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  1. Lelepa has a length of about five kilometers in north-south direction and an area of 160 hectares. The highest point is Mt. Tifit (202 m). The population of Lelepa is about 500 people. The largest town on the island Natapao (pop. 350), is located on the southern edge of the island. At the northern end of the island lies the village Lelo. Found this on line.
  2. I believe that I saw Hall and Oates will be the special guests.
  3. My 2 year old grandaughter can blow hotter air than those blow dryers! 😁 Bring your own if you can.
  4. We were invited to dine with the captain on our Adventure of the Seas cruise in May. We had renewed our wedding vows and the captain was our officiant. We got an official invitation that was delivered to MDR table by the head waiter. Very fancy. :). We were honored. All the other guests at the captain's table that night were "high ups". Quite an experience.
  5. I apologize. I never thought that it was purified. I assumed what we had was Spring. But as they say...assuming anything is a big mistake. 😏
  6. Please accept my condolences and enjoy your cruise. Dress comfortably and relax.
  7. SO he should just call Royal and stop asking here where he will not accept the negative answers here.
  8. You are NOT in Canada when you are ON the ship!
  9. Are YOU afraid they will say no? Why don't YOU call and then YOU can post it on here for all who want to take pot on board.
  10. So, go ahead. Test the system and see if you get on. Why argue the point. Or, you can pick up the phone and call Royal!
  11. Well I didn’t need that clarified. I just thought I would let them know with a balcony they use the outside table. 🤨
  12. We had room service for our Anniversary. They did not bring a table. They set everything up for us on the balcony. Worked out great.
  13. We were on in May. Had our Wedding Vows renewed. The crew is fantastic. Loved the Promenade. Pool areas were always jammed though and of course you will have the chair hogs. Solarium especially. BUT if you get there and find chairs, it is great. Over all I think you will enjoy the size and what the ship has to offer. Enjoy!
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