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  1. Well, after some drawn out thought and discussion we have decided to just reschedule the original NCL Santiago to Buenos Aires cruise until January 2023. Put an Antarctica trip off until a future date. Primary reason was additional cost, only a single drive by day in Antarctica, and the distinct possibility that single day may have lousy weather and not being able to see much. Thanks to all for your advice and thoughts. Appreciate it:)
  2. Thanks for your input dreamercruise. One of my main concerns on the Antarctica cruise via NCL is that you do not actually "set foot" on Antarctica. That would solidify our "been there" mentality. Arymay's videos are excellent and gave a better perspective of both places via the drive by approach. After watching them I'm starting to lean toward the around the horn trip and hope the Beagle Channel and fjords are as good as they look. Antarctica may require another trip, another time, if time and $'s permit. We have a bunch of other trips around the world we want to do so will have to see.
  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh to be able to do both:) Would solve everything, but unfortunately neither have the time or funds to do both. The Puerto Chacabuco and Puerto Montt appear to be very small ports of call and according to the shore excursion lists both are pretty much the same. Plus was told dependent upon weather the larger ships may actually avoid the Beagle channel if wind is to high and stay out to sea for that safety. Buenos Aires is a city we both really want to visit and Santiago not so much. If the ship gets close enough to the glaciers and wildlife in Antarctica then I think I would li
  4. Currently booked for Jan 2022 NCL Santiago to Buenos Aires cruise. Really looking forward to the west coast portion of cruise along the Beagle Channel. Hope to see the mountain ranges and hopefully some glaciers up close while passing by. With current COVID situation seriously contemplating cancelling cruise and moving to Jan 2023 itinerary for same cruise. However, quite intrigued by the Buenos Aires to Antarctica cruise. Understand the Antarctica portion has no "ports of call" so to speak and that portion of trip is strictly viewing from the mother ship over 2 days. Is the wild life, g
  5. Wow, that is bad news. We are scheduled to be there in Jan 2022 and Chile's COVID record was encouraging. Muddies the water on whether to go. Thanks for sharing the info:)
  6. Agree with your thought process. Some ports are just nice to walk around and explore. Also concerning about the price increase, rather drastic in some cases, on future cruises is a bit of a deterrent. They're going to get your $ one way or the other I guess.
  7. Watching this thread intently. We are booked for January 2, 2022 and each week I am less and less confident I want to go. Not sure I want to endure ALL the rules and regulations that will probably still be in place both at home and all the entry ports. I agree with all the imposed safety measures, but concerned it will take all the fun out of the trip abiding by them. Might push it off another year and hope for the best, but I'm not getting any younger:(
  8. I think you are going to continue to see sailing dates pushed further and further into the year. I have to give kudos to the American vaccine rollout and implementation for getting their population vaccinated. However, for non Americans, like me, the vaccine rollout is not going nearly as efficiently. Other countries are struggling to contain the virus and get their populations inoculated and until that improves dramatically the dates will continue to get pushed further into the year. We have a south American cruise booked for January 2022, both of us will hopefully be completely vaccinate
  9. We're booked on a 2022 cruise and looked at possibly upgrading our package. Only applied to balcony or higher (we're interior) and that cruise gratuities applied only to drinks and specialty dining. Maybe it will "change" or is different on other trips but we're sticking with the 5 "free" packages (drinks, specialty dining, etc) offers we currently have.
  10. Agree with above. We have an upcoming cruise with multiple tender ports and are wondering how they will deal with it as well. Suspect face masks will be mandatory and/or they may add additional tender craft with fewer guests on each.
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