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  1. Thanks everyone. I bought soft sided 4 wheeled AiR Canada luggage with lots of space. Now I just need unique tags.
  2. Hi there I noticed on Amazon and at The Bay and Walmart there is a lot of luggage possibilities out there including colours and sets. Any problem free or extra handy brands? What makes the best luggage? Is hard shell or soft shell much better than the other? Then there are the number of wheels to consider, and colour. Are there any bonus features to add on, or to consider. I want to find my luggage easily, if I take it on a plane or on and after cruise embarkment. I am thinking of large colorful tags. I won't be going anywhere, until the virus is over though. Sandra
  3. You have not seen the deal I just saw: free air plus free bar, speciality dining, beverages, bar,excursions, WiFi and kids plus 200 on board credit with their peace of mind insurance. Sorry you are wrong.
  4. Hi there, I very quickly noticed there are many cruises to everywhere and noticed very quickly there are always promotions, sales and drops (often big decreases) in prices of these cruises. What is the reason behind cruises prices continually decreasing? It looks like the decreases are due to more than friendly competion. Is there a best time to purchase a cruise? Also, why are customers encouraged to go through travel agents, when they may purchase from the cruise line itself? Thanks, Sandra
  5. Hi there Is there a carry on luggage size, that all cruise lines accept? Do you know from when you last travelled or looked it up what size carry on luggage your cruise line allow you to carry on? Twenty inch spinners appear small for a cruise lasting about 7 days. Some luggage out there seems very expensive and some dirt cheap. Are people going to notice or care if my luggage, if it is or isn't designer luggage? Thanks, Sandra How do you pack for 7 days of dressing for mostly casual cruising activities with other people and meeting new people in the Caribbean without over packing or not packing enough?
  6. Well I enjoyed reading peoples replies. I am consider in buying a few pieces of day to day jewelry. However, because of your answers, I will know ball park prices of items and consider duties, taxes and possibility of refunds. I think jewelry including watches comes with some form of certification or verification of content. I think shopping is background work and would prefer to enjoy excursions, amenities, including food and people over shopping,
  7. Hi everyone, As the OP, I was trying to ask, the readers, if being on a cruise gave them a strong sense of the countries they visited in multi country tours. Replies said that cruises were a choice of travel that they got to visit places they specifically wanted to visit and mentioned places where artists works were shown, statues, museums and historic sites. Repliers tended to say getting to know a country very well, especially farther inland would require much longer periods of time than usual for a cruise including some areas where cruise ships could not go to. Some repliers said they added pre and post travel onto their cruise tours to get to know the country better. Some repliers rented cars, took river cruises, travelled on the railways, stayed at hotels and more. Sa dra A few said Caribbean islands were the exception by cruises providing enough time to know.
  8. I do not know the psychology behind this. Just that when weight scales come out somehow leads to people gaining weight. There are lots of possible causes for this. People could feel that what losing weight may require them to be different (dress differently, turn off possible yucks or date that person, show their vulnerable side, be strong in a different sense, be taken more seriously and more). What does being over weight mean to you?
  9. Hi, I am curious, if you have found this true from your own experiences, ( because a friend of mine who is a psychiatrist says when scales come out, weights increase)? She thought one famous weight loss organization could gain even more business keeping people fat by putting a weight scale at the front of the room. I look forward to your replies. Sandra
  10. What did you like best about each of these Norway, Stockholm and Tallin, if you can? Also Tallin seems new to be talked about? Thanks, Sandra
  11. Hi I would love a cruise itinerary that focuses on war torn Germany, especially its leaders, spies, and spiritual side? I would like to see contemporary Germany too. Does any cruise itinerary offer one of these? Sandra
  12. Hello I am thinking of going on a cruise and taking as many shore excursions as possible. I need to know how much time or distance is spent walking on the ship and excursions? How do I know, if I can handle the amount of walking on the ship or a shore excursion? In large Wal-Mart stores I choose to use a scooter when grocery shopping, because I have lots of arthritis in my right knee. Your insights please? Sandra
  13. Hi there, I would like to ask those whom have already been on a cruise, if they felt they saw enough of the countries they visited in a multi country cruise? Have any of you tried cruises + tours? Thanks, Sandra
  14. Hi, I use to make creme brulee at home, because my cousin loved it, I thought. Actually she ate it because it went with her diet. I prefer sweet desserts. I know people who eat plain fruit for dessert and feel they are missing out. I would love to have European fancy or sweet desserts. Any nuts, cheeses, or chips are delicious to me. Have you had them on a cruise? What about chocolate bars or such not found in North America?
  15. Thanks Claudia, what jewelry stores? Do they have book stores or stationary stores?
  16. I dont know yet. There are not more stores?
  17. What are standard cruise stores, high end stores and jewelry stores on Celebrity?
  18. What are standard cruise stores, high end stores and jewelry stores on Celebrity?
  19. Hi Can you let men know what shouldbthey have on Celebrity cruises? What are the prices like? How current and unique is the merchandise? What about jewelry and dollar stores? Thanks, Sandra
  20. Hello I have heard of tasting menus? What are the? Did you try a tasting menu on your ship? How good was it? Sandra
  21. Hi everyone, All the cruises have ample amounts to offer anyone. It was tough to choose, but for my first cruise I decided on western or southern Caribbean, because I desire warm weather, lots of relaxation and unhurried shore excursions. I think I will go with Celebrity cruises, because of its award winning reputation, itinery and great food operations. Your inputs helped me decide. Thanks again, Sandra
  22. Hi cruisers, A few minutes ago, I read favourite breakfasts on cruises. Could you answer a more relevant question for me? What is your favourite dessert and snack on a cruise? Was it possible to get high quality chocolates on or off the ship? Sandra
  23. Hello Cruisers, Does one cruise line stand out for having much better than others garden botantical tours? I would like to visit tea and coffee plantations too. Sandra
  24. Hi there, When I think of cruises for singles, (not people going solo) I think of cruises and the destinations as back drops for singles looking for partners for quick sex and possibly good partners. I visualize hoards of eager singles making advances on singles they find attractive, who respond by dodging these advances or visiting cabins and making quick changes of clothing before finding someone else, then singles on the prowl again. Am I right? Sandra
  25. Are there tours from your hotel? If so how good are they and how expensive are they?
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