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  1. So, I just called for a price drop on our July 2021 Alaska cruise. I thought it was going to only be a few hundred dollars but to my surprise, the agent said it dropped over $1500! Okaaaay, I thought. When I received the invoice in email, she had applied a seniors discount! I called back to make sure this was correct - my husband just turned 55, but I am not. The discount was applied to both of us. She checked with her manager and said that is correct, it applies to both of us and only one person in the room needs to be 55 or over! I still don't believe it! Tell me it's true....
  2. Also checking pricing daily. A couple days ago the price went down for our Alaska July 2021 cruise by $840 CAD. Now it's back up again. Glad I persevered the 2 hour hold time to get the discount.
  3. Given the travel advisory we going to cancel our July cruise. We're not too worried about catching the actual virus but the potential of not having travel medical insurance is a deal breaker. That, plus, the risk of quarantine and everything that goes along with that - including time lost at work, potentially having to pay your own way home or pay for the quarantine, or who knows. None of which will likely be covered by insurance due to the travel advisory. We will cancel before PIF rather than mess about with FCC's and all the pit falls that come along with that. IF things settle down by July and the travel advisory is lifted, we'll rebook then.
  4. Considering Booking Junior Suite on Ovation to Alaska (July 2021)- round trip from Seattle but can't find an itinerary map. Is one side better to book than the other for viewing? It seems that the JS's on the starboard side are mostly already booked so is that side better? Another question- if I book the JS now with NRD, can I downgrade later to a balcony if need be? (If I need to save some costs). So difficult to choose this far out and NRD makes me nervous! The RD cost is $1000 CAD 😞
  5. Looking to book Alaska cruise (on Ovation) for July 2021. Can I book now with a Refundable Deposit and then change that to an NRD later, assuming it is a lesser price at the time? Also, can I change the booking if there's a price drop (keeping in mind the prevailing RD)? I'm pretty happy with the price right now so thinking of booking now. However, we are going on our first Royal cruise (after several Disney) this July and if we hate it (lol), want the option to cancel Alaska. I'm just worried that if I wait to book, the price will go up. Is there any reason NOT to book now with an RD?
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