yet, but when I decide I will post.
  14. Thanks for your replies they were informative and mouth watering. I will look at some cruise lines adver- tisements. I appreciate people not smoking when I am eating and not dying of second hand smoke. Is there a way to show I have the answers to my post? Thanks again, Sandra
  15. Hi there, There has to be many benefits going solo on a cruise. I must admit I cringe at the thought of eating or doing activities with others who would rather be by themselves or are not welcoming or I feel out of place or odd some how with them. I also cringe at the thought of being the only person solo at an activity usually done with another, or last to be invited or chosen. How can I handle these situations should they arise or better yet prevent them? Sandra
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